Center Stage On Pointe Recap

Center Stage: On Pointe: Did Lifetime's Movie Sequel Give You Dance Fever?

Confession: I love Center Stage. A lot. Like “I downloaded Jamiroquai’s ‘Canned Heat’ for when I need to get pumped up” a lot. I even watched the sequel Turn It Up when it premiered (exclusively) on Oxygen.

I know the films aren’t high art. All I ask for is dance sequences. Lots of them. (Sorry, Starz’s Flesh and Bone — you needed 80 percent less drama and 100 percent more dancing.) So the opening minutes of Lifetime’s threequel movie On Pointe on Saturday were a promising start, seeing as they feature a ballet performance right off the bat.

The other thing I want: nods to the original, which come when Peter Gallagher’s character, Jonathan, presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to choreographer Cooper Nielsen (Ethan Stiefel). Meanwhile, Charlie (Sascha Radetsky) is now head ballet master at the American Ballet Company and is married to Jody Sawyer, who has conquered the European dance world (so she couldn’t be here for this sequel).

Center Stage: On PointeBut times are tough, and ABC is out of money. If they want their investor to pony up, they need to incorporate contemporary ballet into their repertoire. Jonathan tasks Turn It Up‘s Tommy (Kenny Wormald) with finding some fresh talent for their intensive training program. He immediately goes to Bella Parker (Nicole Muñoz), who lives in the shadow of her famous ballerina sister, Kate (Turn It Up‘s Rachele Brooke Smith).

“She’s wrong in every way, and I can’t take my eyes off her,” Jonathan remarks during Bella’s audition.

The other recruits for the boot camp include misunderstood ice princess Allegra (Maude Green), who eventually thaws to Bella; ballet dancer Damon (Barton Cowperthwaite, a doppelgänger for Wonderfalls‘ Tyron Leitso); cocky, know-it-all Ivan (Kyle Toy), who injures himself while showing off; and teenage prodigy Gwen (Chloe Lukasiak). All of the finalists must study both classical ballet and modern dance, and in the end, they will be judged as pairs.

During the six-week process, there are the typical story tropes: The classical dancers and the contemporary ones square off at first; Damon falls for Bella; the mean ballet instructor doesn’t think Bella has what it takes; and the group briefly turns on Bella when a false rumor spreads that she’s got a deal with Jonathan. Surprisingly, though, there’s a lot of camaraderie between the hopefuls. Bella and Damon even team with two others to practice together when they’re free.

Center Stage: On Pointe RecapWhen it comes time for the final audition, Allegra’s partner bails for another gig, so Bella gives up her chance to dance with Damon for the judges. But he can’t go through with it without her, and the three of them try out as one. Either they will all make it in or none of them will. I’ll give you one guess what happens. Cue the final performance featuring the trio, whose red-and-black costumes I really hope were an homage to this. The number doesn’t have the oomph of the original film’s showstopper conclusion, but the ABC is saved!

Center Stage fans, what do you think of franchise’s modern twist? It certainly delivered on dance segments, but did they wow?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t think I can put myself through another sequel, the second one hurt my eyeballs and my soul. I love (!!) the first one. This one at least sounds better than Turn it Up.

    • Brandi says:

      I consider my self a fan of Center Stage. Seen it dozens of time, own the soundtrack, upgraded my VHS tape to DVD years ago. But I had no idea there was a squeal and now a threequeal. Sounds like I’m not missing much either way, but where the heck have I been?

      • Jacki says:

        I don’t know where you’ve been. Kinda surprised you’d even bother commenting at the risk of sounding ignorant throwing shade. Nice try. #NotReally

        • Ashbash says:

          The sequels aren’t exactly up to par with the original in quality so it’s not exactly throwing shade to say that you’re not missing much by not watching them I mean even the reviewer admitted the sequels are sucky. People are allowed to comment that they dislike things not ever review has to be a glowing recommendation. And as for not knowing about these sequels existence the people behind Center Stage haven’t exactly been heavily advertising that there are sequels. Like this threequel came out of the blue with little to no advertisement. So it’s perfectly understandable for people not to know about these follow up movies without it having to be throwing shade.

