Post Mortems

The Last Ship EPs Talk Rachel Scott Decision, 'Ferocious' Slattery Situation

The following contains spoilers from the Season 3 premiere of TNT’s The Last Ship.

The Nathan James has stumbled upon a new, dangerous mission for Season 3 — but it will have to tackle this one without the services of an original, critical team member. For as revealed in the opening minutes of The Last Ship‘s season opener, Dr. Rachel Scott did not survive the assassin’s bullet fired at her at the close of the Season 2 finale.

Played by original cast member Rhona Mitra, “Rachel was just so beloved and she did so much for the world by coming up with the cure, it was a hard decision to make,” co-showrunner Steven Kane tells TVLine. “A lot of shows kill off characters way more quickly than we do and with more blood, but we felt that the challenge for Chandler and the world with Rachel gone was that much greater, and her shadow cast across Season 3 would give her in some ways more of an immortality.”The-last-ship-rachel-rations

Indeed, Dr. Scott’s name is now a greatly revered one, with even “the man who saved the world,” Tom Chandler, acknowledging that Rachel did the important work while he merely “drove the ship.” Rachel’s face is even featured on the ration stamps being issued throughout the United States (to prevent hoarding), though Chandler is quick to note the gesture is “not enough” to symbolize the world of good she did.

“The first episode is called ‘The Scott Effect,’ but really the whole season could be called that,” Kane says, “because her death sort of permeates every decision Chandler makes, and also leaves him alone as the sort of ‘godfather of the new world.'”

To be sure, Rachel’s absence was felt very early on, as it became evident that because China’s President Peng was extremely selective in distributing the cure to his Asian neighbors, the Red Flu has mutated. And now there is no world-class paleomicrobiologist to turn to for answers.

“What happens is that other characters have to rise up — like Doc Rios, who was sort of Rachel’s lab assistant in the first season,” Kane previews. “He’s got Rachel’s notes, but he says, ‘Look, I’m no Dr. Scott.’ Everyone gets put in a situation where without Rachel, you’re missing a major ally — and a major weapon if you’re in the race against this virus.”

Elsewherethe-last-ship-slattery-prisoner in the action-packed, two-hour premiere, the Nathan James‘ new XO CO, Slattery, and other high-ranking crew members were abducted from a Vietnamese nightclub following a brutal shootout. Green and Burk managed to escape and eventually made it back to the James, but Slattery and the others are now being held prisoner, in squalid conditions, aboard a ship manned by a hodgepodge of Asian thugs (who are literally bleeding their guests dry, one by one).

Previewing that half of the storyline, co-showrunner Hank Steinberg says, “We love those old war movies like Bridge on the River Kwai, old POW movies — and Adam [Baldwin] could have been in those 1940s/ 1950s movies, so that was sort of the inspiration. ‘I want to see Adam Baldwin in a POW camp and see how he’s going to work his way out of that.'” The result, says the EP, “has just been delicious.”

“We were like, ‘Yeah! Get him ferocious!’ That seemed like a fun thing to do,” Steinberg adds, “and we’ve got just the story to get him there.”

What did you think of The Last Ship‘s (delayed) Season 3 premiere, the decision to eliminate a key asset in Rachel, and the arrival of new faces (including Bridget Regan’s Sasha)?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mare says:

    “Let’s kill the lead female heroine!” – The last Ship
    “Eff off, Show.” – Me
    I won’t be watching again. Ridiculous they murder the lone female lead when there were so many male characters to choose from.

    This trend is getting insane.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      She was killed off because no other character’s death would have the same impact. This show is much more of an ensemble than it used to be, and that includes a lot of strong female characters.

      All that being said, I won’t completely believe she’s dead until we see a body. Same with Valkyrie.

      • Dhd says:

        I thought maybe they had only said she was dead so the assassins would stop and they could keep their miracle scientist safely tucked away but that doesnt look to be the case.

      • Carol_R says:

        She was obviously killed off so that they could bring on a new female lead, basically throwing her away like trash.

      • Lily says:

        She was killed off so SuperHero Man could be the one revered. The words used by the EP about her “casting a shadow” are quite revealing. They couldn’t keep her around and have Tommy be the Lord and Savior of the new world so they offed her.

      • lowell says:

        maybe there keeping her in hiding until she recovers everyone wanted her dead. but without her its like going to the prom alone. disappointed.

    • Normandy says:

      Are you normally this unstable when it comes to watching TV shows? What shows do you have left to watch if you bail every time someone gets killed off? Sitcoms?

      • Jerri says:

        Even sitcoms kill off characters. Senfield comes to mind.

        • David g says:

          Or Marshall’s dad on how I met your mother..or you know.., the MOTHER. I mean wtf no one is safe on tv these days.

      • Carol_R says:

        The Dr. Scott character was the entire show. What they have now is a new show with some of the cast members from the original show – but The Last Ship as a show is gone.

        • Exactly Carol – Rhona Mitra was the premise of the show, they have now scattered all the ship’s personnel all over so you no longer have The Last Ship but just the same characters in a new show, they should have just renamed the show The New World Order. I won’t be watching after last night’s premiere – I wanted to see Chandler and Scott and what was in store for them as people and maybe lovers instead I got a new knock off actress with Chandler, sorry writers epic fail.

