Arrow Season 5 Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Person of Interest Series Finale Scoop, Plus Arrow, Orphan Black, Wynonna Earp and More

Will Person of Interest end with a “bloodbath”? Who’s new on Arrow? Will an Orphan Black mystery be solved? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Got any intel for us for the final episode of Person of Interest? —Ashley
“You know, it’s a bloodbath. As usual,” co-showrunner Jonah Nolan told me of Tuesday’s episode, which caps “five glorious seasons.” But it’s also the finale that was plotted out many years ago. Says the EP, “There have been points along the way where we’ve adapted, changed course, incorporated new things — Shaw was a character that we hadn’t fully conceived of when we started the show — but this is the end that we always talked about, the end that’s indicated in the pilot,” where Finch warned Reese, “If we keep doing this, we’re not going to make it.”

Oh wait, I’ve actually seen the finale, so I can add to this conversation that its original title, “Everyone Dies Alone,” is a heavily recurring theme throughout, as are the words we heard spoken by The Machine when the season opened. I can also report that if you’ve wondered how Shaw would react upon meeting the person whose bullet felled Root, you will get that face-off, while all told there are about two to three Kleenex moments. If you haven’t seen the final trailer, here it is:

Instead of #RealQsRealAs, I’m asking an #UnREALQuestion and seeking an #UnREALAnswer. Any scoop on when Adam/Freddie Stroma will make his Season 2 appearance and/or why he returns? —Stephanie
The when of Adam’s reappearance is a secret, but suffice to say, he comes back in a very unexpected way and in doing so definitely shakes up Rachel’s world. Speaking of the ousted Everlasting showrunner, Shiri Appleby had this to say about Rachel’s backfired plan: “She doesn’t deal with it very well. She’s sort of a little bit lost at sea in that she’s not running the show, she doesn’t really have any ‘girls to produce.’ So the only way for her to gain control of the show is to play a little nasty.” Which is fine by us!

Any scoop on Arrow Season 5? —Alamin
Thank you so much for asking about Arrow, which follows the derring-do of a costumed crimefighter! In addition to the recently cast series regular role of DA Adrian Chase and the vigilante known as Wild Dog, Season 5 will also introduce us to the recurring character of Derek Zaba, a man of
 fierce intelligence whose wit and humor belie a person wrestling with 
deep-seated demons. Derek looks to his Jewish faith to ground
 himself, having been raised in a devout family, and while usually kind and
 well-meaning, he also can come off as a physical threat. (He sounds very Russian flashback-y, yes?)

What can youwynonna-earp tell me about the final episodes of my new summer obsession, Wynonna Earp? Would love Officer Haught scoop specifically, but anything new would hit the spot! —Crystal
What I can tell you is that in the final two episodes of the Syfy freshman (airing Fridays at 10/9c), we learn more about Willa Earp’s backstory, where she’s been all these years, and who is the true heir and rightful owner of Peacemaker. As for Officer Haught, you will very soon see her get out of that stuffy police uniform and into formal wear. (That’s right — it’s date night in Purgatory!)

Are we going to get any explanation or more hints about Kira’s seemingly psychic connection to the clones before this season of Orphan Black is over? —Katie H.
While “we will discover more about it” in the future, don’t expect a detailed explanation. Per EP Graeme Manson, “The most interesting thing about Kira’s empathetic tendencies is that those are the most human and ineffable qualities you can have. We’re not the kind of show that’s going to say, ‘Oh, we have a scientific reason for human empathy or for ESP or whatever you want to call it.’ I’m sure everybody’s interested about it, and I’m sure our characters will be very interested in it, but are we going to wrap it up with a bow and tell you it’s genetic? To me, that’s not a very satisfying answer. I’m more interested in the ineffable quality of it and the fact that, as human beings, we beat ourselves up to try and define everything.”

Anything new on Quantico Season 2? —Barb
Producers are on the prowl for an African-American actress in her late 20s to play a new agent summed up as “Jessica Jones by night, Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty by day.” Lydia (the character’s tentative name) is described as a “sharp and sexy” prodigy who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants in the field. She also speaks multiple languages including, presumably, the language of luhrve.