          • Jacki says:

            Plz. Brandi the fan who’s watched dozens of times ,who is on social media, never once knew or saw any ads or recognized the name? And closes with “sounds like Im not missing much” Sry,that excuse has more holes than swiss cheese. Lol why come comment if you didn’t see it? 😂 Maddie Ziegler FB trolls are dominating this vote and trying to be subtle #NotWorking #NotBuyingIt

      • Temperance says:

        Nah, there isn’t anything wrong with you. I’ve seen CS at least a hundred times (it was on a loop here for a while), and I had no idea there was a sequel.

        • Jacki says:

          Thats got to be the same person backing her shady ass up lol. So ridiculous I can’t even. Whose fault is it that you don’t get out much or keep up? You can read I assume. Every article written has called this a threequel and you what, missed that word? 😂😂

        • Jacki says:

          Funny how you had no idea but were ready to pouce a TV msg board. You’re lame and transparent.

          • Laura says:

            WTH is wrong with you Jacki? You’re being deliberately cruel and awful over a TV movie, yet you’re calling other people lame? I am a huge CS fan and I had no idea there were sequels and do you know why? This is not exactly Star Wars or Indiana Jones, I doubt they spent millions upon millions advertising the sequel shamelessly so that it was impossible to miss. Not to mention that it wasn’t even released in theatres, it was released on a more obscure channel that a lot of people don’t have. And most of us have real life things going on that we can’t have our noses plastered to the minutiae of movie news every minute of every day. Back in 2008 I was working 2 part time jobs, doing my internship and trying to finish my Masters. It doesn’t make me any less of a CS fan than you and it certainly doesn’t give you the right to be condescending and mean over someone not having seen a TV movie.

          • You are just awful.

      • Ashbash says:

        I didn’t discover there was a sequel (it was straight to dvd and came out years after the first) until a year ago when it popped up on my Netflix. I watched 30 mins and had to stop. Didn’t know there was going to be a threequel until I heard about it on this sight but I’m willing to tune into since it sounds like they went back to their ballet roots. But in all honesty they need to advertise these sequels to Center Stage better.

      • Same here. I feel like I’ve heard of “Turn It Up,” but I’ve never seen it and had no idea it was a sequel until I read this. I also think I may have heard a while ago that there was going to be a sequel (or perhaps it was for this one) but didn’t know it was ever actually made. I always enjoyed Center Stage, but I didn’t really follow anything from it after it. I had it on VHS, maybe DVD, and soundtrack, as well. I thought it was just a cult movie and didn’t expect it to have sequels. I may have to just rewatch the original, though. I’m just not sure I’d be interested in the sequels.

  2. Tina says:

    Boring. Uninteresting characters. The main character was horrid.

    • Jacki says:

      Aww. A Maddie troll getting her 2 cents in. Lol jealous much??

      • Sha're Jackson says:


      • Steven says:

        Seriously don’t know why bother to put unlimited polls up anyway. Only brings out the haters who spam it. Should make it 1 vote/day or 1 vote period.

        • MorningAngel says:

          You’re right Steven. The haters who can’t stand that Chloe & the others in it are doing well are a sad bunch. I know most of them didn’t even watch it & yet think it’s OKto try to tear these kids down. These polls, w/o tracking who they are & their IP addresses is a farce. Letting an army of nasty 12 yr olds spend hours pressing a button over & over, ad infinitum, lends to bad results. The dancers of my family & I enjoyed this movie & the others. I guess that’s what matters most but seeing these little troll fangirl losers chaps my hide!

