Days of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso: Has Hope Made a Date With Disaster?

Days of Our Lives Hope Aiden Date With Disaster

When Days of Our Lives’ Hope agreed to have a romantic dinner with Aiden Wednesday (NBC, 1/12c), she didn’t realize that she wouldn’t just be breaking bread with the last man she made her husband but also a guy who, as recently as their wedding day, was planning to make himself her widower. Even after he had a change of heart, was replaced by a look-alike assassin and escaped from captivity to return from “the dead,” marvels Kristian Alfonso, who plays the heroine, “Aiden’s still continuing to lie to her.

“Lies never bode well in anyone’s life,” she adds, “whether it’s in a marriage, a friendship, a parent and child. Eventually, lies always find their way back.”

Unluckily for Hope, Aiden is not only a pretty terrific liar, but there are also elements of truth to the tall tale that he’s told since his “resurrection.” “To hear his story and the pain that he endured when he was kidnapped,” suggests the actress, “it’s hard not to feel like maybe he was a victim, too.

“There are things that he says to her that really strike a chord,” she continues. “She did love him. Does she still love him?”

That is the $64,000 question. And its answer will decide whether she resumes her relationship with her would-be killer or pursues a new one with her police partner. “How she feels about Rafe, I believe, is a journey,” says Alfonso. “How she feels about Aiden — and life in general — is a journey, too. There are detours, but she’s more than willing to go the distance and to get the answers so that she can open doors, close doors or continue to walk through those doors.”

Which door do you hope she will open, Days fans — the one that leads to forgiving Aiden or committing to Rafe? Hit the comments.

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