The Vampire Diaries Season 8

The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Good Guys Go Bad — What Happens Next?

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes.

It’s been almost exactly one month since The Vampire Diaries wrapped its seventh season, and we’re still finding stray goosebumps. That final shot of Damon and Enzo stringing up the bodies of their (countless) victims will likely continue to haunt us until the series returns for Season 8 — or at least until we see the cast at Comic-Con next month.

All we really know about Season 8 so far — both from our interview with executive producer Julie Plec, as well as Stefan’s expository diary entry — is that the gang will likely be heading west in order to rescue Damon and Enzo from the grip of that yet-unnamed baddie with the gnarly fingies. Beyond that, all we can do is speculate. So let’s get to it!

Because this isn’t the first time our heroes have gone all Dark Side on us — need I remind you of Ripper Stefan in Season 2, de-humanized Caroline in Season 6, or Bonnie the Huntress from, like, a month ago? — we know there is a tried-and-true method for bringing them back to the light: the weight of a powerful emotional anchor! (Side note: I know this isn’t what ultimately saved Bonnie, but it is one of the first things they tried.)

So, who might save Damon this time? Here are our options:

* Stefan seems like the obvious choice, given how much of the series — and especially Season 7 — has been devoted to the tumultuous relationship between the brothers. And if they’re ever going to officially patch things up, the (potential) final season seems like a swell opportunity.

* Bonnie is also a viable option, now that she’s been publicly acknowledged as Damon’s strongest (platonic) female connection. Unfortunately, Plec acknowledges that Bonnie — especially without the use of her magic — will be “paralyzed” by the dire situation facing the gang in Season 8. And even if Bonnie is able to figure something out, I’m guessing she’d be more focused on saving Enzo. (Sorry, D!)

* This brings us to Secret Option No. 3, that elusive dark horse known as Elena Gilbert. Given that it was her voice which lured Damon into the darkness to begin with, it seems only natural that her presence would be able to snap him out of it; and we’ve seen these vampires plant enough visions in each other’s heads to know that a visit from Elena is just a hand-hold away. The obstacle for this option, of course, is getting Nina Dobrev on board. After speaking with Plec, we know that Dobrev recorded new audio for the season finale, but we also know that a full-blown return isn’t to be expected until the series finale, unless the powers that be “collectively decide it would be fun to bring her back earlier.”

So strap on those thinking caps, cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your best Season 8 theories: Who will save Damon?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Caro says:

    I think it might be a combination of both Stefan and Elena, but ultimately Elena, it all depends on whether Julie Plec can get Nina Dobrev for one episode. If she can’t, Stefan could use for example the loft Damon bought for him and Elena for when he becomes human with her to move something within him, or maybe information he doesn’t possess like what Elena did in S6 to cope with his death or it could be the perfect opportunity to use deleted footage as new. Like you said, I think Bonnie will be 100% focused on saving Enzo, not Damon.

    • Raven and William says:

      This show was ruined when they paired Damon and Elena. Damon should have stayed a player.
      Stefan and Elena were the “love story”
      Bonnie was the powerful witch
      Caroline the annoying busy body should be with Klaus.
      Guarantee if this show wants to end on a high ratings hit. Stop with the Dullena and bring back Elena and Stefan.
      Dullena will never have the ratings Stelena had.
      oh yeah, forcing Caroline with her zero chemistry brother is creepy. Literally had to stop watching because the show went from bad (Dullena) to worse, Stefan and his sister Caroline.

      • Nicole says:

        Stop being so pressed. Look at the world adequately, Delena always had more fans than Stelena. Look even on this poll.

      • zed says:

        @Raven and William- you are so right! But, unfortunately the glory days of season 1,2,3 will not happen. It’s over.

      • Amanda says:

        I agree with you. DE ruined the show, the sparkle of the show is now gone. If Stelena don’t end up together I’ll get so mad tbh.