          • Betty Wilson says:

            Well said, but most troll are grown woman. The one dance group on Facebook am not going name the names, but the live to throw shade and hate towards Chloe. My roommate belong that group it disgusting the things the grown woman who have children hate on child, why she stays on that group is beyond me, I would not last five minutes the admin who are supposed be one that keep hate off page are part of problem, the things the say about a child will make u want vomit. She says she stays to defend Chloe, but my reason for say this is because this not going be fair poll cause that group going make sure this movie get bad review because Chloe in it.

          • Betty says:

            Morning angel your so right the haters cant stand Chloe prove them wrong. It sad world when grown up are teach the children hate to hate, because the see the parents throw shade and true hatred towards Chloe, I hope the grown adults grow up b4 the children become them.

        • Betty says:

          I wish haters would take the hate go take class on how treat child. Your so right Steven at least make it fair poll, make sure it not same person use different names, different email addresses, with same IP address am sure the find Chloe trolls throw hate cause the Maddie fan, to blind see you can have Maddie as your favorite, without hate Chloe vice versus, I can almost Bet Chloe has lot fans that favor her, but don’t hate Maddie.

      • Betty Wilson says:

        Well said Jacki, the Maddie fans have already said the going try bring movie down, because of Chloe that just wrong. I hope that when Maddie movie come out that Chloe fans don’t go down to the immature level. I think both girls need be left alone and let both them shine like the both can, cause both girls are talented.

        • Lindabear says:

          Maddie fans don’t need to (and wouldn’t try to) bring any movie down. It brings itself down. I know, this is hard for you to comprehend. Sadly this was a typical, cheesy, TV movie. For you to blame anyone over than those directly involved with the production, is asinine. It’s a TV movie. Just relax. Go get some fresh air. There will be other things to obsess about. Go take a shower and feed your children, it’s going to be ok.

      • Molly says:

        Oh for sure. Ugh. These #Mabby trolls have nothing better to do but consume all their time trying to undermine Chloe and her jobs. I’d hate to be that miserable. We should thank you for giving Chloe so much attention. Maddie could sure use some fans 😂

      • Sila says:

        What does this even mean? They asked a question and it was answered. People are allowed to have opinions without it being trolling. It was awful. Awful tv movie. Awful main character.

      • Kelly says:

        Just so you know, not everything revolves around Dance Moms and Maddie vs Chloe. In fact, some people don’t even know who they are. Maybe some people just didn’t like the movie. I enjoyed it, but everyone can have an opinion there is no need to get so sensitive

  3. Sharon says:

    Strange filming and needed to be a mini series. Needs more Chloe

  4. Viola says:

    Loved it. Make it a series it deserves a chance.

  5. Bea says:

    I loved it! I’m surprised people were expecting the same ole same ole. This one is about change and modernizing a stuffy old school style. I got it. I loved it. I guess it depends on how close minded you were (or didn’t know you were) going into it. I expected something different. It does say that, after all, in the ads. Chloe Lukasiak amazed me. I was not expecting her to be so good. There were some really funny moments and Chloe is a natural at dance and acting. Great dancers and actors in this movie. Loved it. Will watch a dozen times

    • Tricia Dominguez says:

      I agree, thought Chloe was great!!! This was different from the first, I didn’t want a repeat. I do wish Chloe would have been the main Character, she’s great!!!

  6. Mikey McJones says:

    I would love to see them make a series following Chloe at the Academy. They did not feature her enough in this one.

  7. Jacki says:

    Enjoyed this movie very much. It was fun and its a great cast. And some funny moments. Loved Gwen. That girl is a great dancer and actress. Want more Gwen but overall was a cute fun movie.

  8. Jasmine Tomspson says:

    Who was the little blonde girl. I loved her dancing it doesn’t make sense that she didn’t make it but that Bella girl did that girl was horrid. They should have had more of the stronger dancers. I don’t know the two blondes names but by far they were the only ones worth watching in the entire movie. It’s a dance movie but you only had about 3 people who can dance and act for that matter. I can see the two young ladies going far as actresses everyone else should have been background

    • Lisa says:

      The blonde girl was Chloe from Dance Moms. She didn’t make the cut because she was only 15 and still had time to come up so the academy made more sense.

