Killjoys Sneak Peek: Mummy's the Word as the Team Reunites With Pawter

It takes a lot to give Pawter Simms the willies, as seen in this exclusive sneak peek from Friday’s Killjoys (Syfy, 9/8c).

In the second episode of Season 2, titled “Wild, Wild Westerly,” the Killjoys make it to Old Town (or what’s left of it) and reconnect with Pawter (Sarah Power), who selfless stayed behind when the bombings began. “It’s very interesting,” Aaron Ashmore, who plays Johnny, tells TVLine, “because Pawter’s family is a part of The Nine, who run the Company and who have now enslaved people inside this wall — and she’s now stuck inside as well. But she believes in the Killjoys, so she knew we would be coming for [those left behind].”

What’s more, the trio come bearing a “gift” — in the form of a rather curious find from the bombed-out remains of Westhole Prison. Is a dusty, not-so-old mummy enough to make plucky Pawter squirm? Press play above to witness her reaction.

As the episode unfolds, the Killjoys discover that their most dangerous nemesis may be the man who issued their latest warrant — Company fixer Liam Jelco (played by Bitten‘s Pascal Langdale).

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