      • FJohan3 says:

        Stelena made this serie so interesting…Stefan and Elena should end up together and it should be the case as Ketsiah said in season5 that no matter what they will end up together…Dellena is not as perfect as Stelena…But yeah..its Elena who must save Damon so she must come back

      • tayslick says:

        The triangle got played out once Stephan accepted Dalena and not kill one of them for betrayal. Damon crossed his own brother over Ellena

      • Jackie says:

        How can Stephan and Caroline be related? I wish Elena and Stephan would stop breaking up and stay together. Klaus doesn’t even feel anything for Hayley except family duty for the child.

        Why wouldn’t Nina come on for more than one episode, for the 8th season? They shouldn’t pair Caroline with Tyler. They act more like friends.

    • And i have also watched every season and episode and iam deff a Stefan and Elena fan i feel like caroline and Stefan are more on a great friend love level they look super akward together just saying

  2. It will be a combination of things. But obviously, light sends darkness away. And Elena is Damon’s light. She can reach him when no one else can. I pray Nina Dobrev returns.

  3. Lizzy says:

    Elena!!! She will come back somehow and pull Damon from the darkness. So excited for S8. This is going to be epic! Damon amd Elena endgame is coming! :D

  4. Guest says:

    I’m still so shocked! The resident bad guys who turn good for a season and then go bad again has yet again..gone bad! Dom Dom dooooom I never would have guessed. Yawn.

  5. Sharmella says:

    Elena has always been Damon’s humanity. She’s his touchstone so quite naturally she should be the one to be to save Damon.

  6. KM says:

    I just can´t stand Elena, Damon is way better without her, she just drag his character down, it´s a shame.

    • Jackie says:

      I don’t know why they paired Hailey with klaus..she only stay with him because they had a baby, and Caroline ended up being a surrogate mom to Jo’s babies and had a relationship with Alaric which I didn’t expect. I mean he seems least. Klaus might have issues due to an abusive dad, but I expected him to end up with someone with more personality. Stephan and Elena seemed cute as a couple, but they broke up and made up way to many times. Stephan is a overall good vampire. I think, with Damon he brought out Elena’s wild side. I still have mixed reviews about the show. I think it’s because I watch Trueblood first and the book was intended for adults, so the show has more adult themes. The Vampire Diaries is geared towards YA and young women in general, but it’s really popular due to the relationships and story.

  7. Maria says:

    Hopefully Bonnie and Stefan

  8. carly says:

    if you don’t think it’ll be Elena to snap him out of it, you’re wrong. I love delena more than I love myself and there is no possible way that anyone else will bring Damon back. Nina has to return, but if she doesn’t (which we all know she will bc Damon is the love of her life/soulmate/husband/OTP) at least she will be back for the series finale, on a more positive note :)

  9. Sara says:

    Delena shipper but don’t want it to be Elena — before we get to the end of the series Damon IMO needs to have an arc about turning away from the dark that he can’t write off as being about Elena. Idg why ‘my’ fandom is soooo obsessed with Damon not even being able to wipe his ass without Elena motivating him to do it but it’s boring af to me. Tbh — if the show CAN get ND to guest before the end of the season — which omg yes pls make it happen — I want them to use her in a wayyyyyyyy less predictable way.

    Bonnie, Stefan, or a group effort from all the MF gang would work better for me — or tbh ideally I’d like some totally different + unexpected solution. But — Bonnie pulling him back would obvs be nice payback for what he did for her at the end of last season, Stefan same only re S3 — either would work IMO.

  10. Emma Sproule says:

    I hope it is Stefan not Elena would love that everything to do with Damon doesn’t always have to do with her i love Delena but i love Defan more

  11. Itoy247 says:

    Elena and/or Stefan

    Bonnie is not a choice, he couldn’t get through to her in her huntress madness, her voice didn’t stop him from following Elena’s voice into the vault even when she spoke what he knew was truth and logic
    And it’s canon that even with his humanity on and throwing around the bff word everywhere deep down part of Damon wanted her dead to get Elena back
    Yes he cares about her if you wanna stick with canon
    But their ‘bond’ is not as strong as some might think
    Unless .. she uses Elena somehow to trigger his humanity
    Like he tried in 7×21 to remind her of their bond aka Elena

  12. Lee says:

    Tired story lines will once again be pulled from the archives. TVD has long past its glory days. I so miss when it was fun to watch. Can not believe that it was renewed. I do hope the “stars” have saved for the time when the show ends.