Any scoopsMajor Crimes Season 4 about Major Crimes? —Ilona
Ilona, you strike me as someone who digs the Sharon/Andy romance, so here’s a bit more flavor for the episode in which the new home Andy is perusing turns out to have a dead Realtor floating in its pool. Because when I quipped to show boss James Duff that such a thing is likely to shave a few dollars off the asking price, he said. “That’s exactly what happens! Provenza says to Flynn, ‘How badly do you want this house? and he says, ‘Very badly.’ And so Provenza immediately goes out to the media and says, ‘We don’t like to use words like haunted or cursed, but…,” and he scares all the other people who are bidding on the property.”

Do you have any clue why Fox is waiting until the middle/end of July to air the final two episodes of this season of Bones? —Beth
Indeed, Bones is airing new episodes on June 16, June 23, and July 14, leading up to its July 21 season finale. I strongly suspect they’re going with reruns on June 30 and July 7 since HUT levels (“TV usage”) are significantly lower surrounding a holiday such as the Fourth of July.

Will Chicago P.D.‘s Antonio be given a storyline? —Angelica
Did you see our way early fall TV scoop about Antonio’s love interest? You want some more deets? While executive producer Matt Olmstead warns that nothing is official yet, there has been talk in the writers’ room about “a secret little romance” between the detective and a character that we’ve seen before on Fire “that would exist on both shows,” the EP reveals.

Since Julie Benz has a new TV show (CBS’ Training Day), will she stay on Hawaii Five-0 as a recurring character, dividing her time between Hawai’i and L.A.? —Lisa
When asked about the state of the Chin/Abby relationship, in light of Benz’s new gig, exec producer Peter M. Lenkov told me, “We’re absolutely hoping to continue that next season.” Given that Benz is currently making the Monte-Carlo Television Festival rounds as an H50 emissary, I’d say it’s a safe bet she’ll pop up here and there, as Chin ponders dipping his toe into the parenthood waters.

Do you have any idea when Cinemax will air their new series Quarry? —Jason
There’s no set date yet (just this teaser), but I am hearing it will be “early fall.”

Any word on when Playing House will be back for Season 3 on USA? —Tina
Alas, you don’t even get an “early fall” from me. Just a frustrating “TBD.”

What is the American Gothicadvance word on American Gothic? What type of show is it? Will it be a fun, hot mess like Harper’s Island? —Shawn
Between this and CBS’ other summer newbie, BrainDead, I give the edge to American Gothic, which follows a well-heeled Boston family’s connection to a long-ago series of serial murders — and, worse, just as one of them is running for office. Like BrainDead, it’s a bit slow out of the gate, but by the end of the premiere there are enough questions raised and guilty-looking parties hinted at to keep you glued to the mystery. (Cat owners might wanna be wary of the Virginia Madsen’s TV grandson, however. Egads.) At first blush, American Gothic doesn’t seem to be quite as gleefully ghoulish as Harper’s Island, but hey, we can always hope.

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Wait, Bones’ season finale isn’t until July? Ugh, why they are dragging this season out? The only positive is that the wait for season twelve won’t be quite so long but still. This is annoying.

  2. delta says:

    Erm, Officer Haught from your Wynonna Earp scoop is female.

  3. Kia says:

    Like that would make such a big difference when Fox already ruined Bones’ ratings with all the moves and neverending hiatuses … and having *episode, break, episode, episode, break, break, episode, finale that airs in July* schedule doesn’t sound that good to me either. If they didn’t give the show a hiatus for 4 months, they wouldn’t need to worry about the 4th of July in the first place. Sigh.

    • Disappointed_In_Shameless_EP says:

      Or the ratings were already ruined and that’s why they struggled to find a place to fit it – plus two actors vastly over valuing themselves (and most likely their future prospects) being snippety about it.

      Networks don’t move shows that are getting ratings they like – they move shows that are performing badly.

