The Young and the Restless Lawsuit

The Young and the Restless Versus Victoria Rowell Lawsuit to Proceed

A California federal judge has given the green light to former The Young and the Restless leading lady Victoria Rowell to proceed with her discrimination lawsuit against the daytime drama, Soap Central reports.

The actress, who played spitfire Dru, alleges that Y&R, CBS, Bell Dramatic Serial Company and Sony, which distributes both Y&R and Days of Our Lives, retaliated against her for speaking out about a lack of diversity at the network and Sony. Though a judge dismissed her complaint in November 2015, she was allowed to amend it — which she ultimately did, adding that, when she made it known that she wanted to try out for a Days role, her name was at first left off the list of auditioners.

Rowell last appeared on Y&R in 2007, when Dru fell off a cliff during a photo shoot; her body was never recovered.

In a statement released last year, CBS said that its powers that be “were disappointed to learn that, after leaving the cast of Y&R on her own initiative, Ms. Rowell has attempted to rewrite that history through lawyers’ letters and a lawsuit that has no merit.”

Who do you think will emerge victorious in court? Do you miss Dru on Y&R? Hit the comments.

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  1. Belle says:

    Ugh, she needs to just move on with her life!!! She is painting herself and her career into a corner, let it go so you can get a job in the future : )

    • C.P. Morgan says:

      i am PROUD of her for STANDING UP for her right to fight for what she believes is an INJUSTICE done to her. to many people accept wrongdoings in life without showing the wrongdoers that there are CONSEQUENCES to their actions. when you let folks get away with false actions, then you only ENCOURAGE them to continue in what they are doing and you are NO BETTER than them.

  2. Amber says:

    I kinda don’t see the lie on her part.

    • C.P. Morgan says:

      i’ m on the side of Victoria Rowell.

    • Cynthia Vinson says:

      I don’t see the lie on her part either. The Y&R seems to have taken heed to her point. More black actors/actresses are appearing on the show. However, it is getting boring, Victor is still a monster, Nikki can’t stand up for herself unless she is with a man, all the sleeping around is crazy. Phyllis and Jack started out good until Victor played God in their marriage. He never learns, and is very manipulative. Sure, it’s action but it is also boring. I use to record the show so I could watch it later. I don’t record anymore, I feel I haven’t missed anything.

      • C.P. Morgan says:

        thank you for that comment. it made me think on this thought: instead of getting rid of Miss Rowell, lets REPLACE some staff members and writers.

  3. Dave says:

    She’s insane. The whole soap community knows this. Moving on…

    • C.P. Morgan says:

      the same was said of Bette Davis , Joan Crawford, and others. it’s called being a PERFECTIONIST… and yet we call them “great”.

  4. leo21 says:

    Would they be out of line by using the fact that she is a PITA as a defense. She was never brought back to Y&R because her co-stars didn’t want her back.

    • lechatnoir says:

      of course , it is ok when your workmates deny you the opportunity to work for a living.

      • Mary says:

        If she was difficult to work with please explain why they should have her back, even on another soap. Did she ever think it is not because of race but that she isn’t pleasant to be around. I don’t think her workmates denied her anything but lets be real an employer has to look at the big picture and if she was the cause of conflict – no matter the race – then why would they want her back.

        • lechatnoir says:

          Clearly you are the type of person that would tell the women working as investment banker that sexism is all made up and that women are being difficult or that should just behave . because in case you haven’t noticed sexism meets racism even in the upper echelons.its always easy to blame the victim because it makes the problem disappear. Drucilla had been on there for decades if she had been difficult they would have fired her decades ago. Victoria is biracial woman who herself is a mother to a white child. I doubt anyone here can teach her about the complexity of race in this country.

          • Karen says:

            Actually she was on for 17 years – 1990-2007….not “decades”. At the time she left it was widely documented that she left because A) she thought she was better than anyone else on the show, B) she wasn’t happy with her story lines and C) she was increasingly difficult to work with.
            This new claim that she wanted to try out for a role on DAYS is new to anything I read in the past
            And, I’m all for women standing up for themselves, but they don’t have to degrade others or be bee-otches to do it.