        • Jerri says:

          The show is called The Last Ship, not “The Last Genius Doctor on a Ship”

          • Cid says:

            So what about the note she gave him at the end of Season 2? What was in it? Why focus on it if it wasn’t to mean anything? There are too many unanswered questions, and an epic fail on the producers and writers. Put some old flame on who has no chemistry with Chandler. Fail. Now they are trying to force a new relationship. Dr. Scott and Capt Chandler had something. This new one, nothing.

          • Lyn Glaz says:

            have you ever watched the show, Jerri? because those who did it, have noticed she was the core since the beginning. Her presence there helped to bond the military subject and the pandemia subject so well and helped to “humanize” a character so as-the-book Chandler is. Now he aparently has a new love interest but if there is not chemistry then how could you believe that? i certainly i dont care1 tats why i am gonna watch the show once they bring rachel back because i dont believe at all she is dead

          • Linda says:

            She was the heart of the show. You can’t just replace her with another pretty face. She’s the reason I watched the show. I won’t be watching. Sad.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Her characters only purpose was to find the cure. The found the cure and they were distributing it. As much as I’ll miss Rhona on the screen there really wasn’t anything left for her character to do.

          • grazelled says:

            The virus has already mutated so I would think she’s already very much needed to find a cure for this version of the virus and why it mutated. One of the characters on the show already said they faced a new pandemic if they couldn’t figure out the mutated virus that was making people sick in Vietnam or China. The remaining ship’s doctor, the guy that lost his glasses fighting, said he would try to figure it out but nobody was as good as Dr. Scott.

          • Jack and Barb says:

            WRONG. The virus has mutated. They need her more than ever.

        • It’s not “gone” in the least. Holy hell, the 2nd season just started and you magically know everything??

          Seriously, you not watching this show is not even a tiny blip of a loss. You’re entirely overreacting to a fictional show. One you do NOT participate in and don’t get early scripts for.

          Go outside.

          • h potter says:

            KR, if you don’t care about the characters in a fictional TV show, why would you post here? This is for people who DO care about a show they buy into each week. You shouldn’t post with such derision to people. It makes you a troll. Now you go outside. 😉

        • Mike Smith says:

          Got that right

        • Pat T says:

          I agree. Killing off Dr Scott was a mistake – it would be like killing off Beckett on Castle; Kirk on Startrek; Timmy on Lassie. Think their reason lacks credibility – killing off all the strong female leads. Usually looked forward to watching – didn’t even finish watching the show.

        • codepink1908 says:


        • Linda says:

          Your right

      • h potter says:

        No we are not unstable! But why continue to watch a show that kills the female lead and turns an excellent adventure show into a meh show where no one is special and ads spice to the mix. Maybe they could add a SEAL team to the crew and have a communications whiz, a brilliant doctor, a kick ass sniper/karate expert….oh wait they killed off those exciting people. OK maybe just the new handsome SEAL team members who can strip down to skivvies every week.That I might watch each week. Yeah, give em tattoos and rippling abs. Let them go out and take out the bad guys.

      • Linda says:

        They could have killed anyone else off and I wouldn’t have minded. She was the heart of the show. Bad move.

    • Nix says:

      Agreed Mare! I refuse to watch The Last Ship without Dr Scott in it. The new female lead sucks, talk about replacing a gold star character with rotting trash – RIP Last Ship I will miss you- you were once a great show that I looked forward to, but now your heart & soul is gone, you suck… a lot!

      • MoAn says:

        Totally agree! Sorry but Dr Scott’s character was replaceable and I was very very sorry to see they went through with killing her… we won’t be watching any more

        • MoAn says:

          Just to correct my writing mistake: Dr Scott’s character was NOT REPLACEABLE ..

        • Sad sad says:

          I agree,maybe the decrease in viewers is showing the writers they went down the wrong path killing off Dr.Scott!!
          How and why they chose to do this we will never know!!!???
          But they have lost thís fan without a doubt!!!!!!

      • that”s exactly how i feel.

    • Disappointed Dot says:

      yup! I’m out

      • Dr. Scott fan says:

        I’m done also.
        The show will be finished after this season….Blame the not to bright writers….

    • grazelled says:

      The showrunner/s should read these posts. If they aren’t pulling a long con and Dr. Scott is really dead in their minds they might want to rethink their decision if Rhona Mitra is available. I’d miss her and Tex very much.
      This whole season feels weird. I get that they needed to change some things on the show to keep it creative but when it was one lone ship against the world it felt fresh. Now it’s just the whole world fighting against each other just like any other political action/adventure show.

    • aoletsgo says:

      So true. And not only did they kill her but also Ravit last season, and Valkyrie in this premiere. Three of the most badass girls in the show. WTF

    • Okay it’s Hollywood and they lie. Rona either wanted more money, wanted out or was difficult to work with. Most actors get a five year contract on a new show some riders. So forget the lies.

