Big Brother Reveals 'Battle Back' Twist, By Which One Evictee Will Return

Gone, but not forgotten…?

CBS’ Big Brother this Thursday revealed another Season 18 twist — the first-ever “Battle Back” competition, in which evicted houseguests will attempt to “win” their way back into the house, and at a late date.

There will be four battles in all — starting with Jozea going up against this week’s evictee, Glenn — with the last Houseguest standing returning to the game for another shot at the $500,000 prize.

The winner of Round One between Jozea and Glenn will advance and challenge next week’s third evicted Houseguest, and so on. Coverage of all four “Battle Back” competitions, leading up to the reveal of the winner, will air during a special Friday episode of Big Brother, airing in three weeks, on July 22.

What do you think of the “Battle Back” twist? Should evicted players be allowed to pop back up like bad pennies?