Devious Maids' Rebecca Wisocky Talks Evelyn 2.0: Is There Hope for Her Yet?

Devious Maids Spoilers

Devious Maids‘ Evelyn Powell is having a moment.

The once-proud ice queen of Beverly Hills has swapped her palatial mansion for a room at Marisol’s, her devilish husband for a man of the cloth, and her wicked wit for… OK, that part remains intact, but we still can’t believe we caught her reading the Bible last week.

So, what’s next the next step in Evelyn’s Evel-ution? TVLine spoke with actress Rebecca Wisocky for a taste of what’s to come on Monday’s episode (Lifetime, 9/8c) with Adrian, the reverend and even that shady “Circle” everyone keeps talking about:

TVLINE | I know she’s starting at the bottom, but I feel like this is really Evelyn’s year.
She’s gotten more and more ridiculous and fun, hasn’t she? It’s been a great pleasure to play her all four seasons, but this year is really fun.

TVLINE | Are you game for whatever the writers throw your way, or do you ever make special requests?
Oh, I’m completely game! The sicker and weirder and more ridiculous, the better. And they have not disappointed. … Ana [Ortiz] and I did make one special request that we get to spend more time together this year. I just think Evelyn and Marisol together are great, and this season has so many strange bedfellows — like Adrian with Zoila, which I find incredibly fascinating. I think their friendship is so interesting to watch.

TVLINE | And yet Adrian is still trying to sabotage Evelyn’s new relationship. Is he doing that because he still loves her, or does he just love their little games?
I think both, equally and passionately. He’s not used to losing, and he’s not used to not having Evelyn in his life. I think he’s frightened that he might have actually lost her for good.

TVLINE | The last time we spoke, you were imagining what Evelyn’s life post-Adrian might be like. Has it lived up to your expectations?
Well, I think Evelyn was absolutely gobsmacked that the Reverend James Hamilton asked her out on a date. And I’m not sure she’d admit it, but there’s probably a part of her that enjoys that Adrian won’t let her go. I think she’ll find a way to turn the tables on him and, no matter what, the two of them will always be in each other’s lives — whether they’re in love or torturing one another. … I also think she’s going to try to get back into that house.

TVLINE | I have to say, a reverend is probably the last person I’d have expected Evelyn to date.
Right? Well, he’s proving to not only be a wonderful, generous man, but also incredibly handsome — and potentially a little bit devious himself. Turning down all that money was quite an amazing act of chivalry. … We get to go on a double date with another couple this week, which is really fun.

TVLINE | Is he going to have more of an effect on her, or the other way around?
Evelyn really does aspire to be a good person — she just gets it wrong nearly every step of the way. And the reverend seems to be a pretty solid guy, in terms of character and moral fiber, so I’m not sure. I think the Powells can’t help but affect whoever crosses their paths. All of these characters are inherently who they are, and I think it’s fun to watch people try to change them.

TVLINE | Evelyn isn’t directly involved with this season’s big mystery, the Circle. Will she dip her toe into that?
She’s less involved than last season, when she was literally finding body parts on her front lawn, but it’s a wonderful, incestuous world of characters in our Beverly Hills. So, yes, the Powells will be involved in some way — and it’s pretty exciting.

TVLINE | I know you and Ana requested to work together more, but is there anyone else you’d like more screen time with?
I’ve done very little with Zoila, and I can foresee a world where Evelyn tries to horn in on that friendship, or whatever’s happening there. Judy Reyes is an actor I admire a great deal, as well as being a great friend, so I’d love to see more of Evelyn and Zoila together.

Your thoughts on Evelyn’s current shenanigans, as well as Season 4 in general? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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