12 Monkeys Recap

12 Monkeys Renewed for Season 3

Time will continue to twist for 12 Monkeys: Syfy has renewed the time-travel drama for a third season, EW.com reports.

Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes. In a quote to the site, executive producer Terry Matalas called Season 3 “even more twisty and emotional” than what has come before in the series, which is based on the 1995 Bruce Willis movie.

12 Monkeys airs Mondays at 9/8c; it returns with new episodes on July 11.

How do you feel about 12 Monkeys‘ renewal? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Chris Kemp says:

    I’m shocked!!! But in a good way.

  2. Britta says:

    Oh, I’m so pleased! For me, 12 Monkeys has kept every promise Sleepy Hollow once made. Great characters and superb chemistry between all of them.

  3. Jace Sana says:

    So pleased about this. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about Season 2, but i’ve been loving it, and i was sure the low ratings were going to kill it. Fantastic news.

  4. Peng Li says:

    Finally, good to hear. Phew…. Thank you very much.

  5. Mike Danko says:

    Great news! I can see a big cliffhanger coming our way. Typical of SyFy to shrink the episode order though. Better than nothing I guess.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Give the ratings, fewer episodes seems logical. SyFy spends less money producing the series and a quality series stays on the air for at least one more season.

  6. Rachel says:

    Great news!!!!

  7. A. D. says:

    Yes! 10 not 13 but I’ll take it! Hope Wynonna Earp is next!

  8. Norman says:

    Between this show, Murder In The First, and guesting on Suits Amanda Schull sure keeps busy. Great actor in what ever she’s in.

  9. opus says:

    One of the best shows around. More need to watch!!! Delighted at the renewal; wish the episode count hadn’t been cut.

  10. Jen says:

    Wow, didn’t expect the renewal, but I’m so pleased! I might be in the minority, but I’ve really loved this season. A little rocky at first maybe, but the last few episodes have been fantastic.

    • Megs says:

      Totally agree, loving the second season and especially the last few episodes. “Lullaby” (the one where Hannah came back) could be one of my all time favorite episodes of TV.

  11. Thank goodness! The ratings may have been low, but they were consistent. This news will make the finale a lot easier to watch.

  12. Wonderful, its one of my favorites! SYFY now has more of my favorites then any other network! Now they they finally went back to creating scifi scripted shows, instead of of stupid reality shows and wrestling!

  13. Joey Padron says:

    Great news! So happy about it. Season 2 been great so far!

  14. phillyhtown says:

    This is great news disappointed it’s only 10 was hoping for 13. This is the best program in production I literally can’t wait for the next episode.

    Heard Terry Matalas on the “Out of the Blue” podcast, great podcast, Terry you represented very well!!! Great mind, more..,

  15. B says:

    So, so happy to hear this. Hopefully the reduced episode number won’t affect their story plans too much. I’m just so glad to have another season. This show is one of my absolute favorites.

  16. brenna says:

    Great news!

  17. Megs says:

    Yesss!!! I was just scouring the interwebs earlier today looking for renewal news, even though I knew TVLine would have my back and let me know the instant it happened. I just couldn’t wait, haha. Definitely one of my favorite shows right now.

  18. James D says:

    sweetness! I love this crazy show keep them coming forever!

  19. Megs says:

    I never do this, but I definitely wrote Syfy and begged them to keep this show. I’ve never been into their programming, but this one has a stellar cast! Writing for looped time travelers takes a lot of foresight to maintain consistency and keep the fans appeased. I’m also bummed about it being only 10 episodes, but at least they made it through the sophomore slump!!

  20. laurelnev says:

    This is SO the best show that no one’s watching! I LOVE this news! But it also makes my brain hurt.

  21. Pat says:

    I am really happy to hear this. I actually like the show more then the movie. This show, keeps me watching and wanting to see where next they will be traveling to, back in time.

  22. Couch Mom says:

    Awesome! One of SyFy’s best shows. This season has been a roller coaster. Didn’t care for Jennifer at the beginning, but she has turned into a really great character. Like Cass’ bad assery too. Waiting to see what they do with Hunters. And, Z-Nation. Haven’t heard much about that for awhile. Hope Murphy character is coming back. Won’t be the same if he leaves, but I will still watch. Happy Couch Mom today!