    • ANita Blie says:

      Only ridiculous acting like it’s because she was a woman. Stop embarrassing us

    • marilyn says:

      I agree. The tendency to kill of strong female characters even lead actresses speaks of the writers blatant discrimination against women and ability to treat them violently. Won’t support show again.

    • Lee says:

      I know right that sucks.

    • Coleene says:

      Well said!!

    • Scramble says:

      Ditto. Disgusted. And it’s like they just threw it in at the last moment. Bush league decision, following the latest trend to ruin show chemistry they spend so long developing.

      • Ann Halushka says:

        It greatly upset me as well when Rhona was killed off….What are in the show creators minds, killing off a female lead when there is already so many male characters??? And, the captain was beginning to fall for Rachel! Hello….You dumb ass creators! You Seriously need to find a way to bring her back by next summer!

  2. mike says:

    it started little slow it pick up in the second half of the first episode all in all this season look like it going to be insane

    • jr. says:

      I hope all season two isn’t going to be how they can rescue their crew ( i.e. who are now prisoners on a ship)! I like all in one episodes instead.. Not one story, which is the whole season. I too think it was a mistake to kill Dr. Rachel Scott.
      Since all the world’s current governments officials seem a lot shady, perhaps she was actually nursed backed to health, and now being secretly held as future leverage against the powerful Chandler?

  3. Linda B. says:

    It’s as if we somehow jumped to season 4. You ruined the show when you killed Rona Mitra and the “banter” between Captain Chandler & his ole flame is forced without any believable sexual tension. It seems everyone is expendable. Maybe you’ll kill off the captain at end of this season. You have betrayed your audience with death of Dr. Scott. You have ruined the show. It’s quite ordinary now.

  4. Wendy says:

    Very disappointed they killed off Dr Scott. And then they killed off Valkyrie the hacker… Now it’s just another action show – no science. Love Bridget Regan as an actor, but the flashing “love interest” sign on her forehead is pretty ridiculous writing so far.

  5. Mel says:

    Why did they kill off Val? I was really starting to like her, and even more so when they suggested a Wolfe/Val romance, only for them to kill her off minutes later. WTF?

  6. Jen says:

    I was really hoping there were select Nathan James crew members keeping up appearances that Dr. Scott was “publicly dead” in order to keep her safe as she worked to counteract the virus mutation in Asia. Could have been a great way to continue putting her and the ones keeping the secret in high risk situations. What a shame the show opted for an easy out.

    • kacey says:

      I still think this is true and she will pop up at the end of the season. First thing that popped into my mind when they didn’t flashback to someone finding her body or anything.

      • Ashley says:

        Yes! I agree. I felt more cheated that we didn’t see the aftermath of Chandler finding her, trying to save her and a funeral for a world hero!!

  7. Hm says:

    First , I cannot believe you killed off Dr Scott — one of the most if not the most important character on the show. Second, in addition to killing off Scott, you’ve now killed Val as well as every other strong female lead. Apparently if your pregnant with one of the male charecter’s baby, you’ll live, otherwise, no. Unless this show brings back some stability, I on be watching much longer.

  8. Daniel says:

    Wow this show is doomed. I am guessing the writers don’t really want to split the focus away from Captain James Bond eh i mean Multiple Man eh I mean Boring eh I mean Chandler. Dr. Scott and Tex held my interest but I am guessing Tex is suffering the same fate off screen.

    • Dhd says:

      Yes! Will miss the whole thing with tex. Where is he. That would be good if the show had her still alive and tex with her. Does the actor who plays tex have another show?

      • chaosrainz says:

        John Pyper-Ferguson (Tex) is sometimes on Suits, but he’s not a main character so I doubt that would affect his appearances on TLS by much.
        But Tex has his daughter back now so he has other responsibilities he didn’t have before. I’m betting he’ll show up soon though. I was kind of rooting for a Tex/ Dr. Scott relationship.
        Maybe she’s just in a coma somewhere? :)

  9. Dr. Scott was such an important character, more so because she was Female! She who could save the world, she who could stand up to Chandler! Shame that you felt that you had to kill her off- not liking the new one- Sasha. the episode is good enough, but you didn’t pay enough homage to Dr. Scott- a stamp??? Seriously?? And since she was murdered, will you pick up that storyline to find her killer? It seems that there needs to be a catchup episode- long time since last episode- besides Scott’s demise, what happened to Tex? Don’t drop the ball on this series, we waited long enough to see this season.

    • I feel the same way

    • Again they’re making the same mistakes as they did with Falling Skies, too long between seasons and then making the viewer feel like they missed things by not following through where they left off. I stayed with Falling Skies for the last two seasons just because I was hoping for certain outcomes which never happened, I won’t make the same mistakes with The Last Ship – no Dr. Scott and I’m now out.

  10. NalungoC says:

    Killing off Dr. Scott was not a good move for this show! We waited so long for Season 3 only to have the MOST beloved character killed off with no real backstory. Killing her off when there’s real meat to the plot makes sense; killing her off after she’s not only found a cure but created a way for it to be spread around the world without losing its effectiveness is just stupid. Her death served NO purpose. They at least owed that character that much given that she carried that show. It was her relationships to the Captain, to Tex, to the crew that drove the storyline….and the writers just blew it big time. I can barely watch the premier. It can’t even hold my focus…who are these random people that popped up? Suddenly they are supposed to be as important as Dr. Scott?!? I don’t think so…..

