Days of Our Lives Hope Aiden Date With Disaster

Days of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso: Has Hope Made a Date With Disaster?

When Days of Our Lives’ Hope agreed to have a romantic dinner with Aiden Wednesday (NBC, 1/12c), she didn’t realize that she wouldn’t just be breaking bread with the last man she made her husband but also a guy who, as recently as their wedding day, was planning to make himself her widower. Even after he had a change of heart, was replaced by a look-alike assassin and escaped from captivity to return from “the dead,” marvels Kristian Alfonso, who plays the heroine, “Aiden’s still continuing to lie to her.

“Lies never bode well in anyone’s life,” she adds, “whether it’s in a marriage, a friendship, a parent and child. Eventually, lies always find their way back.”

Unluckily for Hope, Aiden is not only a pretty terrific liar, but there are also elements of truth to the tall tale that he’s told since his “resurrection.” “To hear his story and the pain that he endured when he was kidnapped,” suggests the actress, “it’s hard not to feel like maybe he was a victim, too.

“There are things that he says to her that really strike a chord,” she continues. “She did love him. Does she still love him?”

That is the $64,000 question. And its answer will decide whether she resumes her relationship with her would-be killer or pursues a new one with her police partner. “How she feels about Rafe, I believe, is a journey,” says Alfonso. “How she feels about Aiden — and life in general — is a journey, too. There are detours, but she’s more than willing to go the distance and to get the answers so that she can open doors, close doors or continue to walk through those doors.”

Which door do you hope she will open, Days fans — the one that leads to forgiving Aiden or committing to Rafe? Hit the comments.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I’ve been fast forwarding all things Hope ever since Bo died. The character is nothing short of pitiful now. We need the old strong Hope back.

  2. Eric7740 says:

    The writers should never have destroyed the character of Aiden in the first place. Hope had finally found someone after Bo and was happy, true Aiden wasn’t perfect, but writers destroyed his character. Then they kill “him” and bring him back to try and right their wrong???!!! It might’ve worked if Aiden’s son had not raped Hope’s daughter, again a huge writing mistake!!! Now they expect the viewers to believe that Hope would choose the man whose son raped her daughter???!!! Nope, I’m not buying it!!! Awful writing!!! They should have never killed Aiden in the first place and left him as one of the good guys or they should have left the character dead.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Agree. Not to mention the fact that there was no point in Chase raping Ciara. It served no purpose whatsoever.

    • Belle says:

      100% agree!!!!! Aiden was a great character, and so was Chase…the stupid show runners/writer’s BLEW IT!!! Been watching since 1984 through lots of crap storylines; Ciara falling for Chad is awful and Rafe and Hope have 0 chemistry- I’m ready to jump ship :((((

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I don’t have a problem with the Ciara falling for Chad part, at least not yet. I see it as one of those school girl crush situations. Young girl fantasizing about older, handsome man who is being very kind to her. But if something actually happens between them then yeah, gross.

        • Andrew Hass says:

          I agree that Ciara falling for Chad is understandable in a way and she’s not the first young woman to fall for or develop a crush on an older man.As for Hope, i think she has feelings for Aiden but maybe she’s also to get to the bottom of things once and for all regarding him.So the only way she can do that is to keep close eye on him and see if he has been lying to her.

  3. SAH says:

    Hope is pathetic. If we r lucky Auden will kill her and she can make appearances with Dead Bo. Hope was once my favorite and watching her with Aiden makes me want to vomit. He wanted to kill you for money.

  4. Chaya says:

    Race. Raf. Rare. Aiden is a wimp. The scenes with her and Bo last week showed what on screen chemistry really is. Never bought Aiden, never will.

  5. Bee says:

    what kind of cop returns to a man that was going to kill her. is she not wondering where he is getting his money from.

  6. mooshki says:

    They absolutely ruined the character of Hope. This is the single dumbest thing she’s ever done, not to mention a complete betrayal of her daughter. I’m hoping we’ll find out she’s playing him to set him up and has been secretly working with Rafe all along. If not, please kill her off.