  23. Katherin 215 says:

    So, so happy about this! My favorite show right now!! I was really worried since the ratings were low, but 10 episodes is better than cancellation.

  24. Season 1 was just the fuse. What has come since has been incredible! The best TV I have seen in quite a while. Fortunately my wife is of the same view, so much that she insisted on watching the first of the three part finale a second time — less than half an hour later the same night. We were both alternating between tears and laughter again. The series is obviously very well thought out, with a detailed yet unpredictable plot brought to life through excellent direction and superb acting.

    I am immensely relieved that this series will live on for another season.

  25. Liz says:

    After POI my new favourite show for sure. As someone said before me, great characters and chemistry.

  26. Television says:

    This is truly the best time travel show ever. Love every single thing about this show. Keep up the good work.

  27. McSatan says:

    Very happy to hear this, but I hope the writers/producers are looking at an endgame next year, I don’t want another Syfy series ending with an unresolved story/cliffhanger (Helix, Alphas, Defiance, etc.)

    • Katherine215 says:

      I was bummed about the Alphas (lack of) ending, but I thought Defiance’s finale worked pretty well as a series finale. But I do hope the 12 Monkeys folks take the possible cancellation into consideration when crafting the season 3 finale.

  28. drhenning says:

    it’s a shame that SYFY didn’t produce Continuum which was a fantastic show as well.. I am very happy about renewal of 12 Monkeys and 10 eps is becoming more standard these days..

  29. SteelWolf says:

    12 Monkeys airs Mondays at 9/8c; it returns with new episodes on July 11. It’s already airing. Season 2 Episode 1 Year of the Monkey April 5, 2016, Ah I see your stating its taking a mid season break as it were.

  30. Sarah Stewart says:

    Can’t wait to season 3 any spoilers ……..
    Loving season 2

  31. JulieM says:

    This is terrific news! Wish the plan was for 12 or 13 episodes for S3, but happy there will be 10. I love this show! The story, acting and the chemistry among all is superb. Nothing else like it on TV. Hard to believe, but it gets better with each episode, and all together, they’re amazing. I re-watch each several times to catch everything. Loved the episode this week!

  32. matty says:

    Hands down this show rocks! It’s the unexpected nature that keeps me coming back! I would have even liked it if had gone up in episodes to like 18.

  33. Daryl Allan says:

    I’m gobsmacked, fantastic series. Please sir can we have some more!!!!

  34. Dasha says:

    a. the source of the 12 monkey is not the 1995 movie but a short french movie called
    “La Jetée” from 1962. you can look it up on youtube.
    b. I loved the fact they used the actress who portrayed the original dr. Railly in the 1995 version as Lillian
    c. I can’t wait for season 3

  35. Fantastic! I’m so glad that 12 Monkeys has been renewed for a 3rd season, it is one of the best shows on TV at the moment

  36. Caroline Desborough says:

    So pleased, I love this show

  37. The 12 monkeys is really a great series

  38. Richard says:

    We will meet again in the red forest.

    I am glad we have a third season, I think its art.

    I hope it runs until the story is told.

  39. Vanessa Chandler says:

    But wen. Wen is it coming out

  40. Dee Tee says:

    Can’t wait for Season 3!!! So when is it???

  41. Jacz says:

    So thrilled there will be a season 3! Hopefully soon!!

  42. thomas walsh says:

    this is fantastic that there is going to be a third season`it would be cool for 13 episodes in stead of 10 but hopefully there will be more answers on this season and maybe a forth season

  43. Brian Burch says:

    Awesome!!!! Genuinely Emotional

  44. Fred klabunde says:

    Thank you thought it was going to be another great show that left me hanging.

  45. Terry says:

    Love 12 monkeys, great syfy, as good as Fringe.

  46. Ray Snyder says:

    It is such a great show and I’m glad it was renewed for 2017. We need something like this on tv to watch that’s actually interesting and suspenseful. Leave it on

  47. thomas walsh says:

    ramsey needs to be in season 4you can alter the time travel and change so ramseylives or something i think ramsey is a very important character a lot better than others