          • C.P. Morgan says:

            thank you, Amen! just because some folks REFUSE to acknowledge racism, it is ALIVE AND GROWING. and yes, maybe it can be abused in its use, lets not throw out ANY and ALL complaints about it. it is EASIER for a racist to do his/her acts of racism, harder to prove for the victim that he/she has been victimized.

        • Carol_R says:

          She called all of her castmates racists because they didn’t vote for her as lead actress in the prenominations. Her performance her last few years on the show was very subpar.

          • C.P. Morgan says:

            i ENJOYED her performance as Drusilla Winters, she characterizes the STRONG BLACK WOMAN who would not accept being BOXED in by what society thinks of who you should be and how you should act. look at Drusilla’s life , again played by Victoria Rowell, from beginning to her last appearance and you will see a woman who was able to OVERCOME any obstacle put in front of her, including getting her man , Neil Winters.

        • C.P. Morgan says:

          please enlighten us on what ACTUAL articles and what actors found her DIFFICULT to work with? if the actors found her DIFFICULT to work with, then i would suggest that they do what they do best,’ACT’ like everything is fine. it’s their JOB. i an sure this BEAUTIFUL young lady wasn’t hostile or threatening to ANY of the cast members like that one male actor from CSI, another CBS show.

      • Lorna says:


    • C.P. Morgan says:

      …and why is that because she is a STRONG BLACK WOMAN WHO WOULD NOT ACCEPT some of the crappy lines the writers were writing for the characters (for it seems like EVERYONE has slept with everyone else).

  5. Melody says:

    If this was just about discrimination…Im sure she would have been offered a role on the remaining soaps since soap actors switch around soaps. The fact she hasn’t had any soap roles since 2007 says alot

    • lechatnoir says:

      Um.. she has been working steadily since 2007 , there is life after soap. she’s ok. if Victoria was complaining about sexism , you guys would totally understand , but because racial discrimination means her employer white male or white female is implicated , now you go into victim blaming.

      • Mary says:

        If she left on her own accord, and they don’t welcome her back with open arms that doesn’t sound like discrimination to me. I am not saying discrimination doesn’t exist but
        one shouldn’t use it as a automatic reason that she wasn’t hired back. It not always blacks against the whites. Do you think it is possible they don’t like her acting? Do you think it is possible she wasn’t right for the part? Base on the story here I don’t see her as a victim at all – I see her as someone who might have a higher opinion of her work then others. Sorry.

        • lechatnoir says:

          Being forced out your job is different than leaving “on your own accord” , if she’s coming with a lawsuit this means there was probably no leaving do.Look she has been on that show since I was a kid. This is like any job, if you are not up to scratch, at your next job review this will come up and you’ll be forced to make changes. and fans didn’t hate her either at least those who could articulate why without using her skin color.Ever heard someone sue their employer while on the job and smiling ? your key card will be cancelled so fast your head’s gonna spin.

          • Mary says:

            Well I guess it is up to the court’s to decide. I still go by innocent until proven guilty. She is not the only actress or actor that has been killed off and like I said it is not always about race. Clearly you are making assumption about what I believe and the type of person I am. Many bring suits against their employers not all are valid.

        • C.P. Morgan says:

          as an actor here in hollywood, ca, i see that there was nothing wrong with her portrayal as Drusilla Winters, but sometimes the companys you work for can place pressures on folks to make them want to quit. i for one miss her protrayal of Drusilla Winters.

      • Donna Reed says:

        So not sure how any actor on that program can claim “discrimination”…..there are a number of actors of “color” on that show. And good ones at that. If one wants to be known as “difficult to work with”..that title will follow you all of your days. One must truly be a “super-star” to hold that “title” and hope to continue finding work.

    • C.P. Morgan says:

      …yeah, what company likes to here that a former employee of the competition stood up for her rights…and you’re BLACK…oh, no. you have ATTITUDE! as a BLACK CONSUMER, i want to see GOOD ACTORS who REFLECT how i look, BLACK. as a AFRO-AMERICAN/ BLACK person, i had NO PROBLEM with her acting. i actually LOVED IT!