  11. Kevin K says:

    Very sad to killed off one of the most beloved characters since the beginning. Blame the writers for losing Dr. Rachel Scott because she didn’t bite the dust in the season opener. What lies ahead for the rest of the season and what if The Last Ship should end in five seasons as a possibly?

    • Chris says:

      Three seasons if they don’t bring Scott and Val back. Not five. “Farscape” got four seasons and was sort of dragging by the middle of season one. Then they introduced “Chiana” in the 15th episode. They were supposed to kill her off at the end of that episode, but decided Gigi Edgley did a great job and kept her on. She was a definite “draw”. None of the other characters introduced later on did so much for the show. It kept lots of young guys watching! So much so that even after the series was cancelled after four seasons, the fans demanded and got them to do a last miniseries to finish it all off. If they had not kept Gigi Edgley, I would have dropped it by the end of season one, I think. I don’t know if I’ll even finish watching the end of this season of “the Last Ship” because it’s pointless to kill off such a dynamic character and another one just introduced. They even killed off the Israeli girl after a few episodes, and that was too bad. Really liked her too. By removing all the great female leads, wonder who this show is supposed to be targeted at???

  12. wiqueilyn says:

    i just cant believe they killed Dr Scott character. I’m so disappointed, why her out of the whole crew?. i loved Rachel and chandler that was the only reason why i watched this show. that being said i wont waste my time anymore. I just cant believe i waited a whole year to watch this horrible episode.

  13. Fido says:

    Very upset to see her go as she helped make the show one I looked forward to each week. But the manner of her leaving, the whole ambiguous shooting finale last season then the “oh she died” bit this season, well that all sucked. If they had decided to let her go, couldn’t they’ve least given her a cracking send off, had her blown away with a bazooka, or sacrifice herself to save some kittens. What we got felt like a big meh from the ptb. :boo:

  14. Doris Wood says:

    Not happy at all over the killing off of Dr. Scott, Mason and Val. Too many familiar characters are getting killed. I love the last ship, but I’m not happy with the loss of Rachel at all. Where’s Tex, gone too.

  15. GF says:

    Killing off Rachel was a horrible course of action. Why did the producers think they needed a huge shock for the show?

  16. Joyce Harlow says:

    I think you are making a huge mistake if Dr Scott is really dead, she needs to come back and Tex also. I love this show, please do not ruin it. Loved the start of the new season except the part about Dr Scott and the fact that Tex was no where in sight. Writers you can do better than this, you have a great show going if you don’t blow it.

    • Anne says:

      I seriously hope Tex and Rachel have been off doing a top secret mission of some kind. I’m not going to watch anymore of it until the season’s end (which if they bring her back will be then)

  17. Doris Wood says:

    You kill off all the favorites. Grander son really has nothing to do with the story line, but she’s still on. I waited for 9 months for season 3 to start, and I am so disappointed. Don’t know if I will continue to watch. It’s unbelievable that you would kill off Rachel, and then Val. You just won’t leave Wolf anyone he cares about. I’m still upset over the killing of Ravid.
    I’m going to watch the next couple of shows, to see if you bring Rachel back, if not, I’m done with the show, which was my favorite.

  18. Bob Jones says:

    I will continue to watch the show but I am a little sad that Dr. Rachel Scott died . . . I enjoy Ms. Rhona Mitra’s work but like another British thespian [Mr. Sean Bean] she had chosen to die in a good portion of the shows she is in.

    SyFy Stargate Universe, Cinemax Strike Back, and now TNT The Last Ship. I do not beleive she died on ABC Boston Legal but I think (but don’t quote me) she lived as Selene in Underwood when she took over for Kate Beckinsale.

    • Mel says:

      She didn’t take over for Beckinsale. She was a different character and the movie was a prequel.

    • I do not think she quit these series I think each time she’s had the misfortune of the show thinking she is not needed. With Strike Back the show wrote her off in much the same manner as The Last Ship and her presence was sorely missed and the show went down in that final season after her death. Now The Last Ship is making the same mistake in not realizing the character and actress bring a much needed element to the show. Both shows she played a strong female lead with the writers thinking the men were more important well here we go again and the replacement female is lacking what Rhona brought and developed in her portrayal’s. Truly sad when an actress puts her all into shows only to be under appreciated.

  19. Gerri Wright Ingerson says:

    I think that killing off Dr. Scott was the stupidest decision that they could have made. There were so many other characters who could have died instead. The cast is already too male heavy. I will never watch another episode. The lack of respect and value of the contributions from female leads is a major problem in Hollywood. I have to say time to jump ship farewell Nathan James. You don’t deserve to keep sailing. The show’s most loyal fans loved Dr.Scott. She was the true hero,not Chandler. I think it is extremely disrespectful to think that female leads are interchangeable. They definitely are not. Bridget is no Rhona. TNT you will be lucky to make it to season 5. One more thing a freaking stamp as a tribute to a great woman who saved the world. You have got to be kidding me. That is all there is. How can that make sense? Rachel was brave, brilliant, and beautiful not to mention she saved Chandler’s ass about a half dozen times.

