Nashville After Show Eyed at CMT

Nashville Season 5

CMT is really, really excited about its Nashville acquisition — so much so that the cable network is already plotting a companion series.

In an interview with TVLine’s sister site Deadline, CMT’s head of of development Jayson Dinsmore revealed that the ex-ABC drama may get its very own after show. “Nothing’s set in stone, but imagine if we did sort of a Talking Dead for Nashville where we had some of the cast, maybe some performances, maybe some fans come and talk about the show,” he said. “We [would] do it in the studio, sort of engage the audience and that loyal fan base on a deeper level. That’s something we can afford to do in cable that they probably don’t have the opportunity at broadcast.”

Earlier this month, CMT announced that it was picking up Nashville for a fifth season following the series’ cancellation at ABC. Dinsmore declined to speculate about which cast members would be back. “It’s really early,” he hedged. “We’ve seen some really great press. Connie [Britton] was in Texas last week and said some very nice things about the show. When we announced that we picked it up we had several of the cast members onstage with us at CMA’s Best last week. We had Chip [Esten] and Claire [Bowen], so our expectation and our hope is that everyone will participate in this next cycle.”