      • Jasmine Thomson says:

        Thank you for letting me know her name. Chloe from dance Moms.I may need to send her information to some casting director friends they have been looking for girls her age in some big name productions that I think she would be great for?

        • carschep says:

          Her name is Chloe Lukasiak. This was her first movie and she has just filmed another, Cowgirl Story to be released next May. She’s really quite a good actress, and I’m sure would love the chance for any more jobs!

  9. Jasmine Tomspson says:

    Who was the little blonde girl. I loved her dancing it doesn’t make sense that she didn’t make it but that Bella girl did that girl was horrid. They should have had more of the stronger dancers. I don’t know the two blondes names but by far they were the only ones worth watching in the entire movie. It’s a dance movie but you only had about 3 people who can dance and act for that matter. I can see the two young ladies going far as actresses everyone else should have been background. I was just not impressed with the lead

  10. SuperChic says:

    Boring characters, subpar dancing. Storyline could have been tighter and maybe a bit more drama!!

  11. Ann Marie says:

    This show sucks it don’t have Maddie Ziegler in it. Maddie the greatest dancer on earth and only 13. She is world famous and she dont need no dumb dance movie. Abby said Maddie is best on earth and that is her world famous teacher so yeah shud be Maddie. I’m voting “its ok” a million times. I rate it C for Maddie not in it. Shud be Maddie ziegler. I hate Chloe. I vote c all night

    • Et al. says:

      Thanks for the input Abby, but shouldn’t you be packing for prison?

    • Sha're Jackson says:

      Lifetime chose who they wanted for the part. They chose Chloe. Enough said. Abby Lee doesn’t get to choose this one her bosses did. They made the perfect choice. Thank you Lifetime!

      • Ann Marie says:

        I’m still gonna spam it with a C votem watch me. Gonna spam it all night. Too any As and I don’t like Chloe been better then Maddie or prettier. I vote all Cs and my friends too. We jealous so what. Maddie is best on the planet and younger. Shes had billions of views

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Just one (1) user name per IP address, thank you so much!

          • Lindabear says:

            This is a someone posing as a fan of Maddie to make her look bad and try and justify the movies low rating. Please don’t tell me you can’t see this

          • Lindabear says:

            Please tell me you know this is a fake comment made to give an excuse why the ratings are so bad and to make Maddie look bad. I mean come on. It’s like a B rate action flick where the bad guy tells his entire plot before he does it. Don’t fall victim to these insane adult women with way too much time on their hands

        • Harley says:

          Ann Marie how old are you, because you sound like 2 year old have tantrums. Get over yourself just because the didn’t pick Maddie your throwing fits, because the producer seen something in Chloe that you troll are to blind see, grow up little then come back comment cause hopefully you might grow up some but I kinda doubt it.

        • Tanya says:

          Have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation? Maddie is definitely NOT the best on the planet.

      • Steven says:

        gawd. I feel bad for Chloe always having Abby and Abby’s psycho fans commenting. Poor kid will never be rid of that horror. Chloe rocked her parts big time and they are out everywhere in full force bashing her and this movie. Stay strong Chloe. You killed it!!

        • Rachel says:

          They are a bunch of idiots they think they are only hurting Chloe while they are hurting all the people that worked hard to make this movie.
          I don’t usually say this but I can’t stand Maddie. She is weird hateful nasty no talent little brat but I still don’t follow her around on social media trying to destroy her.

          • Miss M says:

            I don’t like Maddie either, but I don’t go around hating on her and the videos and shows that she’s in simply because she’s in them. Like I’m still going to watch SYTYCD: The Next Generation, even though I really don’t think Maddie should be a judge and would rather she wasn’t on the show.

          • Miss M says:

            I meant I also don’t go around hating on her.

    • Lifetime made the right choice for Gwen!!! They have that right, it was their show NOT flabby’s…as for someone being the greatest dancer on the earth, well the earth is pretty big for one 13 year old to be the greatest as you say, is it possible that your brain is the size of a pea.

