Pretty Little Liars Mystery: Who Else Is Getting Murdered in Season 7?

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars is introducing a new mystery this season — and one Rosewood resident won’t live long enough to see it solved.

The Aug. 2 episode (Freeform, 8/7c) finds the Rosewood P.D. amping up its investigation into Elliott’s murder, which only further complicates the Liars’ relationships with one another. Here’s the official description for the episode, appropriately titled “Dead or Alive”:

Hanna deals with an inward battle on whether or not to tell the cops the truth, while ‘Ezria’ struggles with an awkwardness in their relationship. Jenna reveals part of her plot and a new partner she is in cahoots with. Ali learns that the Liars gave her up as Charlotte’s killer in order to free Hanna, which does not go over well. … Meanwhile, someone is murdered for playing with the wrong team.

That’s right, folks, someone else is joining Elliott, Maya and the rest of the gang in Pretty Little Heaven next month — but who?!

Who do you think is heading six feet under this time? Could “playing with the wrong team” be a clue? Give it some thought, then drop a comment with your pick(s) below.