    • JuneSky says:

      I really like your story line about Hope and Rafe setting up Aiden – excellent idea! It would drive a romance/suspense story that is much needed.

  7. WANDA BREWER says:

    pick rafe

  8. Jean says:

    hope is silly for not staying with Rafe he will never betray her as that scum Aiden has and is doing still

  9. jbutler says:

    Some fans are upset With Hope and Aiden (me too!) i’M ALSO UPSET WITH Hope and Rafe who have absolutely “no” chemistry. Also I’ve been turned off ever since Hope shot Stefano and Rafe and the police chief covered it up. Are they any better than Aiden?

  10. Raquel says:

    Neither. She should find Bo never really died but once again kidnapped and being held hostage. Remember when patch was dead and his coffin was switched Stefano,. That is what needs to happen. Until it does, I wont be watching days. Both Aiden and Rafe are poor substitues for Bo. So obviously the only door Hope should beng through is the one that lead to Bo being alive………So I can watch Days again. Bo and Hope are couple that always made DOOL great to watch.

  11. Joan Diehl says:

    I want her with Rafe.

  12. I really hope that Rafe and Hope get back together. They are wonderful together. They have more than earned the right to be happy.

  13. Judy Meadows says:

    Totally OVER Hope’s character! Not enjoying the new writers destruction of the entire soap. Wimpy roles all around. The new round of grown teens’ roles are so lame.

  14. Barb says:

    I think that she needs more time before deciding to take him back or to decide if she really is in love with Raff

  15. jan says:

    I love Rafe and Hope they make a beautiful couple.

  16. Manual Dunbar says:

    I cant even watch Days now since Hope chose Aiden .I cant stand him or his son they are the ones that need to go off the show and for good .Hopefully Aiden’s lies hes told in the dark will soon come into light . Please let Rafe and Hope get together they are good toghter!!!

  17. Donna Natali says:

    I understand the show has new writers and they should be fired!!! The show has taken such a horrible turn and hired such poor actors that will soon be gone and just a memory.

  18. irene dumont says:

    No!! No! !! Noooooooo!!! Rafe all the way. I think your audience will leave if she goes back to Aidan……No!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!!!

  19. I can’t believe that Hope would ever think to go back to aiden for what his son has done to her and Bo’s daughter. How do you ever get past that? They have no chemistry together so get over the fact that they belong together. Her and Rafe are great together and she know’s she can 100 percent trust him. Look what Rafe has done for her ! The onle one hope truly belongs with is Bo, but since he’s not coming back put her with RAFE!

  20. sue everett says:

    Rafe needs a woman that is true to him only.Hope isnt the one. Since Nicole has changed I think Nicole would be great with Rafe. They both lost many loves and they would make a great couple

  21. Jane says:

    Hope needs to go back to Rafe, and have Aiden hit the road!!

  22. Vivian Chinich says:

    Really Hope? Give me a break.

  23. Vivian says:

    There is no chemistry between Rafe and Hope… but Nicole and Rafe. They would be great together….

  24. Tiny says:

    Gotta be RAFE!!!

  25. Sara says:

    She should pick Rafe. They are great together. I can’t stand Aiden. He lied to her and is still lying to her. AND CHASE RAPED CIARA!!! Rafe is a great guy and would never hurt her or Ciara. I know that I would never choose a man whose son raped my daughter and lied and tried to kill me.

  26. matilda says:

    Can’t stand Aiden, never have liked him. Hope is supposed to be smart so why she’s acting so stupid is because of very POOR writers, and for what they are doing to the story they should all be fired. Hope and Rafe are a great match and hopefully the writers will fix this disaster and put them back together. Kate needs to die and take Deimos with her, as well as Rafe’s brother what’s his name. Get rid of Summer. Ciara needs to be replaced with someone that can act, she and Joey along with Claire are some of the worst excuses for actors ever. Someone needs to tell Claire that she can NOT sing, it’s like mails on a blackboard and the stutter she does makes you thankfully for mute. The Abby storyline is beyond stupid and what they are doing to Jennifer is absurd. Does everyone on the show need to be an addict? Also I would like to point out to the writers that Julie, Jennifer, Hope and their children are COUSINS, Julie is NOT their aunt as she was in a past storyline and I can’t believe no one corrected that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The writers need to be fired. I could go on with all the problems with this show nowadays but I don’t have that much time. But again, the writers are destroying it. Expose Aiden for the pondscum he is… and put Hope back with Rafe. Also a little reality in the show would go a long way. Oh and Nicole, you should remember the ring Kate is wearing is the one Deimos said she was NOT getting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This website doesn’t work well)

