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Gotham Season 3

Gotham: Meet the 'Reborn' Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy’s transformation from precocious orphan to full-on villainess is complete.

TVLine has learned that Gotham has tapped All My Children alum Maggie Geha to take over the role of the would-be eco-terrorist, replacing previous portrayer Clare Foley (see photo, below). And now we can reveal exactly how the Fox drama will explain the character’s sudden growth spurt.

Following an encounter with a monster from Indian Hill, Ivy Pepper finds herself reborn, and one step closer to the DC villain she is destined to become: Poison Ivy. Now a 19-year-old woman who’s harnessed the full gotham1power of her charms, she sets her sights on Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz).

This marks the second significant piece of Gotham casting news ahead of Season 3, following our earlier scoop that Once Upon a Time warrior Jamie Chung has been hired to play the recurring role of Valerie Vale, Vicki’s Aunt. And there’s more new blood to come.

In addition to the imminent introduction of the Mad Hatter, the Season 2 finale also teased the entrance of Bruce Wayne’s long-haired doppelgänger, a development exec producer John Stephens previously hinted to TVLine is “in line with all the other story we’ve been telling [in Season 2], but one piece that we’ve kept hidden.”

Gotham‘s third season is set to debut on Monday, Sept. 19 at 8/7.

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  1. A. D. says:

    Yes! Now we have a Poison Ivy. She fits the part perfectly!

  2. Joey Padron says:

    She haves the look to play poison ivy as a young adult in prequel series. Good scoop about character for new season. Looking forward to see how she does as new poison ivy in new season.

  3. yurina says:

    By the end of Season 3, Bruce Wayne will become the Batpimp.

    • AL00 says:

      If this is the case, they need to recast. The least believable thing on this show aren’t the creatures and superpowers, it’s the 95-pound Batboy being able to swing the affection of all these girls, and now WOMEN.

  4. David4 says:

    Do the writers actually have a basic plan for the show or do they just throw random things to the wall and go “That will work!!!”?

  5. Smooshiest says:

    Susan in ALL MY CHILDREN? Uh, I’m glad she got this role in Gotham, but surely AMC is not what she’s known for, especially since she appeared in the online version. Just sayin’.

  6. Kevin Israel says:

    Now they just need to tap someone to play a new Bruce Wayne.

    • ndixit says:

      Please!!! David Masouz was one of the big highlights of season 2. He’s a lot more root able as a main character than Gordon right now.

    • AL00 says:

      Agreed. He’s a talented young actor, but he doesn’t embody the character at all on a physical level.

      • ndixit says:

        The character is a 15 year old boy and he is physically right for a 15 year old Bruce just fine. I don’t know what people expect Bruce to be as a teenager. He didn’t instantly become the peak of human capabilities after his parent’s death.

        • AL00 says:

          Have you not seen him outside of the show? He’s skin and bones. No one expects a 15 year old to be Batman-shape, but normal teenage shape at least.

  7. Television says:

    I really think this is stupid. The person that is originally playing Ivy works great along side the people that are playing Catwoman and Batman. They all look around the same age. Why is Ivy all of a sudden going to be way older than the others? Unless there is a lab experiment gone wrong that caused her to age way too fast…..which I’m saying would be really pushing it. It is hard enough believing the Selena/catwoman character. She didn’t have any of the catwoman personality until she was shoved out that window, before she was quiet, librarian like (in the movie). So I never understood why they made Selena be the way she is. Plus I think this show focuses too much on Gordon.

  8. ndixit says:

    This is a clear case of the writers just trying to write themselves out of the corner they put themselves in. This just sounds weird. So an older Ivy Pepper is going to try and charm a 15 year old Bruce. Just sounds weird. They should have just a new character called Pamela Isley.

  9. AL00 says:

    In what world is appropriate to have a 19 year old character, played by a 28 year old actress, “setting her sights” on a 15 year old boy? Especially one who comes off far less mature than his actual age? For that matter, in what world is it believable that all of these beautiful young woman (Camren Bicondova, Natalie Alyn Lind, now Maggie Geha) would go after the gawky bean-pole David Mazouz?

    • ndixit says:

      Masouz comes off far less mature than his age???? That’s a new one. If anything, he comes off far too mature for his age at times. And he’s a good looking kid going through his teenage growth spurt. All boys look a little awkward during this time.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I’m pretty sure that the whole point of this subplot is that it’s NOT an appropriate relationship.
      As for why these women are interested, let’s not forget that the kid is filthy rich and has no parental supervision.

  10. FatherOctavian says:

    So is Clare Foley going to appear in the third season pre-transformation?

  11. Sarah says:

    That is possibly the most vague “exactly how” I have ever read…

  12. john says:

    Cast purely for sex appeal – i expect they’ll recast selina in the unlikely event they get another season after this one. Good first season, rise of the villiains arc was terrible

  13. Fido says:

    Is this Gotham’s version of Big – she’s reborn to look older but inside she remains that 13/14(?) year old kid. Feels like this has the potential to be rather icky.