Vanessa Ferlito NCIS New Orleans

NCIS: New Orleans: Vanessa Ferlito Set as New Series Regular in Season 3

Ex-Graceland G-woman Vanessa Ferlito is back on the FBI’s payroll, courtesy of NCIS: New Orleans.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Ferlito is joining the CBS procedural’s upcoming third season in a series-regular role.

Ferlito will play a sexy, tough and acerbic FBI Special Agent who is sent down to New Orleans from DC to investigate the NCIS team. A by-the-book bureaucrat, she’ll bring a completely different way of doing things — as well as a mysterious past, natch — to New Orleans, which will put her at odds with both the team and the town.

“We’re beyond excited to have Vanessa join our show and are look forward to adding her distinctive personality and edge to our amazing NCIS: New Orleans cast,” said exec producer Brad Kern in a statement to TVLine.

Ferlito has a long-standing relationship with CBS. In addition to her two-season stint on CSI: NY, she had a co-starring role in the network’s ill-fated Nancy Drew pilot Drew. Additional TV credits include 24 and The Sopranos.

She will make her NCIS: New Orleans debut in in the Season 3 premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 10/9c.

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  1. Leanne says:

    that’s great. I like her on CSI and Graceland. She will be an asset but I hope she is an addition as they have a great cast and I would hate to think someone is leaving. the cast compliments each other

    • rosemary glazener says:

      don’t like her, need to rethink about watching with her in it. too into herself.

      • Leanne says:

        maybe but then I am sure no one watches just because of one person. Its a great show and with the addition of 3 people their screen time diminished. Lets see where it goes.

        • meredithbrody says:

          You’re talking about the wrong show. NCIS added 3, NOLA did a straight swap and I’d also like to prove you wrong because… I only watched for one person, a lot of people do, and I haven’t watched either episode this season.

          • Leanne says:

            You’re right. Wrong show. I’m wrong three lashes

          • meredithbrody says:

            I’m just pointing out you were extremely presumptuous with your “nobody watches for one character” comment when you’d find that, actually, a lot of people do. Have a pleasant evening.

      • Chris says:

        NCIS New Orleans ,definitely love Zoe McClelland as a part of the team indefinitely care nothing for Vanessa the same as I was glad to see CSI New York get rid of her as well. Extremely disappointed if it was CBS his decision in getting rid of her or mistreating her. Extremely disappointed do not like the show nearly as much because of the new character. Vanessa doesn’t seem to fit in any TV shows has been put in as yet again extremely disappointed that Zoe is gone and I’m afraid I have lost interest in New Orleans

      • Rob H says:

        I completely agree, she is terrible and is irritating to watch

      • Sally Courtney says:

        I don’t like her either!

  2. meredithbrody says:

    I’m kinda excited about this, but I’m almost certain it means someone is leaving/dying this season. I’ve suspected that since the finale though, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be LaSalle

    • It’s probably Percy. She was only in every other episode last season :( Which sucks cause I love her!

      • meredithbrody says:

        She was in 18 of the 24, She only missed 6. I doubt it will be her though, A lot of the argument for it being LaSalle is the lack of development.

      • liame says:

        The actress playing Percy is pulling double duty, she stars in a series on PBS called “Mercy Street” which is in it’s 2nd season. Both shows probably start filming around the same time.

    • JC1 says:

      I think if it was LaSalle they’d be replacing him with another male character.

      • meredithbrody says:

        I wasn’t thinking replacement, I was thinking catalyst.

        • JC1 says:

          I don’t understand – I’m sorry. If LaSalle gets killed off, that leaves only Brody and Percy as field agents besides Pride.

          • meredithbrody says:

            and in the first season only Brody and LaSalle were field agents beside Pride. So I’m not seeing that as an issue??? But also assuming that the possible LaSalle death occurs in the season finale, they would bring in a new agent in the hiatus between seasons 3 and 4. That would be my thoughts on it anyway. This agent’s investigation ends up being the catalyst for whatever situations leads to it. NOLA is the only NCIS series to have not had a major character death occur in the first two seasons, so I’m expecting one this season and from a storytelling perspective the most obvious and therefore likely candidate is LaSalle.

