OLTL Vet Thanks Antonio Sabato Jr.'s RNC Speech for 'Cementing' Soap Actors' Reputation as 'Dunderheads'

Sabato RNC Speech Watkins

If you ever longed to see Llanview lothario David Vickers take a swing at Port Charles pugilist Jagger Cates, today is your lucky day.

One Life to Live vet Tuc Watkins offered a sarcasm-drenched “thank you” to Antonio Sabato Jr., after the General Hospital alum served as a guest speaker at the Republican National Convention, where Donald Trump on Tuesday would officially become the GOP nominee for President of the United States.

“On behalf of former soap stars nationwide, I’d like to thank Antonio Sabato, Jr., for further cementing our collective reputation as a bunch of ‘dunderheads,” Watkins said on his Facebook page, adding the hashtag #VoteHillary.

Sabato Jr. on Night 1 of the RNC acknowledged he wasnt “your typical convention speaker” before proceeding to contend that “our rights have been trampled and our security threatened” by President Obama’s administration.

Obama and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “promote division,” Sabato Jr. said. “Don’t be fooled: Donald Trump is for unity. Donald Trump believes in one America with liberty and justice for all.” The actor/model/activist ended his speech by saying that it’s the duty of government to “secure borders and protect citizens,” adding that “none of this is hateful, it’s the right thing to do!”

Though Watkins felt compelled to characterize Sabato Jr.’s opinions as damning for the oft-dismissed daytime-TV community at large, famously outspoken GH star Nancy Lee Grahn was remarkably mum on Sabato Jr.’s speech — though for good reason, as shared by this tweet posted by her daughter: