Billy Eichner Accuses Ross Mathews of 'Pathetic' Billy On The Street Ripoff — Whose Side Are You On?

Billy Eichner is no fan of Jay Leno’s former intern.

In a series of NSFW tweets, the Difficult People star has accused E! Network’s Ross Mathews of ripping-off his pop culture gameshow Billy On the Street in a new commercial for Capital One (as embedded below):

In response, the red carpet personality claimed never to have seen Eichner’s work, to which the host rebutted that while that may be true, the creatives behind his commercial certainly had:

In the spot, Mathews plays a trivia game with two pedestrians focused on Capital One’s various credit card options. Eichner’s anger (which is not quite at “Denzel Washington was not in Phantom of the Opera levels, but close) would seem to stem from Mathews’ mannerisms throughout the commercial, which appear to mimic Eichner’s from any one of his truTV segments:

Do you think Eichner was right to accuse Mathews of creating a “blatant ripoff,” or is this commercial nothing more than your run of the mill man-on-the-street piece? Watch the commercial above, then vote in our poll below.