    • capetowngrl says:

      I totally agree with you. I am done with the show unless something major happens. However, I doubt they will listen to us. For an entire year we all prayed for Dr. Scott’s return and that she is alive. I know they saw the outcry for her character to return, but they chose to ignore it. So, I am ignoring the show.

    • MJ says:

      Totally agree !

  20. K E Melton says:

    It was good with 1 exception: Is there ever a time in any military that an Officer refuses to acknowledge or return a salute? I counted at least 2 times….come on at least give the semblance of real life. At least the greed launcher was held correctly. Could’ve lost the smug boastful look though. Love you Chandler♡

  21. Zoe says:

    I thought there was a big hint that she was not dead at the end of second ep tonight when the captain was looking at the her picture and said a line about what if they aren’t dead. He was not talking directly about her. And who messaged Valkyrie right before she died?
    The producers clearly stated in many online interviews that it was a assassination attempt. They made it seem like she was coming back last year.

    • Carol_R says:

      I expect that was so that they could get viewers to tune in for this fiasco and that they would magically accept that the show is extremely different and that the main character is gone and replaced. If the writers had any decency they would have admitted that they killed off Dr. Scott and were taking the show into another direction at the end of last season.

  22. Mike Bayless says:

    I will not be watching the show any more because of the killing off of Dr. Rachel Scott‼️☹️ As for as I am concerned you ruined the show and I hope this is your last season .

  23. Rosie says:

    Wow, could not believe they actually killed off Dr. Scott. This definitely ruined the show for me. Not watching anymore.

  24. Anne says:

    Well f***, another show I’m dropping.
    I stayed true to my dropping of Arrow/Flash after they killed Laurel, Last Ship will just join their ranks.

  25. Davidj says:

    My god, you people are being so over dramatic. This show has clearly never aimed to be more than just a fun guilty pleasure during the summer. Killing off one character or another should not be nearly that big a deal.

    I had no problem with Dr Scott, but the true stars of the show have clearly always been Chandler and the Nathan James itself.

    • Normandy says:

      Whining every time a character is killed off and pouting about how you’re gonna stop watching should be a registered trademark on TV Line. A lot of commenters here would be better off not watching TV again if a light breeze can blow them over this easily.

      • Davidj says:

        Yeah it’s just baffling to me how incredibly seriously some people take this stuff at times. There have been plenty of shows I’ve stopped watching over the years, but only because I’ve gotten bored with the storytelling. Not because some “beloved” character got killed off or a romance got thwarted in some way. I mean jeez.

        • Normandy says:

          I can see quitting a show if the show runner gets kill crazy every time there’s a dispute with an actor or an actor wants to leave, especially if it’s not the kind of show that justifies a huge body count, but The Last Ship, Person of Interest, The Walking Dead, Blindspot, The Blacklist, etc. are not shows where everyone goes home happy at the end of the episode and starts the next episode with no memory of the previous one.

          Could you imagine if TV Line existed back during MASH?

          “I’m so done with MASH. Who wants to watch a TV show about the Korean War if there’s a chance any of the characters could die?”

          Every time a show kills off a major character, there are always a dozen commenters on this site saying they’re going to stop watching. So really, what do you have left to watch? Have you thought about watching a TV show where good guys and bad guys trying to kill each other isn’t part of the premise?

          • Well by your way of thinking all the characters are disposable so why not just wipe the slate clean each season and start with a whole new cast. People watch shows for the characters they love and the story that each character unfolds, for two seasons we’ve been teased by Chandler/Dr. Scott relationship with Tex as the odd man out trying to get in. The writers teased us with the idea she was not dead and that was our cliff hanger only for the show to return without her and Tex, sorry if taking two thirds of the leading cast and throwing them away disturbs many. Like another person said will they even bother going after her killer, probably not since they didn’t even bother addressing it beyond a food stamp. Also comparing the show to MASH really, and BTW those writers got major slack back in the day when they killed off the Commander on his way home. Yes the show survived but it also didn’t have the network competition shows have today. So losing many viewers over a stupid move does make a difference.

        • bj says:

          The sad thing is that they keep saying they’re through with the show (usually in very large letters) but they’ll be back every week commenting negatively on a show they say they aren’t even watching.

      • Anne says:

        We’re not whining or pouting; we are upset because we got invested in the show, with the characters and they just killed one of the most beloved ones off…for no real reason. Tv isn’t real life, and not is it real; that’s why we can get this irate about it. The writers had the power to not make dumb decisions and chose to anyways. It was preventable…which many real life things are not.
        Our response shows that they have made a good product. If no one cares whether your show gets cancelled or whether your characters live or die…that’s not very good.
        Some tv deaths make sense, others don’t. And sometimes writers need to look at their audience and ask, “is this death necessary?”. Every show is doing the dramatic deaths….to the point where it’s overused and frustrating.
        Rachel was a huge reason people watched this show; and killing her rightfully annoyed those viewers. We have the right to express that anger and to stop watching as a result (which I will be doing). It’s not something we do lightly – I stopped with Arrow because of an unnecessary death and I stopped with Blacklist until it was revealed the death was a hoax.