  13. me says:

    Kat Graham has already said no matter what happens with the show, this is her last season…so i think she’s going to save Enzo somehow and then sacrifice herself to wake Elena up so she can save Damon…in the ultimate Bonnie Bennett move, she will put everyone before herself…

  14. Guest says:

    It will probably be Elena but I really hope it’s someone else. I personally hope it’s Stefan or Damon saving himself because the real love story of the show should be about Defan or Damon growing to love himself and not Delena or Elena. Elena is in a freaking coffin but they feel some incessant need to make everything Damon related about Elena. Damon has no moral compass of his own and can’t wipe his own ass unless Elena tells him to. These types of relationships are immensely boring and the women in them are insufferable (Hayley, Felicity, and Elena). I really wish they would stop. On the bright side, if ND comes back, she can go to the Originals and play Katherine and rescue Elijah from the vomit inducing Haylijah.

    • zed says:

      LOL- vomit-inducing Haylijah! Yeah, they are pukeworthy! They ruined Elijah completely with the whole Haylijah mess! It should have been Klayley actually!!!
      I have always preferred Elena with Elijah actually- they actually are soul mates!
      It’s Bonnie who actually brings out the best out of Damon.
      Anyway, it is so obvious how this is going to play out- Elena and Damon walk away into the sunset, same as Steroline and Bonenzo.
      I wish Stefan is the one who brings Damon back from the dark possession thing!

  15. "A" says:

    Since Nina won’t be returning until the series final I’d have Elena placed into Alex St. John’s body and have Mouzam Makkar play Ms. Gilbert for the entire season … or … have Elena placed in Bonnie’s body for a handful of episodes and have Kat Graham play Ms. Gilbert from time to time until Nina’s return in the series finale.

  16. fabi says:

    Bonnie! Ian Somerhalder said Damon loves Bonnie more than he knows.

  17. Sara says:

    How is Elena winning? We won’t see her again until most likely the series finale.

  18. Nicole says:

    I hope this will be the last season and we’ll see how Elena saves Damon

  19. Caden says:

    BonBon will save them all. the 8th season should be her time to shine.

  20. Caden says:

    BonBon will save them all. The 8th season should be her time to shine .

  21. Rebecca says:

    Elena should save damon! #delena some fans can’t see that stefan and elena grew apart. Elena and damon have a stronger and a deeper relationship

  22. Lisa Williams says:

    I am so happy that Nina/Elena is coming back i have missed her on the show DELENA, is my favorite i love these two. I really hope these two can ACT like there supossed to and give us DELENA, like thay have always done. I have watched from season 1 and i still want DELENA, together i love the chemistry they had thats what drew me in and this is before i new they really dated on the show. I really hope i see more of that this time.

    • Jess says:

      Yes I absolutely loved their characters together! I’ve always been team Damon and somehow even in Season 1 I had a feeling Elena was gonna start drifting away from Stephan and end up with Damon. Just wish it would have happened before Season 4 lol. So with that said I will be very sad if they don’t get their happy ending together!

  23. Viki Geanopulos says:

    It would be awesome, amazing, spectacular, and heartfelt, as well as heartbreaking IF AND ONLY IF Elena were to actually come back. I’m talking about actually in person, not just a voice or in a coffin. Who doesn’t want to Elena back on the show? We all know what that means if she does actually come back though right? Bonnie dies, which I’m kinda ok with because she’s not doing anything for me , nor has she really. I liked her and Jeremy together, but that’s kinda it. Also, Nina has said numerous times that she is done with the show, so there’s that too. I think she might come back to do a finale episode so we can all have closure. I’ve watched this show since the beginning, and I never thought in a million years I would want Elena with anyone else besides Stefan, but look at me, and I’m sure several others, I can’t see her without Damon.
    Ok, so back to the question here… who do I think will save Damon? I would love to see Elena, but I doubt its gunna happen. I’m almost willing to bet that Stefan won’t be the hero either, knowing how Julie Plec loves to throw up all through loops. I think it could possibly be Alric, Matt, Klaus, or a total random person yet to be seen…. But that’s just my opinion!