      • Kia says:

        You’re so wrong. The ratings were very good until the Friday move where it still actually performed quite well, yet Fox moved it again and then’s when ratings went dont. That’s only two seasons ago. You know nothing about this show. FOX moved it around because the fans always followed it anywhere, it had like 11 timeslot changes! Show me another show that had that many and survived for 12 seasons. They never moved Bones because they had bad ratings, they kept moving it because the ratings were good and they could count on the audience following the show anywhere. Get your facts straight before you say something stupid like this.

        and uhm two actors over valuing themselves?? are you kidding me? talking about David and Emily? that’s as far from the truth as it can be, they’ve been nothing but dedicated to the show and put up with Fox’ crap for years just because they truly love the show and the fans. Snippety? David and Emily? Wow. What the hell are you even talking about.

      • anon says:

        No offence “Shameless” but research before posting at Bones, Bones has been moved around the schedule since S1, it was nothing about ratings but everything about Fox using Bones to launch new shows & filling schedule holes.

        Bones was hitting a 2s when they moved it to Friday, all because they give that robo cop show, which they cancelled, its spot. Yes, that’s right Fox moved a 2s show to a Friday, Bones never recovered their rating since

      • nblackburn01 says:

        Really, then explain Rizzoli and Isles and Major Crimes. Two of TNT’s top performing shows. It is a bit of a generalization to say poor ratings are the only reason for moving shows.

  4. Jen says:

    So Bones is showing reruns on 6/30 and 7/7 because TV viewing will be low, but they think 7/14 and 7/21 will be better? Are you kidding me? It would be a miracle if more than a handful of people watch the finale live. I know I won’t be.

  5. Grey says:

    I miss Harper’s Island

  6. LADY_in_MD says:

    I already got a box of Kleenex ready for next week’s POI finale not ready for such a great show to end 😟

    • Kevin In CT says:

      Same here, I was so hoping that we would get a tiny little bit of Taraji being Joss Carter again last weeks alternate timeline segments but alas, it did’t happen. POI and Rizzoli 7 Isles are two of my favorites, it stinks having them both come to an end this season :(

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        Me too! Love me some R&I 😀

      • glen williams says:

        Agree, loved both shows

        • POI_Lover says:

          I’m so much going to miss POI. The team they’ve had the last few seasons has been perfect. Fusco and his “kookoo for cocoa puffs” type comments coming out of that grumpy looking expression was so funny. It would have been appreciated to have a little more together time for my girls, Root and Shaw. Shaw’s snappy comments coming from her straight/grumpy face also made for some good laughs. Root’s relentless flirtation with Shaw was too cute. Loved it. Reese and Finch’s background stories were very touching. The family they all became at the end (including Bear) was the best part of the show. Five people essentially alone (yep I know Fusco’s a daddy, but you know what I mean) find each other and fight to make the world a safer place. It doesn’t get better than that. Loved the Edward Snowden nod last week. This series was pretty damn timely all things considered. Really gonna miss them (and Rizz&Isles too).

      • POI_Lover says:

        Ya, it would have been nice to see her in the “what could have been” scenes. I did enjoy all of those scenes though. Glad it made Finch realize how he positively impacted his friends/family.

        • bosco66 says:

          I’m kind of glad we didn’t see Carter- she would’ve been very anti-Fusco, as he was the HR rat sleazeball she couldn’t put away. I would not have wanted to see their relationship for the last time like that.

    • Luli says:

      I got into POI a couple of weeks ago, and I love it!! I’m still on ep 5 of this season, I was sadly spoiled about Roots death (dont know any actual details, but I know she dies in ep 100) ((is she actually death??? Like there is no way she comes back for the last ep…?? )). I’m going to miss the show. It was always action packed, funny and intelligent.

  7. Rachel says:

    Excited about Arrow Season 5!! The flashbacks should be way better in Russia (hopefully). I think Arrow will be getting back to what people really loved about it in the first place next season. More grounded fighting, less magic, no more metas, less unnecessary relationship drama. I love Oliver with Felicity, but the baby mama lie was dumb and created drama that really wasn’t needed. Now that they got the whole “main couple has big breakup” thing out of the way, I hope they allow them to work their way back together next season, and then keep the drama to a minimum. I’m looking forward to the new team members joining Oliver, Felicity, Thea and Dig. Plus, does anyone else think Cody Rhodes might be playing this new guy????