    • kkkffff says:

      I hope everyone here can see exactly what Chloe has to deal with every day in social media. These people are sick in the head!!

    • Lindabear says:

      Sweetie, anyone with half a brain can see you’re impersonating a Maddie fan to make her look bad. Go read a book and brush up on your literacy.

    • carschep says:

      First of all, learn to speak English. And also I love Maddie but if you think she’s the “best dancer in the world” you clearly know nothing about dance. She’s amazing but by no means the best in the world. And Abby’s opinion is irrelevant here. Maddie is successful but this was Chloe’s role so why even bring Maddie into it?

  12. Ella says:

    Terrific movie.
    Would love to see it become a series!!!
    Love all the dancers.
    Great storyline about not listening to and letting the negative people around you dictate your success!!!

  13. Alia De Pau says:

    Love the movie, it had a little of everything besides dancing, problems @ the dance company, betrayal, falling in love. Really enjoyed it. Chloe Lukasiak was an amazing actress, the girl can preform.

  14. Gilbert Mendez says:

    Great dancing, great music!!!! Problem is could not even attempt to read the the credits looking for music titles😩 Where can you get list of music or is it available as one cd??? Thanks

  15. Darla McIntyre says:

    I loved this movie..Chloe along with the other actors nd actress where superb…The story line was really good …point blank a really good movie loved lovd it

  16. Susan says:

    I was incredibly disappointed. The female star was not a dancer; there are many more talented dancers on the junior version of So You Think You Can Dance this year. The choreography was inept. I love dance movies — this was not one of them.

    • Steven says:

      A. This is a movie, not reality TV.
      B. This is a movie about becoming a member of a ballet company, not something 10 yos do.
      C. You missed the whole point of the movie.

  17. Izzy says:

    I’ve heard that lots of people have said that its boring, but I really think you have to be a dancer to appreciate the movie! I’m a dancer and I absolutely loved the movie! It showed great teamwork and it showed that hard work lead to success. I also loved Bella and everyone else, I thought that everyone’s character suited them well. One thing I would change about the movie is Gwen. Growing up I loved watching Chloe become this amazing star and then I found out she was in this movie, I watched it and she barely had an parts! I mean by far she was one of the best dancers there so I don’t understand how she didn’t make the finals either. All I wish is that Chloe have more parts, other than that I absolutely loved the movie! A+ for me.

    • Miss M says:

      Honestly, I think that you just have to really love dance and watching dance to enjoy it. I’m not a dancer and never have been one, but I wanted to when I was a child and I loved this movie. To me, the dance sequences were just amazing and though I wish they hadn’t brought in the romance between Bella and Damon, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do wish I could have seen more of Chloe as well, but that might be because I know of her outside of this movie.

  18. Ashley says:

    I really thought the movie was AMAZING! I really enjoyed the dancing & the life lessons. How to never give up on your dreams! Wish we had more movies like this. Chloe, & the rest of the cast did a great job as well. Overall is was GREAT.

  19. Lana says:

    Needed more dance. If they are callin Chloes character a prodigy I would of loved to see her in MORE dance scenes. The scenes she was in were great!!! She was very natural and wasnt robotic. Great job Chloe on your first acting role!! You will only continue to grow!!! Cant wait to see you in Cowgirl Story!!

  20. Steven says:

    Seriously don’t know why bother to put unlimited polls up anyway. Only brings out the haters who spam it. Should make it 1 vote/day or 1 vote period.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Not an “unlimited poll,” by any means — unless someone lives sad enough an existence that they know how and go out of their way to circumvent the cookies/time-out.

  21. Yamarie says:

    It was at bad as it can be. No story, no goo lines, worst dancers ever, the main actress the worst of all of them. It lacks everything a good movie should has. I loss interest in the first 30 min. A disaster!!