  6. For YEARS the writers at Y&R were aware fans wanted Dru back (especially with Lilly’s cancer storyline)….sorry folks, I’m convinced she has a case and hope she wins….BIGTIME

    • Carol_R says:

      Not really. Fans were disgusted with her acting the last year or so that she was on Y&R and then she insulted the fans and the rest of the cast.

    • mildred f says:

      You are right. I lived her part she played.

    • Lorna says:

      I hope she loses

      • C.P. Morgan says:

        i have changed my view since last post, if the staff and crew of Y&R cannot work properly with Victoria Rowell, then settke with her out of court with a proper settlement, but find someone who can properly HANDLE the role of Drusilla Winters, like a Taraji P. Henson, to olay this role. there have been MANY missed opportunities in the story lines of Y&R to bring her character back. in conclusion, if you can’t work with Miss Rowell, SETTLE PROPERLY WITH HER, find a GOOD BLACK ACTRESS to play Drusilla Winters ti brung the character back, and let’ s enjoy a good soap opera, a better one with Drusilla back, in the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Thank you!

    • ladeellis45 says:

      Yes, I hope she wins!!!!

    • Peter Morgan says:

      I am with you on this issue and I LONG the day Drusilla played by Victoria Rowell returns without ANY harassment or retaliation. Maybe, she was a PERFECTIONIST, but guess what CBS, Y&R, Bell&Co., etc, she got MY ATTENTION when she played this character. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  7. Sally McLinn says:

    Can we say, “I need a job?”

  8. Dolly says:

    In 2007, I thought the ending was bad! It kind of left us in limbo. I was waiting for her to be found– No such luck! After all this time, if they were to write her back in, I would say that they were nuts! In soap opera land, anything happens!!

    • Erin B says:

      I think the Dr. Neville storyline opens a “plausible” (for a soap) door. Maybe Dru has been in a coma since the fall, was given Dr. Neville’s drug in the trial, & is miraculously awakened. I would like to see the character back regardless of the actress who plays her. It would give Neil a real storyline.

    • Queen says:

      They will say someone found her near the riverbank took her to the nearest hospital where she has been in a coma for a decade and hasn’t aged a bit. She regains consciousness, rips the IV out, stumbles out of hospital to find her way home. She startles Neil and it goes off until Monday.

  9. Sarah K. says:

    I never liked her or the character. Y&R and CBS will be victorious!

  10. Sharlene says:

    Nobody cares about her not being on Y & R anymore. Sour grapes!!!! Let it go!!!

    • sandra mcadie says:

      She was not good actress and the last year she was on she pissed it all away another one of THEM making demands on race because they cant cut it doing the job. Ive watche Y R 28 yrs she was not that good at all

      • Carol_R says:

        She was good early on but her last few years on the show her acting was pretty bad. She overacted in about every scene.

  11. Robbie Igboanugo says:

    Victoria Rowell is a great actress as good as female actresses who play Ashley, nikki, Sharon case, and all the others on that dull show, give the black woman a chance.

  12. robyn king says:

    Victoria Rowell was great on the show BUT she left to promote her book about her experience with the foster care child system , she was speaking out for children . Also she was touring with her then boyfriend 50 Cent . She needs to drop it and move on , she was not discriminated against and was missed but it has been too long and that ship has sailed , good luck , I wish you the best in your new adventures.

  13. you dont fight for 9 years if it aint true , I believe her 100%

    • Lorna says:


      • Cindy says:

        I thought this discussion is abut y & r and Victoria Rowell. What does President Obama have to do with this conversation. Just keeping it real!

        • Kc says:

          Oh no…all roads lead to Obama, and all posts ultimately bring out the ugly face of racism, behind the veil of the internet of course. This is really about a lawsuit that a federal judge feels is valid! Does anyone remember all of the hacks and what Sony thinks of the people who work there? So what must they think or be prepared to say about an employee who no longer works there and who has decided that she’s not backing down from the media giant. This is getting stupid now. I have a job where we uphold civil rights of all people who have been harmed in their place of employment. Some of the things people do are unbelievable. If it happens to you, you get a whole new perspective.