    • h potter says:

      Maybe so re the ship, but it was the repartee between Chandler and Rachel that made them the other half of your twosome. Further without both, the show was boring and we didn’t really care until they killed off Val too.

  26. Carol_R says:

    Good thing I only recorded it and haven’t watched it yet because now I won’t bother. I’m not interested in the show without Rhona Mitra’s, Dr. Scott, on it. My main reason for watching was the possible romance between Tom and Rachel and that’s now gone. I can only hope that the show’s ratings plummet and it is cancelled. Too bad since I really loved the show. What a nasty thing for the writers to do to its fans.

    • says:

      Thats an extremely stupid reason to watch the show. It is an action tv show. Not a romance story. go watch the bachelor

      • Many people watch the show for the possible romance if not why do the writers bother writing the romance part in??? Because that brings in viewers, The Bachelor isn’t a TV drama it’s “Cough/Choke” reality TV and a joke. By your way of thinking all relationship’s on this show should cease to exist because that’s not why people watch it. BTW go watch any drama on TV and the underlying story line is always a romance of some kind, even in movies.

      • kris says:

        Are you an idiot????? Guess so.

  27. DNACowboy says:

    “Let’s kill the lead female heroine!” – The last Ship
    “Eff off, Show.” – Me

    Well said.

    Rhona was the main attraction on The Last Ship in every way, what a blow.

  28. DNACowboy says:

    Please put up a poll on what subscribers and viewers think of Steven Kane killing off Rhona Mitra, that’s the poll people are REALLY interested in.

    • Normandy says:

      You don’t already know the answer to that? There could be a TV show whose entire premise is about the last years on earth before the planet explodes, and there would still be a lot of TV Line commenters angry and upset that everyone died in the final episode.

  29. Jerri says:

    Slattery was already the ship’s XO for the past two season. Now he’s the ship’s Commanding Officer because Chandler is busy elsewhere.

  30. Allie says:

    Personally, I’m glad that shrill Dr. Scott is gone. She was a bossy cow. I’m glad the show is going to focus more on Slatterly. Adam Baldwin is so good, it seemed like his talent was wasted the first two seasons.

  31. Penn says:

    I am sick and tired of writers killing off leads. This is twice on Sunday I have been betrayed, first by “Penny Dreadful” and now by these idiots. Well, one less thing to track. And by the way, way to go, killing off the strong, brilliant female. Great message!

  32. I think it was a poor decision to kill off Rachel. She is a key asset to the show and when you plan to possibly mutate the virus or cause additional problems, eliminating the one person who understood the virus from the start is ridiculous. To me, Rachel (and Tex) represented the civilian side of this national tragedy. Her presence not only challenged Tom and company, but also represented what the crew of the Nathan James fought for – humanity. Rachel and Tom showed how the two sides of humanity, non-military and military could work together, needed to work together to save the world. In addition, the chemistry between the Rhona Mitra and Erik Dane was off the charts. I’m not interested in a new character who from all that I read seems to be a way to replace Rachel. Dr. Scott cannot be replaced. For this viewer, the high sea and global adventure, splitting up the crew is not enough to keep me tuned in.

  33. Kevin In CT says:

    Apologies if I have posted this before but for some odd reason I got part one of S03 a couple of weeks back on my DVR. I’m also in the “Dr. Scott Is Still Alive Camp”, kinda like the thing they did on The Blacklist a few weeks back.

  34. david gerrard says:

    I was mad at what they did. But than I thought they would replace her with val. From doc to tech genuinous. Boom she is gone

    Vals last scene was weriid. All episode she said they need to be careful with signal, than she wasnt.

    I am hoping she jump out after turning plane around

  35. George says:

    First 2 seasons was perfect. but killing most important and lovely characters was terrible decision. I always quit watching tv shows when main character dies.

  36. Eric says:

    Boy, this was pretty weak. After waiting for 8 or 9 months, is this the best the creative team could come up with? Wow.

  37. Dawn says:

    Would have enjoyed the season opener even more if I got more of the story and less of the 12-15 commercials that interrupted every 5 minutes!!

  38. Amanda stoudemire says:

    I loved rachel and because they killed her off I’m not watching the show anymore. I’ll stick with seasons 1 and 2. The last ship has officially ended for me.

  39. shepweiralways says:

    This is for all the people who are out there who say that it doesn’t matter that they killed off Dr. Scott. Okay listen up then because she was the heart and soul of the series. There was no one who deserved to survive more than her. She freaking saved the world. I for one think that it is in poor taste to act like Chandler is the hero. Also why kill off one of the most beloved strong female characters on TV? It made zero sense and if tptb had the balls they would post the question whether or not it was a good idea to eliminate her? Because this show is now just ordinary. It lacks the intrigue and the exciting relationship of person who is a true challenge for Tom. The captain could have been more easily replaced than Rachel. What does this say about the importance of brilliant doctors/scientists? That they are dispensable? There is no reason why the show couldn’t have chosen a less valuable character. I mean the cast is so overly male heavy. In fact, anyone else could have stepped in for Chandler. the Master Chief, the XO, Garnett, and other military personal who survived the Red Flu. No only one person could truly save the world in the next deadly virus outbreak and it is not Rios. To be truthful, his character always came off lame and a mere shadow of the brilliant and gifted Dr. Scott. He is not in the same category of genius as she was. One more thing they also killed off Quincy. So what does that say if you ain’t military, you don’t matter. BS to that. The entire crew owes their very existence to Rachel. My gosh, why didn’t they eliminate that boring obnoxious president? Now he could have been killed and no one would have cared. So EPIC FAIL LAST SHIP may you sink into oblivion. EX FANS, Reminder to join me on the jump ship crusade farewell Nathan James. TNT You have failed one of your largest fan bases.

