Bones Recap

Bones Recap: It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... Someone's Head!

Fox on Thursday aired David Boreanaz’s favorite episode of Bones.

OK, I have no official confirmation of that fact, but considering the actor’s love of hockey, I feel pretty confident in my assumption that Booth and Brennan’s investigation into the death of a player was a highlight for the leading man. I mean, did you see his gleeful face when Booth simply had to put on skates to talk to a person of interest on the ice and then scored a goal?

The FBI agent, too, is a fan of the game and knows so much about the victim, the great Seth Lang, that Brennan calls her partner “practically an intern on the case.” His expertise comes in handy in tracking down the killer: another player who is expecting a baby with a female drug pusher. Lang wanted to clean up the sport and put her behind bars, but his teammate didn’t want his child to grow up without a mother.

Meanwhile, Hodgins and Oliver’s video game rematch turns into a contest to see who can retrieve Lang’s missing head via drone first. In the process, they end up traumatizing a poor little girl who happens to be standing on the street, underneath Hodgins’ drone as it flies back to the lab. “It’s someone’s head!” she shrieks, to which Hodgins responds, “Maybe I should have taken a different route home.” Um, yeah. Nobody wants to see a drone above them unless it’s carrying a present from Amazon. Off that grisly goof, the squints get a halfhearted talking-to from Aubrey, who reveals yet another secret love: gaming.

Elsewhere, Brennan and Booth are trying to de-clutter their house since Christine and Hank are getting bigger by the day. Brennan wants to toss all of Booth’s signature possessions: his beer hat, “Cocky” belt buckle and colorful socks. His sticking point is her books, which she has a difficult time getting rid of since, as Angela points out, they were her escape throughout her life. As a compromise, she moves some of her collection to the office and parts with three whole books. For his part, Booth plans to donate his socks, although Aubrey suggests he just pitch them, because “they’re like social security numbers and diapers. They should only have one owner.” Amen.

Before I turn it over to you, loyal Bones fans, two questions: Have you ever heard more squealing on the show than when Cam showed off her engagement ring? And how sweet was Booth to let his former high school hockey opponent win in a rematch as the other man’s loved ones watched?

What did you think of “The Head in the Abutment”?

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  1. madbengalsfan85 says:

    “We’re just going to have to take their word for it since I can’t remember the last time we saw Hank.”

    Uhhhh…we saw him last week?

  2. anon says:

    I enjoyed the ep on the whole….

    But Brennan wanting to get rid of the things that makes Booth ‘Booth’ kinda rubs me wrong. Seriously he can’t have one drawer with his socks? He can’t have his Cocky belt buckle that is a flat 2×4″ object?

    And she berated Booth for liking a newspaper in season 8 & not electronic news but was all for her keeping books over electronic books? I just find her double standard grating.

    My main complaint after every Bones ep since S10 is the lack of Booth & Brennan scenes, this ep was no different. Guess Aubrey airtime is more important than the actual leads sharing scenes together. For shame.

    • NatesMama says:

      Why do you still even watch the show? It’s *never* going to be all about JUST Booth, and we all know that’s what you ultimately want. Every single week you’re here complaining about Brennan/Aubrey/not enough Booth…seriously, if the show makes you that unhappy, why bother? It seems unproductive and destructive.

      • anon says:

        Jezz, you don’t get to decide MY opinion or my feelings. Frakking hell why don’t you run as Trump’s VP. I hear he likes dictators & stifler of opinions that are not his.

        Comments section are here to voice an opinion, don’t like it, don’t read it. Also grow a thicker skin you are way toooo sensitive about a little ole fan opinion

    • kmw says:

      Actually Booth and Brennan had a decent amount of scenes comparative to last season. I complained as well but this season has been much better. Both actors deserve a break and Bones has done a much better job of getting them more, but if you really want to start counting I will Booth and Brennan had seven scenes together tonight, which is more than the three they were averaging last season. and last week they had a good amount as well. Bones is never going back to them being in the majority of scenes together and that is just the way it is. As far as the actual show goes it was apretty good. I thought their bickering over their items to be funny. Hodgins and Wells were really funny competing with their drones. I couldn’t care less about Cams ring since I don’t care about her and Arastoo and yes I found Booth ‘s moment at the rink to be quite sweet and so did Brennan. Thanks for the recap. Bones is really so much better than last year and I am saddened that there is only 15 episodes left

    • Kia says:

      Why do you keep saying the same stuff under every Bones article? We got it a long time ago. It’s gotten old.

      • heather says:

        Why do you have to be do hostile? Nobody owns the comments sections, certainly not you or I.

        I honestly dont get why the Bones fandom is so sensitive to comments made by other fans. You don’t like what they say, then scroll past. Is that so hard to do? I think not. You make comments all the time too, don’t you think we already get your point too? But I don’t see anyone trying to shut you down.