          • JC1 says:

            Ok I wasn’t following you at all. Sorry about that. I was assuming this hypothetical death happened at the beginning of the season, not the end.

          • meredithbrody says:

            Ahh nah I don’t think I explained myself that well either, no harm no foul. Yeah I couldn’t see it happening until the end of the season, but I’m pretty sure. There are a lot of people who agree too. (I should also say NCISNOLA thoughts are my distraction from being in the UK right now so I’m glad you gave me chance to write them out, thank you!)

          • JC1 says:

            No problem! :)

    • Leanne says:

      well I hope not. LaSalle is one of the basic character but my thot someone was leaving as well, I just hope its not the basic 5. They can easily add another character

    • meredithbrody says:

      So, I guess I was wrong, and she’s been brought in because Zoe McLellan is leaving. So… that means I’m out. See ya around.

      • Leanne says:

        Say it isn’t true Zoe is leaving. She was the basic 4. It wont be the same without the main characters. I hadn’t heard that. hope its rumors.. I liked vanessa on both CSI and Graceland.

  3. Melissa says:


  4. Sawuwaya says:

    Great to have her back on CBS TV… another plus as to why my most watched network is CBS…

  5. KLS says:

    Yeah! I suggested she be on the original when they were looking for two new members (I guess her pilot kept her out of the running), so I am glad she’s back.

  6. vp says:

    Well, though I love the show, this is where I stop watching. I can’t stand Ferlito. Never watched Graceland because she was on it, stopped watching CSI:New york until they got rid of her, then loved that show. Sorry NCIS:New Orleans.

    • peegee says:

      I do agree with you – never cared for her in any role

    • Rusty James says:

      I’m with you … not a fan of hers. Didn’t care for her on Graceland at all. Don’t see her as a good fit on NCISNO.

    • Linda Krzeminski says:

      Right there with you. It would be a deal breaker for me. Love the show – but she’s alike fingernails on a blackboard.

    • Chris says:

      Looks like the mass majority is in agreement against Vanessa as well as I am as well as CSI New York it became much better when she was gone as well as any other shows she’s in. I want Zoe back , she was a perfect fit it’s like taking Timothy McGee from NCIS English Second when DiNozzo left just not the same without him is I’m not highly excited about Wilmer Valderrama and especially the other lady agent that’s their. They didn’t do anything good with adding her especially either

  7. msstargate says:

    Why mess with what is already working? This cast was large enough this year.

    • meredithbrody says:

      I do agree with you here. I’m kind of hoping they mean “recurring” not “regular” here really. TVLine said at least three characters last season would be “recurring” and they were actually in a total of one episode, so I’m not entirely sure TVLine gets that bit right… But considering it ignores NOLA 90% of the season…

    • mary says:

      Well think of the other two, they have the bosses on that show, plus all the side characters(Fornell, Granger, etc). NOLA it’s usually just the core. Adding her wouldn’t be a big deal.

  8. Diane says:

    I like her a lot just disappointed they are adding more cast members when the originals don’t get enough acting time now!

  9. chuckfanforever says:

    Boring…another season long conspiracy …Dude it’s Nawlin’s there is all sorts of fun you can have with the show W/O this kind of BS……

  10. Lizgirl says:

    This is almost the same story line as Hawaii Five-O did for a story line. Like the team on NOLA as is and adding another is just one too many. Why change what is working already?

  11. SoFla says:

    Love her in everything she has done. Hated when she left CSI:NY so thrilled she is back on CBS. Will have to add this show to my “must watch” list.

  12. Pat says:

    Well I will hold off on the verdict, of her being cast as a regular. I did watch Graceland and did I like her character on that, not really. I just hope that no one dies from the regular cast, just to move her in there as one of the NCIS agents. Why are they sending her down there to investigate the NOLA team? As far as I am concerned, they seem to play by the rules and they get the job done.