    • Lorna says:

      Yeah and Obama is a Good President,,,,HA HA

      • Cindy says:

        WOW! You need a lot of work!. You still want to discuss President Obama. He is not in this conversation so, why insert him? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. Diana Coleman says:

    I love Victoria Rowell. I loved her for a long time on Y&R. However, the final months of her tenure were not good. I would be disappointed if they brought her back. I wish her continued success in her career.

  15. Kathryn D Davison says:

    I’ve watched the young and the restless since the beginning and i really miss Dru.

  16. Carol_R says:

    She’s seems whacko to me. Y&R is the only daytime soap that had a long history of African-American actors on it. Her acting really deteriorated the last few years that she was on Y&R to the point that she overacted in almost every scene. She alienated almost everyone on the set of Y&R at that time. I seriously doubt that any actors or producers want to work with her again.

  17. ginny says:

    used to like her now im just thinking she cant get any acting jobs she probably is out of money
    so she is trying to sue anyone she can pitiful

  18. Johnette says:

    I totally miss the character Dru on Y & R her comidic timing was on point she was a refreshing change from the norm thanks to Victoria Rowell

  19. candy says:

    she quit why should they have to hire her back?No one I know misses “Dru”everyone else has moved on so should she.she walked they didn’t fire her

  20. Gladys Levy says:

    Dru and Mrs. C made me look forward to watching the Y & R Daily they are truly missed.

  21. Francine says:

    Sheila Young and the Restless to go play on diagnosis murder and she left willingly so she should remain off of TV. We need no more people like her we need more white people own soaps won’t reply on folks let them go to bet tv

  22. Era says:

    Yes! She was an creative actress on Young Restless.I thought she add a spin to the cliche on Street people.Been on educated and elegant.I like to see her on Bold& Beautiful as Top Model Agency for Forrester.If not their a Doctor on General Hospital.

  23. Toni engelhardt says:

    I don’t miss her at all. I wish Sharon and Phyllis would leave also

  24. I been watching y&r sense it come on in 1972 it’s a good show as days of our lives. I live both shows bit y&t is tops more real. than the rest
    I am a NASA Storm Chaser of 65 been chasing storms for 40 yrs
    the best part outside saving life’s is sharing with my fans.with out them I’m just a face it fun to take pictures with them the joy feeling like movie star in there. like being a actor in y&t I love it. CBS has a show to do got to look at both sides fairly

  25. Lewis says:

    Heck yea, you betta know it. Two thumbs up for Drucilla Winters.

  26. jenny says:

    Ms. Rowell was so “over” the top I quit watching. She demanded her colleagues put her up for an Emmy. Talk about a diva (without the talent). Put her back on and you’ll lose me and several others forever. Some of your cast also I imagine.

  27. Deborah says:

    Yes I do because to be there for her daughter if Neil go to jail

  28. Fran starks says:

    Yes, I do miss her.

  29. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband and I loved her in Diagnosis Murder. He noticed her name in the Today’s Hottest Stories column and asked that I click on it. We are kind of confused with the article, but the courts would never have the case back unless there was some merit to whatever is going on. She has an amazing talent, and that we do know.

  30. Janet Andrew says:

    Dru is very much missed on y&R. Always wanted her back.

  31. Vanessa Robinson says:

    Yes bring her back.

  32. She is not MISSED AT ALL!

  33. Suzi says:

    I like Victoria Rowell very much. She’s beautiful and talented and I miss her on Young & Restless. There have been numerous changes since she ‘left.’ But there’s still contrived writing and same people trying different partners. I’ve watched since Victor was a young stud, but my interest is waning. I think there is an obvious slight in not allowing her a chance to audition for another show. I also sense a blacklist, literally.

    • Melva says:

      I think Dru was good on yhe soap young restless an beautful so stop hating on her she s talent an was a good actress an all that name calling sounds like u r racism so get over it black is beautifully

  34. Mary Ellen Hilton says:

    The young and the Restless, have lots a lot of good people. I don’t watch it any more

  35. Derek Robbins says:

    Give it up already, nobody misses you!

