Bones Recap: It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... Someone's Head!

Bones Recap

Fox on Thursday aired David Boreanaz’s favorite episode of Bones.

OK, I have no official confirmation of that fact, but considering the actor’s love of hockey, I feel pretty confident in my assumption that Booth and Brennan’s investigation into the death of a player was a highlight for the leading man. I mean, did you see his gleeful face when Booth simply had to put on skates to talk to a person of interest on the ice and then scored a goal?

The FBI agent, too, is a fan of the game and knows so much about the victim, the great Seth Lang, that Brennan calls her partner “practically an intern on the case.” His expertise comes in handy in tracking down the killer: another player who is expecting a baby with a female drug pusher. Lang wanted to clean up the sport and put her behind bars, but his teammate didn’t want his child to grow up without a mother.

Meanwhile, Hodgins and Oliver’s video game rematch turns into a contest to see who can retrieve Lang’s missing head via drone first. In the process, they end up traumatizing a poor little girl who happens to be standing on the street, underneath Hodgins’ drone as it flies back to the lab. “It’s someone’s head!” she shrieks, to which Hodgins responds, “Maybe I should have taken a different route home.” Um, yeah. Nobody wants to see a drone above them unless it’s carrying a present from Amazon. Off that grisly goof, the squints get a halfhearted talking-to from Aubrey, who reveals yet another secret love: gaming.

Elsewhere, Brennan and Booth are trying to de-clutter their house since Christine and Hank are getting bigger by the day. Brennan wants to toss all of Booth’s signature possessions: his beer hat, “Cocky” belt buckle and colorful socks. His sticking point is her books, which she has a difficult time getting rid of since, as Angela points out, they were her escape throughout her life. As a compromise, she moves some of her collection to the office and parts with three whole books. For his part, Booth plans to donate his socks, although Aubrey suggests he just pitch them, because “they’re like social security numbers and diapers. They should only have one owner.” Amen.

Before I turn it over to you, loyal Bones fans, two questions: Have you ever heard more squealing on the show than when Cam showed off her engagement ring? And how sweet was Booth to let his former high school hockey opponent win in a rematch as the other man’s loved ones watched?

What did you think of “The Head in the Abutment”?

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