  13. nothopefulhere says:

    So, why do they think they need another regular? And, why do cop-show-runners always think someone needs to come in and “investigate the cops”?? This is stupid and will put stupid complications into an already fine show. This will not help the show.

    • Leanne says:

      this is true. Seems like they play that plot line in 90% of them…gets old..I like the cast they way it is and it works. I hope they don’t ruin a good show

  14. peegee says:

    I do not care for her in any role.

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Happy Vanessa will be back on tv soon! She was good on Graceland!

  16. Mary says:

    We like the regulars that are there now! We don’t need another woman, no matter who she is. Too many shows have a woman in charge. Makes us (women) look ridiculous. Of course there are always those who fight for women to be in charge

  17. n says:

    First saw Vanessa Ferlito on a cable show (title eludes me) about aspiring actors, and then in an Excedrin Migraine commercial. She holds your attention whatever she’s in.

  18. Kathie says:

    I’ve seen her fairly often over the years. Glad they mentioned Graceland. I knew I had seen her somewhere recently. I didn’t watch Graceland much after the 2nd season.
    I hope nobody leaves to make room for her. They can use another agent. I really like the others. Don’t want to lose any of them.

  19. JD Bobb says:

    Really hope the edition of Ferlito marks the end of Shalita Grant. She’s the one that needs to go. Her character is too over the top and she’s not even full-time on the show. And Brody is continually being pushed to the background as Percy has more time with her “work husband.” Not to mention, that awkward moment in the finale where she and Chris awkwardly tried to show they cared for each other was terrible.

  20. jab says:

    hate that brody isn’t coming back, but a big fan of ferlito.

  21. Jean says:

    Will definitely miss Brody. Please bring her back!

  22. vic says:

    Can’t stand this new actress! Somebody get rid of her! She ruins the show!

    • Leanne says:

      If you watched she did fine. Actually Jennifer Aniston can take the aware for worst actress…even when interviewed they thought she was promoting Aveno..which was quite funny. Give the actress a chance. she was good on Graceland and CSI too

  23. vic says:

    Can’t stand this new actress. She is the worst! Too bad the show just lost me!

  24. Jerri Riffel says:

    I will no longer watch the show. Too big a change without Zoe McLellan

    • Leanne says:

      I really liked Zoe McLellan but she moved on. I don’t know why but so must we. I watched the first episode and it was good. Broaden your horizon and to quit a show because someone isn’t on it is pretty closed minded. They are actors and sometimes in their personal lives they have to make Choices. This is a great show.

  25. L evans says:

    Not going to watch NCI. New Orleans don’t like the New casting .I watched the first episode just bad choice of characture. Sad some replacements work out this one sucks and several of family and friends and coworkers agree

  26. L evans says:

    Not going to watch NCI. New Orleans don’t like the New casting .I watched the first episode just bad choice of characture. Sad some replacements work out this one sucks and several of family and friends and coworkers agree too bad Brody characture is out

    • Leanne says:

      I watched it and it was good. Brody wasn’t killed off so she could come back. It could have been personal reasons. One person does not make a show.

  27. rosemary glazener says:

    Don’t like her,. she’s too mouthy, too much into herself,. I love NCIS New Orleans, but this is really making me think about watching it with her in it.

  28. Betty says:

    I watched the show. Did not like Vanessa. She did not seem like an agent. Like she was trying to appear sexy or something. I liked the cast as it was. Will watch something else.

  29. Linda Krzeminski says:

    Hope they take Vanessa Ferlito off NCIS-N.O. Yuck. Don’t think she adds a thing to the show.

  30. Kat says:

    Get rid of the new FBI chick. Too negative and I don’t want to watch anymore.

  31. Ruth Kauffmann says:

    Bad move with new FBI lady… She doesn’t fit… good thing I like the others, or I wouldn’t be watching.. may yet turn me off completely if she sticks around.