    • Steven says:

      Yamarie Ortiz? From Dance Mom Central chloe FB hate group? Yeah. Figures you guys are botting this vote. You’re opinion doesn’t count. #Busted

      • Yamarie says:

        The movie was horrendus. No matter if Chloe was on it or not. Bad lines. Bad dancing. Bad everything. Yes. Yamarir Ortiz. And my opinion, still counts. Sorry if you dislike it.

        • Megan says:

          ROF. You’re not fooling anybody. #TeamChloe has to deal with your cheating group all the time. We all know you’re only here for chloe 😂 So no you and your trolls don’t count. Jealous losers with no lives. Oh and get a dictionary.

          • Yamarie says:

            What ever Cherie. Say hi to Debi Ho… uppss typo. Lol. Look whos looking like a fool. Not surprise me tho. 😊😊😊
            It was an horrendus cast..all of them. So… your point is?

        • Molly says:

          Yapmarie, you are just upset because Lifetime realized that Chloe is the real star (not the faked staged one for reality TV). They got rid of Zigs to beg Chloe back. Chloe brings ratings. So sorry for this big dose of reality. You’ll live. 😂

      • Sadie Nelson says:

        How does a vote not coun???,. It’s an opinion and everyone has on.. At least some commenters don’t have 10 different fake account.. Vote once move on. Freedom of speech!!! DUH

    • Becci says:

      For a supposedly doctor who doesn’t speak English, your english is good. We all know you hate Chloe, and are jealous of a child. Maddie wasn’t up for the part, I know how dare Lifetime do that to her in serious need of mental help troll of fans. If you hate the movie so bad boycott lifetime. I’m sure they won’t miss you.
      And for the record this movie wasn’t about Chloe. Personally I liked it and was glad when they said Jody and Charlie were married. Was glad Cooper was back, too. Thought it was a good sequel.

      • Molly says:

        Doctor my ass 😂😂😂 She can’t even form a functional thought most the time. Doctors don’t live on FB 😂😂

  22. Steven says:

    Well I for one enjoyed this movie. Its a good inspirational movie about dance that finally is centered on kindness and helping each other instead of the dark sabatoge-the-competition to get ahead. And I loved Gwen. My goodness Chloe is a star. Hope they pick up her character again and build a movie around her.

  23. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Watched it last night it was good, but I really LOVED the OG movie with Zoe Saldana in it and I also notice one of the guys from it as well I think his name was Charlie?

    • Ashley says:

      It’s sad how we had to vote. Last night it was high on Awesome but people just have to ruin it. I understand your voting opionin but it’s sad how it immediately went up to fail. Must be haters. Everyone is saying how great of a movie it is

  24. Tracy geiger says:

    Would love to see Chloe as the lead in the next one!!

  25. Gwen needs her story to be told.

  26. Emma says:

    I really loved the movie, the first time actors were good. The dance was terrific.
    It can’t be compared to the original that I hear was a multi miliion dollar high level budget.
    This story is about getting beyond the HATERS. A great lesson in life whether it be on sites like this…..dancing…… We live in a world where it’s an important time to support each other, this teaches that. I LOVED this movie, and the DANCE And the MUSIC too.

    • Megan says:

      Exactly. Too bad Abby’s paid trolls are kissing her ass for a dollar. A group of unemployed junkies is what they are & stalk Chloe everywhere. I’m not sure what the point is. Its not like she’s going to disappear and suddenly Maddie will get real jobs 😂 Abby will never stop being threatened by Chloe. She knows Chloe’s better but is “in love” w M. #SickPervert

  27. Cynthia Karsten says:

    Sorry to everyone whom didn’t like it, but I thought it was great! Need to see Chloe
    Lukasiak in more dance movies! Such an inspiring young dancer for everyone!

  28. Armando Trama says:

    Mediocre is a good review. I love Chloe. But, sorry not sorry. It’s an F from me. Next.