        I certainly won’t miss this element of the Bones fandom: the hall monitors that try to control every comment posted or thought. We aren’t sheep.

        • Kia says:

          I wouldn’t be if “anon”, which is clearly one person, didn’t comment every article saying the same stuff. It’s not necessary to repeat the same stuff over and over again, what’s the point?

          • Kia says:

            Please understand that if you read the same comment by one person all the time, it just gets annoying.
            BTW, every fandom does that, it’s not exclusive to Bones, so…

          • anon says:

            Kia you kept making the same comment over and over again too. Maybe you should take your own advice too

            “Please understand that if you read the same comment by one person all the time, it just gets annoying”

            I am laughing so hard that you posted that, you do get the irony, KIA?

            You seem to have a problem with anyone leaving a comment that you don’t sanction.

            I am sure Trump could find you a job too. Wow, who knew the Bones fandom had do many dictators.

          • anon says:

            KIA I am never going to stop posting my opinion about Bones until the very last second of the series , so stop trying to police me.

            You really need to learn how to have civil discourse.

            But thanks for the laugh, you are right reading, “your* POV over and over again is tedious.


        • Ron Dye says:

          Thankyou for your honesty! Obviously alot of jealousy going on andit;s been there for a very long time.. Been a long time andsome people are not interested ! Have a good day and keep it real!

    • Jeri says:

      I’ve always liked the Booth/Bones scenes but somehow it seems as if they don’t want to film scenes with just the 2 of them. It’s been that way for the last several years. The joy is gone with those 2, IMO

  3. Kevin K says:

    OH. MY. GOD. Jeremy Roenick? Guess no one thought the Pittsburgh Penguins was going to win the Stanley Cup.

  4. heather says:

    Booth & Brennan moments were sweet but they really need better storylines than bickering over space in their house… Seriously Booth’s buckle takes up no room, it was actually really off esp since Brennan had bought that buckle & loved it, remember “its Boothy”

    I want Booth & Brennan limited scenes to matter

    • kmw says:

      I get it but their scenes are much more meaningful than they were last year. Yeah it was silly about the belt buckle but that isn’t what the story was about it was about both of them compromising. Brennan did take a lot of her books to her office and we didn’t really see Booth get of rid of the buckle. Yes I would really like Booth and Brennan to have a bigger story but they are doing what they can with David and Emily’s availability. Bones is doing better with them this year and while it is not quite where most of us want it to be it still is better than last year Michael Peterson seems committed to giving Booth and Brennan a proper story to finish the series so hopefully they will do so. I will take this season hands down over last year.

      • heather says:

        I get what you say. I do. And Peterson has given more Booth & Brennan scenes , what he really didn’t have to try that hard compared to the low bar set by Stephen Nathan in S10, lol

        I just think the two leads are more worthy than the storylines that they have been given this season. I see little focus on them except for fluffy c-plots, I think leads should have a *main* storyline thread that is clear to see throughout the season, I don’t see any for B&B.

        Don’t get me wrong I enjoy sweet B&B scenes as much as the next, but after a while you crave somthing more meaty, you what I mean?

        And with 15 eps left, I feel like the writers need to step up & start bringing the focus back to B&B. Bones is B&B story , The rest of the characters should be there to service their narrative, not the other way around.

        * rewatching the ep, and the way Hodgins & Wells treat that head with utter lack of respect was contemptible. That was someone’s loved. They treated it like a toy. Wells should of been at the crime scene to pick up the head once retrieved by the drone. Can you imagine if that was your loved one they did that to? Awful

        • Kia says:

          I’m just thinking here… maybe they focused a bit more on the other cast members now, knowing they’ll have another final season to focus on B&B? I mean you know, it wouldn’t be fair to focus heavily on B&B if the show has always been focused on them, we’ve had the most rich story with the two of them, but at the same time, it’s not all the show is about, the other characters are also important (and you might not care, but in the end, there are in fact millions of people who love the other characters more than B&B or at least just as much and they do want to see more of them, so after 9 seasons of heavy focus on BB, it’s not such a sacrifice IMO). But if they give them more space now, they can focus more heavily on B&B next season and it will be fair.

          And with a reduced working time they have had with David and Emily, it can’t be done that easily either (which is something some people just fail to understand for whatever reason, that’s beyond me. David was sick all summer last year, he was supposed to direct episode 13 if he was 100% healthy, he didn’t. In fact he not so recently tweeted he’s fully back in shape, and the shooting of the season was almost done at that point. That’s the most crazy part about the small part of the fandom that keeps complaining about Aubrey doing some of ‘Booth’s scenes’ instead. He’s doing them so that DB can have more time off, how can they be so upset about it if they call themselves big fans of DB? Most of Aubrey’s scenes are interrogations/case related scenes. What does it matter who does those scenes? Is that so much more important than an actor’s health? And B&B can’t have all scenes together either with Emily having more time off because of her kids. Why people so heartless that they just don’t care about the actors and just blame everything on writers hating B&B and saying things like “they forget who the leads are etc” it’s so damn stupid.

