Nashville Season 5

Nashville After Show Eyed at CMT

CMT is really, really excited about its Nashville acquisition — so much so that the cable network is already plotting a companion series.

In an interview with TVLine’s sister site Deadline, CMT’s head of of development Jayson Dinsmore revealed that the ex-ABC drama may get its very own after show. “Nothing’s set in stone, but imagine if we did sort of a Talking Dead for Nashville where we had some of the cast, maybe some performances, maybe some fans come and talk about the show,” he said. “We [would] do it in the studio, sort of engage the audience and that loyal fan base on a deeper level. That’s something we can afford to do in cable that they probably don’t have the opportunity at broadcast.”

Earlier this month, CMT announced that it was picking up Nashville for a fifth season following the series’ cancellation at ABC. Dinsmore declined to speculate about which cast members would be back. “It’s really early,” he hedged. “We’ve seen some really great press. Connie [Britton] was in Texas last week and said some very nice things about the show. When we announced that we picked it up we had several of the cast members onstage with us at CMA’s Best last week. We had Chip [Esten] and Claire [Bowen], so our expectation and our hope is that everyone will participate in this next cycle.”

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  1. Dave says:

    No need for any companion after shows. Save the cash and make sure Connie and Hayden are on board. Otherwise, you don’t really have what we know as Nashville coming back.

    • Boiler says:

      Don’t hurt yourself worrying so much. Personally the show could easily survive without Hayden, although I do like her, do think Connie needs to be back. You do know Hayden is in treatment for Post Partum Depression??

      • MagicsMom says:

        LOLOL!!! There are plenty of excellent cast members. The show does not hinge on Hayden. I would miss Connie, but I’m going to watch the show and enjoy everybody who is there, past present or future.

      • Ann says:

        I think killing off her character would actually provide more dramatic storylines and be good for the show. If she survives the crash, then the only story she can have with Avery is more on again and off again love/hate stuff. Boring. Her death would add legacy to her name add an artist like Patsy Cline, grieving by Avery and fans and moving on after the death of a loved one.

      • Deb says:

        Though the show does revolve around Juliettes storyline, Hayden does add something to the role that could be hard to follow. Could it be possible to put a substitute actress in for Juliette while she is dealing with her personal life allowing her to resume her role when she is ready to return?? It has worked well for daytime tv over the years and we wouldn’t have to lose Juliette.

        • IceTear1 says:

          I see it revolving more around Rayna thought :)

          • Magicsmom says:

            Agree…Rayna:Deacon are the main story…established stars long before Juliette!! Please don’t cheapen the show by inserting a Hayden lookalike. Let Avery move on, raising the daughter, and he can have time to grieve. Would ne nice to have Hayden, but no substitutes!!!! Seriously! All I do is mentally compare when the daytime soaps do that. Very distracting!!! I stopped watching daytime when Michael Muhney was dumped, A strong character and actor become one in the same. Try waking up to your spouse now in a different body! Lol!!

  2. LE says:

    Aren’t the actors supposed to be under contract or with the cancellation they expired and they have to make new deals? Because the leads are not on board, It would be weird

    • Marcie says:

      The actors have to stay if they are wanted as long as they are under contract, but the studio doesn’t have to keep them under that same contract. It’s one way.

  3. Phil says:

    Here’s a thought…uhm DALLAS!

  4. Laura Gallo says:

    That sounds like a great idea to me!!! I can’t wait for Season 5!

  5. Deb says:

    Kim Roots HAS to host this LOL

  6. ABG says:

    LOL nope.

  7. Annie says:

    Oh dear Lord. Does every show need an after show now?

    • No, but a show like Nashville could carry one, especially if they have some live country performances. Also seeing that Nashville will certainly be their highest rated show, if any show on CMT should have an after-show, it’s them.

  8. Bwhit says:

    I would rather have confirmation of who’s returning and in what capacity first and then they can plan this.

  9. pinky says:

    I like Nashville and all, but a show like that really doesn’t need an after show

    • MagicsMom says:

      I’m for anything that the Performers want to do! Talk, perform. Who cares! We just want to see them! This is a big opportunity for each of these Professionals to further his/her career! And the fans get to know them better as people, not just characters! It is a Win/Win for everybody! Go for it, CMT!!! I love it!

  10. Boiler says:

    If it is performance based I am all for it.

    • Jakay says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Bring them to sing the songs they just did on the show and sell some more singles. And hype the concert tour, too.

  11. MagicsMom says:

    I think that is a fine idea! Several times, some cast members had an “Aftershow” on the Show’s Facebook page. They had a Videocam arrangement, and Chip, Chris and Sam were there, chatting live with the fans posting questions on Facebook. It was fun, and there were a lot of participants out here on Facebook! So many comments I couldn’t keep up with them! They did it another week from The Bluebird, I beleive! By then, it was pretty perfected. The fans could pan around the entire Bluebird and see who was in the audience. :-)

  12. Rob says:

    a half hour show that gave us the entirety of each song that the principals sang would be awesome!

  13. E. D. Boddy says:

    The perfect companion show would be to revive “Grand Ole Opry Live,” so we can see some of the remaining greats while they’re still alive.

  14. Karli says:

    I dont believe that it would need an after show. But hayden needs to be back! Her and lennon are the top reasons i watch. I hope she is ok with everything thats going on but in my opinion she has such an amazing voice and in the show she has worked so hard her character cant die like that. Maybe put her in a coma until she is ok and out of where she is.

  15. Please keep Hayden. She is awesome as an antagonist, perfect foil for the rest of the cast!

  16. LaVon Kay Howard says:

    So glad to see this show continue….please, keep it so Nashville…love all the land marks..

    Have been a backer and supporter for this show. There is a lot left to explore.

    Keep up the original music, which has often been awesome, but don’t drone on with broken relationships…..done is done…

  17. Paul Darrow says:

    Glad to see Avery and Juliette back together. Love the show, love the music, love the characters. They seem to be so close to the fans, not like actors in other shows where they think they are so much better than their fans .

  18. Nashville was my fave show, didn’t watch anything else now that Connie Britton won’t be back neither will I, it would not be the same.

  19. Lisa black says:

    I love this show and I can stop sing this song nashville and I love this show