  27. JoJo says:

    She needs to stay with Rafe.

  28. lenh says:

    I have been watching this story for years and this story line between her and Aiden stinks. I agree with other comments. Why would you go back to the guy who son raped your daughter? Disgusting.

    • HaidenForever says:

      The same way she went back to Bo when his daughter killed her son & he lied to cover it up, after he cheated on her for the billionth time.

  29. Tina says:

    I hate this story line and Hope being so easily manipulated by Aiden….. I wanted to see her with a good guy like Rafe

  30. Mary says:

    Did Hope ever look at who made Aiden the beneficiary of her life insurance?

  31. I love Hope but she is so stupid to let Rafe go and go back to Aden,i hope she get what’s co ing to her.

  32. I would like to see Hope commit to Rafe. It seems he has been in love with her for quite some time. They make a beautiful couple together.

  33. Clotee Lewis says:

    First of all the show’s writers should be fired and a new crew brought in that can bring the Days of Old Back or at least some of what we had grown accustomed to watching. The Hope/Aiden reunion is a disaster waiting to happen. Wish they would develop the evil Andra plot with Hope and Rafe. I like Rafe as kind of a protector of Hope. However, Hope’s character has turned into a little whinny, whimpy person whose judgment has really been bad since Bo’s death. Enjoyed the scene with she and Bo a couple week’s ago. And then I hear Abi is going to be burned badly in a fire at the clinic. I know a new character is coming on board to play her, but they could have done a better job with writing her new character in without halfway burning her up. I have watched this show growing up with my mom. Now, I’m about to let it go. Good luck Days fans!!

  34. Mary Ferullle Caruso says:

    I hope she opens the door that leads to Rafe.She couldn’t find a better guy who will give her a wonderful life.Aiden is only looking for money.

  35. Gloria Delgiudice says:

    RAFE 100%

  36. Susan Warshaw says:

    Did not understand why the writers destroyed Aiden overnight. The re-write of his character was completely implausible. Hope and Aiden have a lot of chemistry and now that he is back I hope the writers don’t destroy them again. Hope and Rafe have NO chemistry whatsoever.

  37. judysstories says:

    Hope and Rafe are the worst pairing in the history of pairings. Haiden was a super couple in the making but a certain writer is obsessed with Galen so she created Rope. They have no chemistry and will never even come close to comparing to the chemistry Haiden has. And shame on people blaming him for his son raping Ciara! No one is to blame for a rape but the rapist. Aiden was held hostage and had nothing to do with it! Anyway, Rafe has always been a crooked cop covering up crimes, Hope and Joey are murderers, Jack raped Kayla and Kayla still married his brother. EJ raped Sami and she still fell for him. Don’t be hypocritical. Most everyone in Salem has committed a crime so don’t no one should be hypocrites and hate on Aiden. Funny how people conveniently forget Aiden’s son’s life was threatened if he didn’t try to kill Hope, and Aiden still couldn’t go through with it. Rafe is a stupid loser who tries to own Hope. He makes her weak and pathetic without a mind of her own. He thinks he has to make all decisions for her and that she can’t think for herself. He even pushed her into the relationship telling her she was ready when she said she wasn’t. He also was not looking to her best interest in covering the murder. It only made Andre angrier when they blamed him. Aiden would have gotten her off on temporary insanity. Rafe hid the body to manipulate Hope into falling for him-covering crimes is the only way he knows how to get a girl. Days can enjoy cancelation. All this Rope pimping yet Days is still the lowest rated soap. So much for Rope being so great. Ha! I’m not so easily manipulated into shipping Rope. I’ll stop watching if Rope reunites and I won’t even miss Days! I don’t miss stupidity.