  40. Jerri says:

    To the lot who keep screaming they’re dropping the show: I’m guessing you guys aren’t watching Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and just about every other show out there, because they pretty much ALL have killed off main cast members in the past.

    • chaosrainz says:

      Excellent point.

    • Carol_R says:

      I watch the Walking Dead. But if they kill off Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne, Daryl or Carol I won’t continue to watch that show. I don’t care about stuff blowing up but about character driven shows where they show relationships. When the characters are gone, then there aren’t anymore relationships.

    • I watch Walking Dead and while they have killed people off in every season (some I agreed with others still think are needed ie Shane) but if they kill Carol or Darryl I’m done. Certain characters make a show, and others are the stars of the show with TWD Rick will live no matter who else dies he’s the center of the show. The Last Ship – Chandler and Dr. Scott were the stars killing her and disrespecting her exit was beyond bad writing and a bad decision. But expecting to replace her with some ex love interest and the fans not to complain is stupid. Not mentioning the show has completely been redone to where it no longer even looks like the same show. Well done writers The Last Ship ended in Season 2, just rename it it now and start fresh with your new cast.

    • Linda B. says:

      No, I don’t watch either one. I did, however, see Lola get her head handed to her last night on Reign. That was really disgusting.

      • Mike says:

        The difference with Game of Thrones… they started off that way when Ned Stark was killed in Season 1. That’s the theme of the show. They decentralized characters in deference to the story. This is not the case with Last Ship. Kill off Chandler… no show. Kill off the doc… no show.

  41. chaosrainz says:

    Am I the only woman here who doesn’t care that they killed off Dr. Scott?
    I mean, I liked the character but she wasn’t the whole show for me and until they totally screw it up, I’ll happily keep watching the crew of the Nathan James fight the big bad each week!

    • JBC says:

      No you are not the only woman that doesn’t care if they killed off Dr. Scott. The storyline has to progress. I do think though that as the episodes continue we will find out more about the Dr.’s murder. etc.. Series premieres set up the season. I do think they are doing a good job with it so far. I will keep watching!

  42. George says:

    Find a way to bring back Dr Scott

  43. A Viewer Who Cares says:

    Dear Matt-

    I’ve been thinking about writing a post like this for a while and I have finally hit the wall. Why does every show on television have to kill off characters? It doesn’t make their shows smarter or more interesting. Our world is so dark and hostile, can’t we have any shows were the heroes win and the good guys stay alive? I understand that there are times where a character death may be necessary and it provides the fire for the rest of the characters, but the death of characters is no longer surprising, emotionally resonant or clever.

    I ask you, can you please ask the writers and show runners in Hollywood to make shows were the characters we invest our time and energy in survive? It will make them better writers because they can’t just kill off a character they have written into a corner or just gotten bored with. They will actually have to be creative to revitalize their characters.

    Also, entertainment has always been an escape from the real world. So, I’d like the show runners out there that keep saying things like “that’s reality” or “the real world is messy and hard” as excuses for making easy choices to kill off characters that they want to use to “shock us” (like that even happens anymore with the number of character deaths every week) to think about why we their audience watch their shows….its because we care about their characters and are hoping to see them OVERCOME tough challenges, not dead on the floor of the writer’s room.

    Please someone write and produce a show that I can watch that is smart and compelling, but I can trust to invest in the evolution of characters over the course of the show. I’d just like to smile after watching “entertainment” every once and a while.

    Thanks for listening,
    A Viewer Who Cares

    • LABete says:

      Excellent post! I totally agree with your assertion that killing off the main characters does not make a show great. At this point, it makes a show a lazy GOT wannabe.

      This show especially had been busy killing off just about every one of the handful of females who even approached “main character” status. Now they have blissfully killed off Dr Scott, the heart of the show, THE female lead, without even a decent burial or mourning scene. Even GOT doesn’t kill off Dany!

      And please don’t call it “real life.” How many epidemiologists have ever been assassinated or even died in the field. Not many.

      Please, TVLINE, put out a teaser article if Dr Scott somehow returns. I’ll tune back in then.

    • Tom says:

      So you want an end-of-the-world drama where no character dies? How does that even work??? Where would the drama come from?

      • A Viewer Who Cares says:

        I’m not saying any characters can’t die, but most shows are currently bloodbaths with a character killed every episode. Its “overkill”. Heh.