  29. Megan says:

    I really enjoyed this movie. I was excited to see Chloe from DanceMoms on it and for the story. That’s just me, I wasn’t expecting mind blowing dance but a good store and acting. These dancers are all amazing actors and Chloe totally blew my mind. She could handle the lead. Its a shame that Abby Lee Millers FB chloe hater group she started have to constantly be such nasty stalkers. Some ppl need a life. The jealousy that Chloe is better than Maddie is old news. Move on ppl. My only complaint on the movie is the ending. Great dance # but the SL was left hanging. What happens next w the dancers and the company?

  30. Betty Wilson says:

    I thought was good, I thought it could of been better, I don’t think the put enough scene show how hard dancer worked to win the prize. I also thought Gwen (Chloe) did excellent job for her first acting gig wish all character would got more focus on them not just 3 of them.

  31. Sha're Jackson says:

    Some have made a big deal Chloe (Gwen) was not in the ending dance in red and that they played and Sia song that she had to sit out for. Well Duh if you watched the movie which most of them didn’t they just chose to mark it down you would have known it only contained the couple that made it into the academy (plus the third person as it last minute admitted 3) so out of the 8 that tried to get in and was in the cast only 3 danced with MEMBERS ALREADY IN THE ACADEMY AND NOT IN THE MOVIE…ITS NOT THAT HARD OF A CONCEPT TO GRASP!

  32. Bwhit says:

    I loved the first Center Stage, liked the second and this one was alright. As a fan of the original having Jody and Charlie be married was satisfying, just wish Tommy and Kate were still together. It was fun, Saturday entertainment.

  33. Jill says:

    Wow! Chloe Lukasiak was amazing! Her dancing was stellar and her acting was one of the best put of the entire cast. She should have been the lead!

  34. Louise says:

    Sorry. I give it -0. Chloe was part of this -0. Hope she does better on her next gig.

    • Molly says:

      Awww. So sorry for your hateful jealousy. Stay tuned. Chloe has more coming. What’s Maddie going to do after she’s done hanging out on the SYTYCD set? Go back to Abby? 😂 Cling on to Sia? 😂 Chloe wins.

  35. Armando Troya says:

    Guys come on. This movie was not about Chloe. It was bad. Plain and simple. Low budget. It is all.

  36. Betty says:

    Ann go somewhere else this not about Maddie, this about Chloe, so take your hate go troll on Maddie page. I think Maddie has amazing talent, but best on earth not. She has lot growing do just like Chloe so if you want come on here throw shade or hate no one cares. Team Chloe and Team Maddie, let Chloe be Chloe let Maddie be Maddie you sound like troll bet lot people would agree. Jealous people look green, Chloe keep on prove theses troll wrong, Chloe amazing.

    • Sadie Nelson says:

      the only ones to bring up Maddie are fans of Chloe. Why is that?. I was hoping for more drama in the movie but it just seemed boring and the dancing had to many cut aways to focus on any one dancer .. Blame the person who was responsible for the dancing. As far as Chloe goes I guess it was OK ,, all the acting was blah,, not picking on just one acto.. You can have get actors, and still suck. JS

      • Molly says:

        oh Sadie. Why must we bring up Maddie? Best to ask yourself why you FB trolls come to every post about Chloe to cast negativity. If Chloe were not in this movie at all you losers wouldn’t even be here trying to undermine it. 😂

  37. Harley says:

    Loved the movie, thought Gwen was amazing.

  38. leo21 says:

    I hadn’t seen the sequel so I was lost a bit on the plot but considering it’s a made for cable sequel, it was okay. Not enough dancing, though. The original made up so some of the so so acting with some great dance sequences.

  39. Mo says:

    I wish the trolls would just go home. I liked the movie. It was entertaining & unrealistic, just like the original.