          • Kia says:

            Let me just rephrase that, as I realize that would seem absolutely untrue – millions of fans who care about all the characters, some more, some less, and some people love them more than B&B.

          • anon says:

            Yes, “Kia” we read the articles & follow tweets on twitter just like you obviously, thanks for the lecture

            But here is the kicker. David & Emily are the LEADS, they get paid to lead the show, they don’t get paid the same as the other cast. Leading the show requires you to put in more hours & step up. That is just a fact.

            David tweeted he was healthy again BEFORE he shot this ep, that is no longer an excuse. Emily is a mother of two kids, she has them on set with her every day with a nanny, stop using that as an excuse for her not putting in more hours, you do realize how lucky Emily is? Fox bend over backwards to accommodate her. Other mothers/fathers out in the real world put in a 12hr day and never see their kids

            I am not trying to be harsh, but this is the reality. The leading duo, who get paid more than anyone else, who Dana & Gary said there is NO bones without them, need to step up and actually start leading Bones again. Bones need to go out with integrity and not a former shell of its self

            I swear if David & Emily only worked one day a week certain fans would excuse it. Like they are special snowflakes that need to be protected. They are the leading duo, they are suppose to put in more hours than the rest. That’s what they get paid for.

          • kmw says:

            Kia you are right on. There is more to Booth and Brennan having less scenes than the writers not liking them. I am sure both actors have scheduled time off dates written into their contracts and what some people fail to realize especially with last nights episode is their production and where they are needed. Since Bones was using a hockey rink I would assume doing that location took extra time and therefore that is why Aubry had more scenes. You know Bones overt the last two years have had far worse Booth and Brennan less scenes than last night. and last night was better than at least a couple this season( Strike the Chord and the Sleepy Hollow episode come to mind) Bones will never be able to satisfy everyone all the time I just hope that they can deliver a good and honest finale for them

          • anon says:

            Aubrey scenes could easily be cut backed, why is he on so many damn scenes with Booth. I do not understand why Booth can’t talk yo suspects or interrogate without Aubrey stuck on his back, yet Aubrey can interrogate without Booth, it makes NO SENSE..

            Point in case, Booth could of talked to his old school friend and the hockey team owner without Aubrey, why is he even there? Doesn’t John Boyd get enough air time as is, srly. For goodness sake. I think that’s a main problem that many are over looking. Aubrey is just shoe horned into too many scenes when he doesn’t need to be.

        • kmw says:

          That wasn’t the brightest idea but really overall the episode was good. As far as Booth and Brennan go there is a lot of ways to think about it and Anon has brought this up. Yes they are the leads and yes they are getting paid big bucks but the reality is much different. What kind of story could Bones give their leads that wouldn’t totally piss of their fan base? That is one of the issues here along with the fact they have already told some more serious stories with others. I personally cannot find a real meaty one for them in 15 episodes that they can tell without it being told sloppily. As far as least Booth and Brennan being partners well I am sorry some of this is on David and Emily and not because of anything mean or anything else. David hates the lab set with a passion he only shows up there rarely anymore, so there is one reason for their lack of partner scenes. Emily has two young children and yes she brings them to the set but that doesn’t always wash with location shots. And not that what I am thinking is true but it is possible but maybe David and Emily got burnt from last seasons dark arc and wanted something lighter for them which wouldn’t really give them anything meaty, just a thought. I do want more of Booth and Brennan and really good meaty scenes but this is the hazard of shows running this long and actors needing more time off and even more so the hazard of marrying Booth and Brennan when they did. Even though Booth and Brennan don’t have the ” main ” story to me at least the show feels like it did several years ago and that’s a plus. But of course some of this on the writers( it has to be) but with a bunch of new writers and Bones has them and with FOX dictating how the show is( FOX most certainly was the reason behind Bones becoming way more procedural after the 3rd season) unfortunately it will never be the way we really want it to be. But for me at least I get the pleasure of seeing them ending Booth and Brennan and everyone else AT least on a semi respectable note which is more than some shows get. I hope you hang in there because I think they have good stuff planned

  5. Kia says:

    I’m honestly shocked to see a Bones recap on TV Line. Also, knowing how rude and dissatisfied your readers are about most things, I’m not sure I appreciate it. But on the other hand… thanks? I guess.