  36. kikisha brewer says:

    Yes they need to bring her back cause the stories where so much better with her in it

  37. nobody wants to work with a loud mouthed trouble maker! do not miss her at all on Y& R…

  38. Donna says:

    No, I do not miss Victoria Rowell. Just the mere fact that she is trying to play the Race Card makes me sick.

    There is diversity on this soap. Y&R…
    She chose to leave.

    I love Y&R for over 30 years and it is so sad to see that Politics are playing a role in this too.

  39. Toyia Irby says:

    I do miss Dru because she was a hoot but if crying about the same issue since 2007 and nothing has come about, then Victoria move on. You need to do you and go work at a company or agency who appreciate what you can offer. Again I do miss her but its time to move forward and let this mess with the soaps go

  40. marchele lalena davis-mabry says:

    She is not insane…I wish her well…

    her complaint is valid…

  41. Terrica says:

    I really miss her and don’t anyone on this post knows, what she went threw, everyone has as, a damn story to tell let her do her,

  42. John Williams says:

    Yes she made the show very interested and more dramatic

  43. Kc says:

    People like to say you’re crazy when you call them on their sh#*, or they say that you’re a liar, you are a whore, a witch, blah blah blah. It’s been that way for thousands of years when a woman deviates from the norm and stands up for herself. This woman is talented, refined, elegant, actor, dancer, author, activist, and apparently a fighter. I hope she wins her case.

  44. Cindy says:

    Frankly, I hope Victoria Rowell wins. The storyline left us dangling. The Winters family has done nothing but flounder since her supposedly death. Neil needs her now. His character has been painted into a corner. He is not the intelligent Neil that started in this soap opera in the beginning. Life teaches us some lessons, but when will Neil rise up? It is past time.

    • YolieLuv says:

      Truth!!!! Thank you…… full agreement!

    • lechatnoir says:

      At this point i want her to win, she has to really to. Even if in the soap opera they arrange a Margulies/Panjabi type of set up ; whereby actors read their lines opposite one another split with a green screen and the rest stitched together in post. we’ll take what we can get.

    • Lorna says:


  45. Patsy Holloway says:

    She is a great actress and should just move on..doing this is only going to hurt her when she does move on and try to get good acting parts!..just saying!…

  46. Cindy says:

    Y&R need to bring her back. There must have been some validity to her claim. I am frankly tired of Victor doing the same old dumb moves. In and out of love, lying, back stabbing, above everybody. This storyline is irritating. I check in every now and then, but then I stop watching for awhile because nothing has changed.

  47. Yolanda Huff says:

    Of course, YOU folks would say Ms. Rowell should move on! Try putting yourself in her shoes & someone else’s shoes doing utmost standing up for yourself in the name of integrity, clearing your name & calling out big execs for pulling on your strings like a damn puppet. TRUST…….you will be in the courts for years if need be.

    • YolieLuv says:

      Also, I miss her character Drucilla Winters soooooo much!! She ought to come back to the show & show her the respect she deserves!!

    • lechatnoir says:

      They can’t grasp this for the reasons I mentioned above. Tone deafness kicks in when you a-aren’t affected by something b-assume the victim is being revengeful.notice that nobody ever tells the female investment bankers to “move on”.it is only when said woman is of colour that she suddenly becomes extra lol. They are basically telling her to scram.

      If this was a man. I promise you he’d recover from this quick.

    • Lorna says:

      dru should get a job at Burger King Thats diversed

  48. TV Gord says:

    She can go and stand on Hollywood and Vine next to Michael Nader. Maybe he’ll share his, “Will act for food”, sign with her.

  49. emma sims says:

    no dru. get rid of Sharon. Phyllis. Hillary.and mariah. and lucus glad summer’s role will be recurring just drop her and bring back oringnal Adam please

  50. Skiwoman says:

    Victoria should move on and quit dragging a dead horse.She has no case and is just ruining her acting career by putting her energy in this hopeless cause.