Bones Recap: Eye Can See

Bones Recap

Forget the diamond at the center of Bones‘ latest murder plot. The real gem in Thursday’s episode is Booth in his glasses!

The G-man is experiencing some vision troubles — “You’re beginning to look like a squint,” Aubrey notes, much to Booth’s displeasure — but he stubbornly refuses to accept the severity of his condition. It takes misreading a case file as being in French for him to finally see a doctor. Brennan is a fan of the new frames, while her hubby thinks he looks nerdy and insists they’re just temporary.

“You look hot,” Brennan insists. “What’s wrong with looking intelligent? Brains and looks can go hand in hand.”

Amen, sister. Besides, if your wife thinks you’re attractive in them, you should listen to her and wear them all the time, because it means you will get lucky. “They were sexy, Booth,” Brennan repeats back at home. “I was kind of hoping you would wear them to bed… I was hoping you’d wear them and nothing else.” Oh la la!

Elsewhere, Hodgins has a big breakthrough in his physical therapy. When things begin to mysteriously fall over around him, he thinks it’s because of earthquake tremors. Daisy, however, suggests it might be a ghost, which Hodgins finds ludicrous. “If someone’s giving you a message, I don’t want you to miss it,” she says, explaining how a vision of Sweets helped her to move on. Hodgins is only open to the idea of ghosts if it has a scientific basis, so Daisy sets out to collective evidence. But instead of a poltergeist, she discovers fibers from Hodgins’ shoes on the table legs, meaning a muscle spasm caused him to kick it. In other words, he may be on his way to taking his first step!

As for this week’s case, it’s something of an international affair, complete with a French inspector (The Originals‘ Sebastian Roche), Pink Panther impressions and To Catch a Thief references. The team’s victim is the wife of the Marquis de Chaussin (Devious Maids‘ Gilles Marini) — and a jewel thief. She was stealing in order to buy back her husband’s heirlooms, which he had to sell off after falling on hard times. She met her end when her partner in crime, who had fallen in love with her, wasn’t too pleased about her decision to come clean to her spouse.

What did you think of the “The Jewel in the Crown”?