    My main complaint was that, unlike the original, they didn’t have a dance double for Bella. Nobody who hasn’t been consistently training in ballet is going to be ready for the pointe work required for a ballet company in only 6 weeks, no matter how hard they work. It would have made more sense to double her for the wide shots & frame it so her feet weren’t showing for the close shots, just like they did for the non-ballet dancers in the original cast. It was painful for me to see her feet not turned out, not fully pointed (see the photo at the top of this article). Also, not every contemporary ballet is performed on pointe so that was another way they could have gone. She seemed a decent modern dancer & the whole point was that they weren’t trying to find more “perfect ballerinas” so why not celebrate that?

    Anyway, it was nice to see the cooperation between the dancers after the initial frostiness. And it was an absolute treat to see appearances from the cast of the original & Turn It Up, and it warmed my fangirl heart to learn that Charlie & Jody are married!

  40. lauren says:

    I did not like the movie very boring nothing interesting

  41. Sadie Nelson says:

    Couldn’t get past the 25min into movie, acting was dull the dancing had so many bent knees and sickle feet. The lead was to boring!!!!!. Heck all the acting was sub-par at best. SMDH how it made it on tv ,, I’ll never understand, even Netflix doesn’t carry the first tw..

    • Molly says:

      LOL. Poor Sadie, so obsessed that she actually picked a time (25 min) before Chloe’s scenes 😂😂 but wait, didn’t you comment about Chloes acting above? 😂 yeah you totally watched the whole thing. You’re a closet Chloe fan. 😂 Girl, its alright to admit you can’t get enough of her. Jeez, Maddie better book something soon , you trolls are coming unhinged. 😂 #YoureObsessed

  42. Lindabear says:

    So basically if you didn’t like the movie you’re a “hater” but if you liked the movie you’re good. I see, sounds perfectly reasonable.

    The movie sucked btw. This does not come from some deep rooted hate for any specific person. IT. JUST. LITERALLY. SUCKED.

    Carry on

  43. Molly says:

    I really liked this movie. It lacked in character development and left questions unanswered at the end but overall it was a light hearted feel good inspirational movie about being yourself and being kind. It pretty much covered all of Chloe’s dance campaigns: #NobodyIsYou #Unbreakable and her Teen Choice Award #ProveThemWrong speech. The cast are really good actors and dancers and I’m glad it didn’t get heavy handed in the dark cut-throat backstabbing over drama. It was light, fun, funny, and just felt good. I appreciate the agsinst-all-odds theme. It gives hope and in the world today, we need hope. A mini series would have been better to really get to know each one and see more dance. A+

  44. Jann says:

    Chloe Lukasiak did great! I hope if they make anymore they keep Gwen as a character and keep hiring Chloe to play her.

  45. Lindabear says:

    This comment section is like cancer. Admin, why don’t you just shut the comments off? These crazy fans can’t live with the idea that something their idol did sucks. This will be their obsession for days to come. Unless you enjoys reading these, you should really just close comments.

  46. Larry says:

    I didn’t think I would like it but as the film went on I found myself enjoying it more. It’s not on the same ground as a major motion picture but for a made-for-television film -it was actually pretty good. Don’t understand the folks who voted fail -there is so many worse things on TV nowadays. But I suppose those folks either already went in with a negative attitude or didn’t watch enough to make a judgement. This was enjoyable by TV standards.

  47. Brad says:

    there is def a cheater “f” spammer on at this very moment. #s don’t drop that fast w/o a cheater. You Maddie fans are hateful jealous bitches. No wonder no one likes her. You act just like her. Bratty, hateful, sore losers afraid of chloe.

  48. Brad says:

    Really love this movie. Could have been directed and edited better but overall its sweet, encouraging and positive. Perfect for Chloes 1st movie. She nailed all her parts. Didn’t realize she’s so funny. She’s really good for a beginner, not flat and stiff like Maddie. A for awesome.

  49. Christine says:

    Dear Mod, take a look at the “F” votes that spammed in from 12am-12:30am CT 6/27 as well as the sharp graph jump. That’s your culprit(s). They should be discounted! There’s no human way of dropping/raising %s that fast. They do this a lot & against Chloe. Please take a look.

  50. Sarah says:

    Can anyone help with where I can watch this in Australia???