D.L. Hughley to Megyn Kelly: 'Only Place Racism Doesn't Exist Is Fox News'

D.L. Hughley (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) turned heads during an appearance on The Kelly File when he claimed that Fox News is one of the only remaining entities that continues to deny racism.

The heated accusation came during a sit-down with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday in support of Hughley’s new book, Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years. Initially unaware that he was scheduled to speak after contributor/former Los Angeles Police Department Det. Mark Fuhrman, who is best remembered for his history of racial slurs made apparent during the O.J. Simpson trial, the comedian soon became engaged in a heated debate about the officer-involved shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

“No matter what happens, no matter what we see, the cops are given a presumption of innocence,” Hughley said in response to footage released from the scenes of Sterling and Castile’s deaths. “If that same tape showed a suspect doing something, that would be all the prosecution would need. They’d say, ‘All the evidence is right here.'”

Hughley later took umbrage with Kelly’s interpretation of the muddied details regarding the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown. He also was outraged by her argument that race shouldn’t be an assumed factor/motive, specifically in the death of Castile, who was armed at the time of the shooting but had license to carry in the state of Minnesota.

“Wow!” he exclaimed once Kelly suggested withholding judgment until the Department of Justice’s findings are released. The author/comedian later added, “…the only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.”

Watch the heated interview above.