    • Leanne says:

      I’m not sure why she isn’t liked but she isn’t in a lot of scenes anyway as of yet. We shall see how it goes. Its the story line I’m interested in and the rest of the cast is great. Not sure why Brody left, maybe she will come back, they kinda left it open

  32. Ava Garden says:

    Could not watch Ferlito on Graceland and will not watch her on NCIS New Orleans — too bad, it was okay to watch, but not now. :(

    • Leanne says:

      if she is disliked as much by everyone as comments show she wont last another season. I wouldn’t give up on a good show because of one person who is sharing screen time and if she is gone next season you wont know where it left off. the rest of the cast is great. You never know Brody could come back, the have left the story line open

  33. Ava Garden says:

    Could not watch Ferlito on Graceland, and now I will have to quit watching this show. She is not a good actress at all and really hard to watch. No more NCIS – they are all done for me. Had a good run.

  34. Hate her as an actress. Snarky. Attitude at CSI NY was as bad. Very happy when she left. Now she shows up to ruin what was a good watch for me. Get rid of her.

  35. Mariellen says:

    The only things going for that show is Scott Bakula and Zoe McLelland, never cared for the show very well. The new weird-eyed, big lipped woman is only making it much worse, she has an ‘all about me’ attitude, not a team player at all. I will be watching other channels.

  36. k says:

    I really, really don’t care for the dynamic on this show now that Merri is gone and they have Vanessa Ferlito. I don’t care for her character; there is no chemistry here between her or any of the characters. Not sure I can keep watching. Seriously.

  37. Dee bynum says:

    Not interesting at all. Get another member.

  38. Miche says:

    Do not like her , her voice is irritating , she does not fit in , awful choice , not watching since she is there, Vanessa go back where you come from please!

  39. Jean Walker says:

    I wish she could do more than purse her botox lips instead of actually act. Did not like her on Miami and do not think she is a good add to NOLA.

  40. Delaney says:

    Five seasons in and Vanessa Ferilto is horrible on NCIS: New Orleans. Whomever made this “creative” decision erred quite badly.

  41. Marilynn Welsh says:

    Ferlito is no where as good of an actress as previous actress on NCIS. She doesn’t have the connection with the other actors, plus she’s had too much surgery. Hard to look at.

  42. olsond says:

    Love her and really got me totally interested in the show again.

  43. Leanne says:

    CCH Pounder is great in her “lab” role. She is a great actress. Do you like anyone?

    • Vicki Gier says:

      I do, really! I need a little funny with my deranged murders and heavy subject matter.
      I couldn’t watch ncis ny because NO ONE was the least bit funny.
      I’m sorry if I sounded hateful, it was my disappoint that one of the few bits of funny wanted more money than was worth it. It is said “you get what you pay for” for a reason.
      Have a wonderful weekend, this has been fun. 🙃

      • Leanne says:

        I really like the NCIS series and hate to see it go down because of Vanessa. Someone gets on a winning show and then their EGO get so big they demand more $$$. Maybe next year they will get someone else. There are so many talented actors/actresses out there.

  44. Lin Sineath says:

    Do not care for the new FBI agent on NCIS N.O. We have viewed her work on other shows in the past. We were in hopes that that unhappy, rude personality would be different on this show. We have waited for more than one show now – same part – not enjoyable to watch – adds nothing to this super team. Lin

  45. Will she become an NCIS AGENT IN NEW ORLEANS

  46. Deena Blaylock says:

    She is a keeper.

  47. R. S says:

    well so much for a decent program. I’m done watching it now . She is terrible and irritating to watch.

    • Vicki558 says:

      She REALLY is……it’s a shame but I can’t watch her either. She is just so stuck up looking that even when they try to soften her up it just looks so fake!! Her exgirlfriend was just as bad. Maybe give them a show for mean people to watch!!

  48. Vicki558 says:


  49. Sherry says:

    I don’t enjoy watching NCIS NO this season- Vanessa’s character annoying

  50. Kathy says:

    I don’t like Vanessa. She can’t act and is irritating,, thinks she is sexy, not. Show doesn’t need anymore new characters