    Other than that, the mini-crossovers Berlanti mentioned will be fun. I’m still cautious about the big crossover though.

    • glenda says:

      Oh, happy day…Felicity & Friends, 4ever…why is any real comicbook character on a show about Fefe’s journey from goth criminal hacker to her saving the world, muchless defeating Ra’s, Darkk, paralysis, and giving Det.Lance a daughter who can never die?because , well, ….Felicity is Queen’s queen, omg**ota** “Worship me, or I’ll nuke you to save Olibur’s city”
      this is a sadness sickness

      • Rachel says:

        The comment was about being excited for the next season of a fun show. There was no negativity, and it did not focus on Felicity’s individual storylines at all. Plus, you greatly exaggerated the amount of attention given to Felicity. The show is in no way ALL about her as you claim. Having minor subplots is not the same as the show being about that character, and most of her screen time was because she is the main characters love interest (which I suspect is why you are really upset). You are bringing negativity and hate where it is not needed or wanted.

        If the show and my comment bother you, just stop watching. Stop letting something you hate so much consume your life. People like this are so sad, and comments like these show your true intelligence.

      • Amanda Lee says:

        Wow, be careful you don’t choke on your spewing bile there–that’s where your sickness lies…

    • Mike says:

      I agree with you. The baby mama lie killed the trajectory of the whole season. Relationship drama whosoever it happens to be about never worked too well on this show. I can’t say I am excited about season 5 :( I wish I was but was so disappointed be the lack luster season. Unfortunately so many Arrow fans are in weird feuds about Felicity. It has made the fandom a bit toxic see comments below as evidence. Hopefully they can get back to the core of the show to make it watchable again. Here is to hoping.

  8. Beth says:

    Thank you so much, Matt, for answering my Bones question! While I don’t agree with you (I think Fox is just treating Bones like crap like it almost always has), I really appreciate you taking the time to answer and your take on it. :)

  9. brooke says:


    • Root Cavalry says:

      When Root (Samantha Groves) was offed that was pretty much it for POI. One of (if not the) BEST female characters in TV history. Smart, snarky, perky psychopath and exceptionally wonderful to look at. Kinda the entire package. ROOT IN PEACE….!!!

  10. kirads09 says:

    My heart is already breaking after seeing the promo – esp re John and Harold. The ultimate odd couple and bromance. And Harold has a gun – WHAT?!!! Oh my. Bittersweet feels for the finale

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That scene will wreck you.

      • POI_Lover says:

        I hope there is SOMETHING to be happy about in the finale. People dying. The two AI’s dying.
        Somebody’s gotta be left to provide a home for Bear (Shaw?). Of course I expect the world won’t know what they accomplished and they’ve given us plenty of foreshadowing that much damage will occur as a result of the AI’s dying. I still hope against hope that Harold will be wrong – that somehow the machines won’t die, but rather, become one with the the values Harold wanted them to have. Darn. I’m just dreading the final episode. My kleenex is ready.

      • Elena says:

        As someone who already read the leaked (and legit) subtitles for this episode i know what’s going to happen and i’m not really impressed with what they came up for the finale. I’m sorry!!!

        I hope […..] final moments are better with the actual visuals than with what i just read from the subtitles – maybe you can answer me that –

        Will the audience AT LEAST see some of the beloved characters from earlier seasons in a best of moment/recap moment at the funeral???

        • Elena says:

          …i mean after the funeral moment!

          Or more specific: Will they show some “old moments from the show” that made POI so special.

    • Kim R says:

      It made me sick to my stomach! I don’t want them all to die. Maybe the entire things was a simulation! :)

    • brenna says:

      I’m going to have a hard time watching this. John and Harold have always been my favorite relationship/friendship on the show. I always hoped they could somehow get a happy retirement!