  38. HaidenForever says:

    Ruining Aiden & Haiden for Bo’s last 5 minutes of fame was an epic mistake. KA & DC absolutely shined together. Rope is just another product of a certain writer’s obsession with GG/Rafe. It’s just one more doomed attempt to make Rafe a relevant leading man. Haiden have more chemistry in a brief hand hold than I have seen in months of awkward Rope moments. Hopefully rumors are true that said writer is on her way out so Rafe can find his back burner again & Haiden can continue on with their happily ever after.

  39. Robbie says:

    Hope needs to realize that Rafe is perfect for her…Aiden is a loser and she deserves better.

  40. Pat Heagy says:

    I have been watching for over 40 year but I am seriously considering stopping! This storyline is the worst ever. And the new camera method is awful. It looks amateurish.

  41. K watts says:

    Aiden is a sick creep. He and hope NEVER had any chemistry what so ever. And I’m not saying it’s his fault his son is a rapist but it is just too weird and awkward to be with a man whose son did this. How can chase ever fit into this family. And yes rapists have been redeemed before and somehow become beloved characters. But I think hope feels that aiden was a victim as well therefore deserving of another chance. But of course she does not know the whole story. They never were nor are they now a good couple. Someone mentioned them being a super couple. I almost choked on the water I was drinking. they aren’t a good regular couple let alone super. Either hope is setting him up(please please let that be true), or she thinks she owes him a second chance because of him being kidnapped. But he is lying about stuff and it will come out. Then hope can kick his sorry lying but to the curb. And be with sweet wonderful loving beautiful rafe. Long live Rope. Rope forever!!!!!!!!!

  42. Dixie Strauss says:

    Days is so far from the original show due the immature writers who have lost the original story line completely. I long for the “old days” of when it started. I have been watching since I had babies and had to tend them while watching over 50 years ago. It used to be a show one didn’t miss but no more. I can watch once every two or three weeks and keep up. I started watching because my mom-in-law did and I wanted something to talk to her about and quickly got hooked. Now things happen that aren’t possible and are just odd. Writers go back and look at some of the old episodes to get the flavor or the show back. It is just not worth watching. Right now I have to watch on Hulu because I gave my TV away in anticipation of moving but don’t have to watch too often

  43. kris says:

    Please put her with Rafe soon, I have been hoping for this couple since Galen came on the show. I have been a Hope fan since the 80’s and even though I enjoyed Bo and Hope, KA is just so good, so comfortable and relaxed with Galen, and their romantic scenes are some of her best. Unlike Peter, he doesn’t wipe her kisses off (lipstick off) and they are very convincing, far more convincing than I think she has been with anyone other on Days. The sooner the better. I haven’t been this interested in Days in YEARS!

  44. I’ve never liked the character of Aiden from the beginning. Always on the sly. Then working for the Dimeara’s; even worse! But the icing on the cake is Chase raping Ciara and all is supposed to be forgive and forget? I think not! Days needs the strong Hope back and back with Rafe. Let them be the new Bo and Hope with new adventures!!

  45. cynthia knapp says:

    anything but Rafe is a mistake, can’t believe you expect viewers to accept this storyline.

  46. CONNIE BROWN says:

    Soon let Hope be with Rafe. I had enough of Aiden. Sick scripe

  47. Vicki Gable says:

    Hope needs to stay with Rafe and get the liar, plotter & his son that rapes her daughter as far away from her as possible.

  48. Roselyn Kahn says:

    Love Rafe and Hope together!! Hope the writers are slowly working to bring them together.

  49. Laura says:

    Really want to see Hope with Raef. He’s a great guy and really loves her.

  50. Gail Hudson says:

    Rafe and Hope need to be a power couple like Bo and Hope used to be. We need a young solid couple or couples like Tom and Alice. Tired of every love story ending in disaster.