Fully Clothed Antonio Sabato Jr. Draws Raucous Cheers With RNC Speech

Antonio Sabato Jr., best known* for his sensational black-and-white Calvin Klein underwear campaign in the 1990s, found the first fully convincing speaking role of his career at Monday’s opening night of the Republican National Convention. (*to the gays, anyway)

Plainly calling himself “not your typical convention speaker,” the General Hospital and Melrose Place star — who more recently has appeared on Dancing With the Stars and the VH1 dating series My Antonio — declared that “my belief in this country and my faith in Jesus Christ have compelled me to speak now.”

“Our rights have been trampled and our security threatened,” said Sabato, who described his decision to move to the United States from Rome in 1985, and become a naturalized citizen in 1996. “Others who want to come to the U.S. to live and work should follow the same rules!”

Sabato’s speech, which contended that America is “weaker by almost every measure,” was short on specifics, but heavy on passion. “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton promote division. Don’t be fooled: Donald Trump is for unity. Donald Trump believes in one America with liberty and justice for all.”

Sabato ended his talk by saying that it’s the duty of government to “secure borders and protect citizens,” adding that “none of this is hateful, it’s the right thing to do!”

Were you surprised by Sabato’s political turn? Did it resonate with you? Or are you putting your Calvin Klein poster through the paper shredder as you read this? Sound off below!

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