      • h potter says:

        The drama, Tom, would come with the NJ spreading the cure against opposition like the regime in China. How about the question of whether or not we should even offer the cure to those who put out a jihad on us before the outbreak.
        Politics, humanitarianism, science, even romance has a place in dramatic TV.

        A good example to compare to is Star Trek. It kept all the main characters alive throughout the seasons that it aired. It was a joke that only the actors put in red shirts were killed off. That TV show and all of its beloved characters have lasted over 5 decades and is still going strong. Bring on new redshirts if you must have a character die every week, but killing off Spock and leaving Kirk with no one to play off was something those writers had the talent and audience respect not to do.

        According to Old Gaffer’s post above Rhona was a difficult actress to work with. Many stars are. If the the powers that be didn’t already know it before putting her in a leading pivitol role..well stupid is as stupid does. If she WAS that awful, perhaps finding a new actress to take over the roll may have worked instead of killing off the character. The show needs a brilliant doctor pushing back against Chandler’s navy stick up his butt command to not only cure the world of the red flu, but help him see that the after effects of no infrastructure was his problem too. Diseases that haven’t been around for years could come back and kill the cured. All the CDC bugs could come back with no treatments still around. Dead bodies everywhere, no clean water…yea there is the end of the world that they could have kept her character for.

    • Linda B. says:

      Bravo! Well said.

  44. Bark Star says:

    Hey TVline: Baldwin WAS the XO. Now he is the *CO*. (XO being Executive Officer, the ships 2nd-in-command and CO being the commanding officer or)

    Also: Scotts death doesnt ruin the show. Moving away from the original premise did.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hey Bark, thanks for the catch! And here I thought I was getting the hang of naval lingo :-/

    • Jack and Barb says:

      No and yes. Her death does ruin the show and yes, moving away from the original premise has also ruined the show.

  45. njartist says:

    OK -I can see that many are upset with the demise of Dr. Scott. As for myself
    while I will miss the character it does drive the show forward. It seems that based
    upon the 2 new episodes shown the Nathan James crew is back to square 1. There
    may be a cure but since Peng is withholding it and it may be mutating now another
    race is upon the crew to prevent this from happening. The big question for me
    is this- the creep that killed Dr. Scott yelling what John Wilkes Booth did after
    he shot Lincoln what are the producers/writers going with that.?Surely there must
    be people who do want the US to come back. Last night during the first episode
    one of the staff mentioned that POTUS was an immunne. He also mentioned that
    if the two “senators” were involved with the cure they would be POTUS. He seemed
    to think that Michner having been a member of the previous administration and
    duly sworn in was just lucky to get the top job. He seems to dismiss the fact that
    regarding the line of succession Michner was # 15 and everyone else died. I ask
    this-will this member of the Michner team try to under the new POTUS and overthrow
    the newly installed government? That would be an interesting development.
    Since most of the population died during the outbreak there have to be survivors
    who now see a possibility to create what they want and not what would be best
    for everyone. They may not want to go back to business as usual. So will Chandler
    and company be fighting a war on two fronts? BTW- why was there no security for
    Dr. Scott ??

  46. HurricaneTaylor says:

    I gotta be honest here didn’t even noticed Rachel is gone. I did miss Tex though. I’m in love with Kara’s new role! Oh, and Sasha and Jesse are badass!!!!!

  47. Carlea Thompson says:

    The show was Dr Scott and Captain Chandler becasue they gave the world hope. The two together gave the world what it needed, the brains to make the cure and hope for survival and the brawn it took to keep her alive and make it successful. Dr. Scott gave Captain Chandler the life inside to fight after he lost his wife. Now what? Who is the hope team for the country now?

  48. Becky says:

    Bring Rhona back. This doesn’t feel right !! Show won’t be as good without her!! Couldn’t wait to see them all again. Watched season 1 and 2 just to get ready!!! Crazy to get rid of her!!

  49. Connie Moses says:

    It is rare in the last several years that I even bother with network TV as they rarely stick with a new show long enough for it to “find it’s feet” and I got tired of getting interested and enjoying a show and zap! it was gone. I took a chance on this because it was “Navy”, looked reasonably “realistic” given the topic and within a few episodes was hooked and enjoying looking forward to a show again. Like many I was shocked and appropriately saddened when some of the favorite characters were killed off but did sort of understand the purpose. But now, you have become complete idiots…as is apparently agreed to by many other comments. I to wondered if maybe as one other person noted that Dr. Scott wasn’t recovering someplace, protected etc.. but with this article, it appears if that is even possible, then the producers and writers find it fun to flat out lie to their audience. So….I’m done. Watched last night, premier, to maybe get a hint of what really happened and instead seems watched another favorite having the blood drained out of him??? Jeez…remember, these are people, and so is your audience.

    This is really too bad…I enjoyed it so much the first two years. Will miss it. CAM

  50. TLSFan says:

    Ok, where is Tex? Could he possible be guarding Dr Scott? Just wishful thinking …

    • P.R.K.Ranasinghe says:

      Finally some one got it right I guess. Why don’t u guys watch the last part of the first episode . When Chandler find out the other crew members are prisoners? When he look at the picture of dr. Scott in ration card book. He knew same thing has happened