    Anyways, I found this to be a very enjoyable episode. Hodgins and Oliver make such a fun duo, I laughed through all of their scenes. All in all this was all about the humour, and it definitely worked on my. Might need to rewatch the ep to get a better sense of the case, but as usual, loved all the character stuff. I thought it was B&B cute trying to declutter their home. Not only it was a fun way to bring back the cocky belt buckle (hey, as much fun as it once was, I’m so glad he’s “matured” to not have to wear it anymore, I mean, he’s a married man, he’s got kids, it wouldn’t make sense to keep wearing it) and I just find B&B adorable no matter what they do. but surely the highlight was the final scene with Booth on the ice, letting the guy “win” and Brennan’s reaction to the fact that Booth let it happen on purpose. She was so proud of him. :)

  6. titnaskers says:

    Loved tonight’s show of Bones, with the nods and winks to the long term fans of the show. While still keeping the show fresh and up to date for anybody that might have come across the show recently. I must admit, I got a bit giddy that tonight’s case was all based around Booth’s favorite off work hobby from the earlier seasons of the show. Also nice to see that he still have those amazing hockey skills. The banter between Jack and Oliver defintley was the coedic levity points of the show. The reveal that both Cam and Dr Versai are engaged was very heart warming.

  7. caprigirl60 says:

    Nice to see a review of Bones here-thanks guys. I enjoyed the episode. It was kind of sweet and fluffy. I like Cam and Arastoo so I was happy to see her engagement ring. I think it’s nice to see tough lady Cam wearing such a romantic symbol and being almost shy about it. Oliver and Hodgins were funny. Poor Cam-talk about herding cats. I think the lab is the first place Oliver has ever felt he fits. It was nice to see him be friends with Hodgins to the point they were exchanging smack talk. As another poster pointed out I though the drone taking the head and flying it over town was very disrespectful. Didn’t find the funny there.
    Brennan’s books definitely take up way more space than Booth’s belt buckle or socks both of which fit in a single drawer. I did enjoy their bickering though.
    Booth was very sweet to let his former classmate have the win and I love seeing Brennan be proud of Booth.

  8. dchmbrln says:

    Anything else could have happened this episode – Cam gets killed off, Brennan quits the Jeffersonian for reals this time, Booth comes out of the closet – ANYTHING, and this would still have been my favorite episode in a long time JUST for the scene of a drone flying a desiccated head by a claw machine claw around the lab to the strains of “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

  9. Jake says:

    RE the goalie from his high school championship – he goes from being a loser with nothing in his life to suddenly finding a cheering section? Where’d they come from? And not one of them could say to him “It was back in high school – get over it already!”?

  10. Winnie says:

    Loved the episode! Especially that last scene-how adorable were the looks they shared?! B&B are the best example of a real loving married couple on tv.

    Also, I enjoyed the girls’ scene where Cam showed off he ring. Aw. I enjoyed all the characters this episode, Bones has such an awesome cast.

    And I agree with the assessment that it was probably David’s fave episode, those grins/smiles he displayed throughout were so real.

  11. KLS says:

    I might have missed the beginning. Why did they need drones to retrieve the head? Could they not access the site?

  12. T H says:

    I haven’t watched Bones for years, but when I saw the picture I had to stop by to comment on how much I love the fact that Boreanaz’s love of hockey is a trait shared with both his big TV roles, Booth and Angel. I still remember the following moment from “Angel”:

    Angel: I’m brooding
    Lorne: You’re watching hockey!
    Angel: Yeah, but my team is losing!

  13. G says:

    The only thing Bones excels at these days is having a flagrant disregard for character traits and motivations. And the lamest attempts at comedy.

  14. Jan Gottwald says:

    Can someone tell me how the show on June, 16 ended I’d appreciate it…our tv went blank in the last 12 minutes…thanks

  15. Laura C says:

    Frankly, for all you bickering about B & B airtime, I enjoy Angela & Hodgins too, just as much if not more than the “leads.” I lied the comedy of the drone segment/competition, although I don’t care for that particular squint. I’m with Brennan, I have TONS of books and they are the hardest thing for me to pare down/get rid of. I do not read my books online or audio so I agree they take up far more space than Booth’s buckle or sox. Speaking of Hodgins, I am so glad he’s finally calmed down a bit & more pleasant to be around, making peace with Angela, etc.
    I will REALLY miss this show when it’s done, I have been watching it since Day One. Love it! PS I DO miss Sweets though, Aubrey is not my fave, or a good replacement.

  16. kmw says:

    One last comment from me on this article Thank you again for recapping I didn’t expect it and it is appreciated despite all the bickering over Booth and Brennan scenes. My hope is Bones fans don’t completely desert show before END of season and last nights ratings are a one time bad drop. Bones really is doing pretty well for an 11 year old show and its better than their ratings suggest

  17. Kia says:

    I managed to rewatch this episode a few times since last week and I can say I honestly loved it. so much fun