House of Lies Series Finale: Did Kaan & Associates Turn a Profit in Cuba?

Samuel warned Kaan & Associates that nothing was going to go the way they thought it would in Cuba, and boy was he was right.

In the series finale of Showtime’s House of Lies, Marty and the Pod finally put their personal lives first and their professional lives second, allowing the payday to end all paydays to fall by the wayside in an effort to preserve the country and enable themselves to pursue what made them happy. Best of all, they still managed to screw over Monica and Skip.

In the end, Marty opted against striking a deal for the Kohl Brothers (one of whom was played by The Walking Dead‘s Michael Cudlitz) to open up beachside resorts across Cuba, which in turn meant they wouldn’t be buying out K&A. (So much for early retirement!) Rather than help the Kohls usher in a new era of capitalism in the country, Marty, Jeannie, Clyde and Doug used Monica and Skip’s dirty work against them to ensure no one would walk away with a deal.

Knowing Monica was unaware that K&A was privy to the spyware she planted on Doug’s computer, the Pod exchanged e-mails made to look like notes about how they’d convince officials that commercializing the country would reap great benefits. Once Monica’s pitch to the Cubans went sour (because of course she stole K&A’s notes), the Kohls exchanged fisticuffs, pretty much guaranteeing they’d never do business there.

Jeannie, of course, was thrilled K&A would remain intact. As shown in the previous episode, the stay-at-home mom life just wasn’t her cup of tea, and she’s happiest when she and Marty are in business together. Similarly, Marty is at his happiest when he’s with Jeannie and their daughter Phoebe, and thus he asked her to marry him after they crashed an outdoor wedding and argued over what a sale of K&A would mean for their future. The bride and groom wasted no time at all and married later that evening before stealing a car and hightailing it to the beach.

Though Doug wasn’t particularly thrilled about the call-off on early retirement, for now he’ll at least have a job where he can happily surf the web for X-rated materials. (And who knows, perhaps he’ll find that elderly woman he made out with in First Class and they’ll live happily ever after.) As for Clyde? He was just happy he wouldn’t have to enter a meaningless retirement where he’d be left with nothing better to do than build affordable housing for those less fortunate. (What can we say? Clyde’s a garbage person.)

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