Shark Week Sneak Peek at Isle of Jaws: Isn't That a 'Fin' How Do You Do!

Shark Week or not, you wouldn’t catch Richard Dreyfuss pulling this kind of stunt.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s Isle of Jaws (Discovery, 10/9c), cinematographer Andy Casagrande — hoping to locate the great whites that mysterious and completely vanished from the Neptune Islands off South Australia — hops into a self-propelled shark cage and goes underwater.

Almost immediately — c’mon, this is Shark Week! — he comes face to toothsome face with a 12-footer. It’s neither the first nor the last that he encounters off this particular uncharted island, either. So the questions for him and marine biologist Dr. Jonathan Werry become, are the great whites all hanging out off this uncharted island — and if so, why?

Check out the breathtaking clip, then hit the comments. Even protected by a cage, could you do what Casagrande did?

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