The Last Ship Recap: To the Rescue

The Last Ship Recap Season 3

This week on TNT’s The Last Ship, the hostages were able to signal their location to the Nathan James — but nothing could have prepared Chandler & Co. for what awaited them on Takehaya’s island.

Having barely dodged last week’s minefield, the Nathan James crew returned to eliminating possibilities from the map of islands supplied to them by Peng, while President Michener did his best to hold off Barnes, the reporter, until he had word on Chandler’s latest status.

Fortunately for the James, Slattery created a distraction that allowed Garnett to slip away and attach the gizmo that Master Chief whipped together, to attach to the radio tower and hopefully hail the ship. And as it turns out, Slattery and the others were not being held on one of the earmarked islands, but some 150 miles away. Just as Chandler and his team arrive on the island, Takehaya learns of the radio tower tampering, and has his men promptly move the hostages, save for Miller and Doc Rios, who are hidden beneath the letting hut with Toshiro and Takehaya’s pregnant wife Kyoto. As such, the rescuers find no one at the camp.

Sasha, though, finds recently macheted reeds, denoting the hostiles’ escape path. They give pursuit, only to have two team members get mysteriously picked off by assailants unseen by neither eye nor thermal vision. After the second kill, a network of tunnels is discovered, into which our guys lob some grenades.

Meanwhile, at the new location Takehaya dragged the hostages to, Diaz is able to cut away his bindings and make a run for it, while Slattery and the others get a few licks in to stall the guards. Diaz meets up with Chandler’s team and leads them to the new location, and they arrive just in time to save Master Chief from being executed. Takehaya escapes during the melee, but the James crew has bigger problems — namely, a small army of MSS goons, apparently deployed by a Chinese destroyer parked on the other side of the island.

Chandler, Slattery and the others empty their ammo into as many baddies as possible, while Miller and Doc Rios (!) engage in some bravado of their own to best Toshiro and escape with Kyoto from the underground bunker. Ultimately it is up to the James‘ five-inch — and some daring acrobatics by Jesse’s helo — to bring the skirmish to a quick halt. When all is said and done, the James lost three during the rescue, including Cruz, who beseeched Danny to let his nephews know he died a “badass.”

Back on the ship, the hostages’ variety of wounds and injuries are tended to, Chandler commends TAO Burk on the tough calls he had to make, and Slattery mourns those, Kudelski included, who lose their lives in the course of the rescue mission. Chandler and Slattery then can only wonder: Who is really behind all of this mayhem and misdirection, if not Peng and or Takehaya?

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