24: Legacy EP Says Kiefer Sutherland 'Hasn't Ruled Out' a Role on Spinoff

24 Renewal

Though there’s a brand-new hero at the heart of Fox’s 24: Legacy series (debuting after the Super Bowl in February 2017), the door is open for Jack to come back.

As reported by HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall, who on Friday morning moderated an ATX Television Festival panel about uberproducer Howard Gordon‘s career, the longtime 24 executive producer said that Kiefer Sutherland “hasn’t ruled out” an appearance on the offshoot, which stars Corey Hawkins (The Walking Dead) as a former Army Ranger who, upon returning to the U.S., turns to the CTU for help in stopping what could potentially be one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil.

“I do think the character has life in him, whether it’s a movie or if he intersects with this new iteration of 24,” Gordon said. “I sure would love to see him at some point on the show, and I don’t think [Kiefer]’s ruled it out, either.”

Sutherland is an executive producer on 24: Legacy, which he previously has said is sure to deliver “something cool and clever,” adding: “I’ll be one of the first people who can’t wait to see it.” But his commitment as the star of the promising new ABC drama Designated Survivor — in which he plays a low-ranking cabinet member-turned-president of the United States — would limit his availability for Fox’s reboot.

Still, Sutherland has made no secret of want to one day bring closure to Jack Bauer’s story, which at the close of the limited series 24: Live Another Day saw him being sent off to a Russian prison. “I have no idea if the [24] movie will ever happen, or Jack Bauer might end up finding his way into an episode [of 24: Legacy] one day and clarifying all of that,” he mused.

In January, Gordon defended to TVLine the decision to find a new front man for the action franchise, saying, “We’ve been thinking about this forever: Is 24 Jack Bauer? And for the longest time it was — until we all felt, after Live Another Day, that really that story has been told.”

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