House of Lies Series Finale: Did Kaan & Associates Turn a Profit in Cuba?

Samuel warned Kaan & Associates that nothing was going to go the way they thought it would in Cuba, and boy was he was right.

In the series finale of Showtime’s House of Lies, Marty and the Pod finally put their personal lives first and their professional lives second, allowing the payday to end all paydays to fall by the wayside in an effort to preserve the country and enable themselves to pursue what made them happy. Best of all, they still managed to screw over Monica and Skip.

In the end, Marty opted against striking a deal for the Kohl Brothers (one of whom was played by The Walking Dead‘s Michael Cudlitz) to open up beachside resorts across Cuba, which in turn meant they wouldn’t be buying out K&A. (So much for early retirement!) Rather than help the Kohls usher in a new era of capitalism in the country, Marty, Jeannie, Clyde and Doug used Monica and Skip’s dirty work against them to ensure no one would walk away with a deal.

Knowing Monica was unaware that K&A was privy to the spyware she planted on Doug’s computer, the Pod exchanged e-mails made to look like notes about how they’d convince officials that commercializing the country would reap great benefits. Once Monica’s pitch to the Cubans went sour (because of course she stole K&A’s notes), the Kohls exchanged fisticuffs, pretty much guaranteeing they’d never do business there.

Jeannie, of course, was thrilled K&A would remain intact. As shown in the previous episode, the stay-at-home mom life just wasn’t her cup of tea, and she’s happiest when she and Marty are in business together. Similarly, Marty is at his happiest when he’s with Jeannie and their daughter Phoebe, and thus he asked her to marry him after they crashed an outdoor wedding and argued over what a sale of K&A would mean for their future. The bride and groom wasted no time at all and married later that evening before stealing a car and hightailing it to the beach.

Though Doug wasn’t particularly thrilled about the call-off on early retirement, for now he’ll at least have a job where he can happily surf the web for X-rated materials. (And who knows, perhaps he’ll find that elderly woman he made out with in First Class and they’ll live happily ever after.) As for Clyde? He was just happy he wouldn’t have to enter a meaningless retirement where he’d be left with nothing better to do than build affordable housing for those less fortunate. (What can we say? Clyde’s a garbage person.)

What did you think of the House of Lies series finale? Was it the right time to end the show, or would you have liked to see Marty and Jeannie tackle marriage? Grade the episode in our poll, then sound off below.

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  1. Jason says:

    I regret they never got to bring Megalyn Echikunwokes character back from s1. She was great on the show

  2. Shaun says:

    I liked that they ended together,but hated the way it was put together.Terrible time jumping and wasted a bunch that could have went to better conversations with the other guys.It was an ending,but not THE ending we deserved.

  3. parstl says:

    I think this was an excellent finale. So many shows end on an ackward or sour note. Giving the key relationship (marty and Jeannie) a positive direction was fulfilling for the audience. Incredible actors and series overall. Cheadle and Bell are true professionals.

  4. robandco says:

    I didn’t expect the finale to be so bright and happy. The series has been so dark and pessimistic. I am very surprised. But it was lovely, and quite frankly very welcomed. I was worried everyone would just part ways with a big bundle of cash in their suitcases and voila.

  5. Maria says:

    So bummed that the series is over. One of my favorites. I would have loved to see Marty and Jeannie try domestic life together.

  6. HAP says:

    It was definitely time for the series to end. In fact, I think it has been going downhill for the last two years.

  7. redjane12 says:

    I really enjoyed the finale though I was surprised at the positive vibe as the show has been pretty dark at times… Still happy it went out on a high… Loved Jeannie and Marty ended up together thought I bet that’s going to be an interesting marriage… The final scene with everyone dancing, incl. some of the behind the scenes crew, was a lovely touch… It reminded me a bit of the final scene in Hart of Dixie… So all in all, House of Lies’ send off really worked for me…

  8. Very disappointing finale. Loved that Monica got screwed over but overall it was an unevenful and unentertaining finale

  9. Great show. Decent finale. I am going to miss these characters. I could have watched many more seasons.

  10. The amount of time wasted on showing off Cuba in lengthy montages really made for a super thinly plotted episode. Very disappointing way to end this series.

  11. David Sheridan says:

    It was time for the show to be over. I must admit this is the worse season out of them all. I struggling to get through it. I think the first three seasons were great. But you can only do so many shows about screwing people over. I think it was a great show overall, but there were no great story lines to keep it going.

  12. LouisianaMike says:

    Excellent show that never was given it’s due. It should have been a EMMY favorite with a lot more recognition given to the entire cast. Kristen Bell definitely deserved an Emmy. I would have loved the show to be around for a few more years. Unfortunately, like a couple of other of my favorites, “men of a certain age,” and “thief”, it’s gone too soon.