  11. Lady K says:

    So digging Wynonna Earp! My new Friday night addiction!!! Any news on a season 2???

  12. MCfan says:

    I can’t wait for that Major Crimes episode. Hopefully it means Sharon is open to moving in with him, since I read somewhere else that Sharon can’t come look with him so he brings Buzz along to film the house.

    • nblackburn01 says:

      My only concern with that is he tells Provenza that he really wants the house, but Sharon hasn’t seen it yet. What if she didn’t like it? Should be interesting. James has pretty much confirmed it and Tony did the BTS video that had Mary, himself and GPM in costume at the location, but I am wondering why he would buy the house without her seeing it if they were moving in together. Still, here’s hoping.

  13. PatriciaLee says:

    I’m bummed out POI is going to end more lives of my favorite characters, while the husband calmly reads while I’m in melt down, and shrugs, “Well, they’re all moving on. It’s TV. It’s fiction.”

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      My bf is the same way he doesn’t understand why I cry at certain shows he’s all like “it’s not real” but I try to explain to him I am invested in these shows and the characters and storylines so how can I not get emotional when someone dies or a show ends

      • POI_Lover says:

        Ditto. My bf wouldn’t miss an episode of POI either, however, he just handle me crying, so I warned him, from what I’ve heard, there’s going to be plenty of ugly-face crying coming from me this episode so take that under advisement. I actually would prefer to watch it alone so I can drown in my sadness.

  14. Omar says:

    So with Bones finale airing in July, it means that Fox aired at least one original episode in every month of the year.

  15. POI_Lover says:

    and yes, if they made a spinoff with that trio that helped out last week, I’d watch it (especially in the hopes that whoever gets out of this darn finale alive could possibly show up for an episode or two)

  16. I’m all for more of anyone but Lindsey on Chicago PD.
    It’s a bummer that this is the last season of Major Crimes. I love Provenza and all of those characters. They’ll be missed.

    • RedReddington says:

      Where has it been announced that it’s the last season of MC? I’m pretty sure they expect to keep going as long as possible, and I’m betting this season gets more than 13 episodes.

  17. Pia says:

    What happened to Chin’s relationship with the nurse from the prison?

  18. Trevor says:

    POI was one of the best shows on TV. I guess all good things must indeed come to an end

  19. Darren Dean says:

    Hmmmm…. Do I see Ragman in Oliver Queen’s future???

  20. nblackburn01 says:

    So excited for the #Buzzproflynnza episode of Major Crimes that you refer to above. I always laugh to the point of tearing up they are so hilarious. The three gentlemen know exactly how to play off one another!

  21. kath says:

    Seriously? Three new male characters on Arrow?

    I love(d) the show but it’s becoming as bad a sausage-fest of the increasing boy game of The Flash. And while Caity Lotz is awesome as Sara, Legends of Tomorrow is becoming just as bad with six male characters to only two female ones.

  22. Oh Matt you know me so well :) Thank You for some Shandy coop!

  23. Couch Mom says:

    Wynonna Earp was slow out of the gate, but as it got going got better. Really liking it now. Am interesting in seeing what relationship BoBo and Willa have. Seems there is some sort of a connection there. Hopefully, SyFy will renew for another season. Now waiting for Killjoys and Dark Matter in July, and Z-Nation in the fall.

  24. brenna says:

    Thanks for the info on Arrow Season 5. It seems to be shaping up to be a great action-packed season. All the new characters seem really interesting. Bring on the great action scenes!

  25. Lily says:

    On Chicago PD, Antonio is by far my favorite so I would enjoy anything that gives him more screen time but I’ll believe it when I see it! Probably will be another season reliving Lindsay’s crappy childhood with Halstead along for the ride :-) and attempts to rehabilitate Voight’s character which requires viewers to suspend all belief.

  26. TV addict says:

    JJ’s Person of Interest has been quality throughout.
    Arrow,in comparison is just a joke. The season finale of arrow was only fit for kids,what with nuclear missiles that fly at 20 mph,and b/s/ magic.
    Almost everything from marvel is shoddily written rubbish.
    More power to JJ’s elbow.