  24. Sarah says:

    Stefan and Elena belong together so I’m hoping that in season 8 they r reunited, elena stated to Damon that it’s stefan it will always b stefan, I’m only up to season 4 where Damon and elena jus got together and I honestly dnt like the pairing and it makes me want to not watch it any further Stelena fan rite here always oh and I hope no one saves Damon

  25. 5654funny says:

    vampire dairies season 8 Is the last season. I’m not watching vampire dairies tv series anymore

    I think its probably a good idea for me to watch other tv shows on tv

  26. Elena says:

    I think that Elena will be the one with the power to save him, I really hope that Nina comes back in like the first 7 episodes haha probably wont happen but I love Elena so much and I really have a connection to her so I wish she could come back

  27. I really would like to see Stefan and Elena get back together I think there good for eachother even when there with somebody else it’s not the same as when. There together.

  28. wizzywizz says:

    I think it shud be unusual…..enzo dies….bonnie and stefan brings back damon….Elena returns and chooses Stefan and Damon and bonnie end up together…..Tyler returns for Caroline…..and Jeremy returns home to meet his sis.

  29. rikhi biswas says:

    All the last season shows elena and damon meant for each other….and stephen moved on with caroline..i am delena shipper…just because ian nd nina have problems off-screen ….so directors are twisting the stories just to suit the actors’ unprofessionalism ….if Stephen elena reunites then its disgusting…so wat the hell was she doing with damon in last 3 seasons….and stephen have to dump Caroline….which is dumber…i think delena and steroline should be endgame to do justice to last seasons…the actors need to be professional..dont punish the fans for ur own problems…and worse wud be if nikki reed ends up in show…such a insecure woman cant be good for any man…

    • Jess says:

      OMG you couldn’t have said that any better!!! Give the fans want they want you can’t just change the story at the last minute bc of the drama happening behind the scenes I mean cmon. Season 6 finale was that Damon and Elena were in love with each other and couldn’t wait to be reunited I don’t think it’s realistic for Elena to wake up and all the sudden not be in love with Damon and just decide she wants Stephen now that’s just weird. Suck it up for 1 episode together at least and show us the happy ending with each one of their stories don’t end the series badly bc of unprofessionalism as stated above. This series has been my personal favorite for a long time especially when Damon gets Elena I was always rooting for him from the beginning bc I loved his character. I would be so disappointed in this show if Damon’s character didn’t get his happy ending with the love of his life!!!

  30. ifeoma says:

    I just can’t stand Elena,Damon is better of with her he needs someone with fire someone like bonnie.
    TVD just broke my heart by pairing bonnie and enzo together.
    Anyways can’t wait for season 8.

  31. I haven’t given up faith that Nina will come back before the finale but, on the other hand, she made it pretty clear that The Vampire Diaries was behind her as she is staring in many up-coming movies. Alternatively, the show probably would’ve lasted until season 10 if she hadn’t left in the first place – She owes them!!

    • Jess says:

      I totally agree! If they’re going to end the series at least give their fans the happy closure they want to see! Which means Elena has to come back and reunite with the love of her life Damon. They can’t just leave Damon lost without his love forever if he’s waited this long to get her back!

  32. Lisa says:

    I’ve got a wild thought….why can’t it be aleric. They were best friends and he knows all his faults and goodness. He can also identify because he was a vampire. Just a thought.

  33. Jess says:

    You can’t just throw Elena back and forth between brothers after everything that’s happened. Elena may have loved Stephan first yes, however, they grew apart and Elenas feelings changed and she fell in love with Damon. I will be so heartbroken if Damon and Elena don’t get their happy ending together after the finale of Season 6. After everything Damon and Elena have gone through to be together throughout the seasons they deserve their happy ending together. Elena should be the one to shine the light and happiness back into Damon’s life and bring him back from darkness. They equal each other out and Elena makes Damon a better person he just lost the love of his life and has been living without the love of his life so he lost his way so it would make sense she would come back and show him the way back.