Veep Season 5 Finale Recap: Who Was Elected Selina Meyer's Successor?

Warning: The following recap contains major spoilers from the Season 5 finale of Veep. Proceed at your own risk.

Before her brief tenure as Commander in Chief, Selina Meyer had a habit of asking Sue if the president had called. Tonight, she thought he finally had.

On the fifth season finale of Veep, Selina was brought in to speak with her assumed successor, Tom James, who wasn’t quite done screwing her just yet. This time around, the former economy czar brought Selina to his office to ask that she serve as his vice president, a role she couldn’t have been happier to discard once the last president was forced to step down in Season 3.

Though she initially turned down his offer, Selina ultimately agreed to live her own crappy version of Groundhog’s Day in an effort to secure her presidential legacy. Fearful that she’d only be remembered as the first president to pee sitting down since FDR, she agreed to be his VP as part of a deal to free Tibet, and at the very least, secure a Nobel Peace Prize. Come the House vote, however, Tom was not voted in as president. Instead, he lost out to Senator Laura Montez (Episodes‘ Andrea Savage), who promised current VP Doyle the role of Secretary of State to steal his vote away.

In the end, it was Montez who secured the deal to free Tibet on the day of her inauguration, leaving Selina with the legacy of only being more effective than James Buchanan, a president largely blamed for helping engineer the Civil War. If that wasn’t enough to kick her while she was down, ex-boyfriend Charlie Baird was promised the role of Treasury Secretary under Montez. As the finale drew to a close, the former president sat out in the rain, covered only by Gary’s jacket, unsure of where to go next. It didn’t help matters that her helicopter to exit D.C. was forced to make an emergency landing just blocks away from the Capital as the inaugural parade for her successor got underway.

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