Noah Galvin Interview Controversy

Real O'Neals' Noah Galvin Apologizes for Insulting Modern Family, Arrow's Colton Haynes in Controversial Q&A

Noah Galvin, star of ABC’s The Real O’Neals, is doing some serious damage control after insulting Modern Family‘s Eric Stronestreet, among several other actors, in a (too) candid new interview.

Before we get to Galvin’s apology, here’s a bit about the now-infamous interview: Speaking with Vulture about the way gay characters are portrayed on television, as well as the politics of being out in Hollywood, the 22-year-old actor had some harsh words for Stonestreet, including that he’s “playing a caricature … of a stereotype” as Modern Family‘s Cam, giving his character a “lack of authenticity.”

Though not directly TV-related, Galvin also came out swinging against Arrow‘s Colton Haynes, referring to the actor’s recent coming-out interview as “f—ing p–y bulls–t,” which was largely responsible for the interview going almost-immediately viral. (You can read Haynes’ response here.)

Less than 12 hours after the interview was posted, Galvin took to Twitter to apologize for his “irresponsible and stupid” comments.

“As I said in the interview, I think Eric Stonestreet is a wonderful actor,” Galvin tweeted Thursday. “I apologize to everyone I’ve hurt with my comments and understand the damage that has been done. I am new to this and will certainly commit to being more thoughtful and wiser as I navigate all of this moving forward.”

The Real O’Neals, in which Galvin plays a 16-year-old boy who comes out to his conservative Catholic family, was recently renewed for a second season.

Read Galvin’s two-tweet apology in full below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on this whole debacle.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. MissEllys says:

    Look at him scrambling to do damage control, but the words he said weren’t impromptu. He was given time to prepare for the interview with Vulture, and he decided to use the interview to tear down others. Not a nice attitude.

    • Norda says:

      If anything – some of us who have never heard of this kid, or his show……now know who he is and that he’s on a show………I suspect this was all a calculated buzz grab. Still not interested in the show.

      • Tyler says:

        I watched the first season and am now inclined to skip the second. It’s hard for me to watch a show where I can’t stand the actor. Now seeing how he handles himself, I don’t like Him and probably won’t be able to tolerate the character.

        • Will says:

          I’m sure you never did anything reprehensible in your entire life nor at a young age. He’s young, he’s 22 years old and in Hollyweird so there’s plenty of scrutiny and room for error. Your loss on the series.

          • Vince says:

            It’s his loss. This not how you want to get noticed in TV business. All those TV producers now know how ungrateful & rude this kid can be.

          • Me says:

            He’s been a working actor for over a decade. He grew up in showbiz, working steadily on Broadway. I read his interview in Vulture, and he wasn’t being immature, but rather being an egomaniac. He had no problem with bashing other actors who are either gay, or straight and play gay characters, because he thinks he’s the final say on what is authentic regarding gay men. He even bashed another actor’s choice in how he came out in real life. This guy says the hardest thing is finding smart people to date, because half of all men in Hollywood are dumb and the other half are closeted. Maybe smart men are too smart to want to date him. He really needs a reality check, like maybe being replaced with another actor who actually appreciates his job.

    • I wonder if this young boy will show his face at West Hollywood Pride this weekend! I’m betting he’ll keep his distance. There’s nothing more frightening than 100,000 gays and lesbians that are pissed off. Oh, that’s right, we never riot. #GayandLesbianLivesMatter

  2. M says:

    Apology or not, I don’t agree with the things he said. Obviously the apology was due to the backlash. Clearly his true feelings were in his initial, awful statements. Colton responded accordingly within the last ten minutes. #TeamColton

    • MissEllys says:

      His attacks certainly reflected a personal animosity.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        Seriously is this to create some heat for his career or what? He had a sit down interview and probably knew about the questions beforehand. THere is no ‘take backs’ here.

        • MissEllys says:

          Plus pretty much all he did was demonstrate his “adult” vocabulary. It clearly bugs him that he looks like a kid. Hope he doesn’t kiss his mama with that mouth.

          • David4 says:

            “F– yeah! You’re all pussies! I know so much because I’ve been gay longer than you!”

            He sounds like Donald Trump in this interview.

    • David4 says:

      He’s right about Modern Family and Cam.

      Everything else through was way over the top.

      • Spence says:

        I agree completely. The character of Cam on Modern Family is dated and is doing more harm than good for the LGBTQIA+ community. But other than that, his article was offensive and homophobic- ironic since that’s what he’s claiming he fights for.

        • rowan77 says:

          I disagree about Cam. Yes, he is very flamboyant on the show, but that is not the only side of him they show. We’ve seen him as the protective father, the loving husband, the high school football coach, the midwestern hayseed, as well as his over-the-top exuberance.

        • Anna says:

          Oh please. Cam is not doing harm to the LGBTQ community – I know men who have many of the same mannerisms that he does. The issue becomes when only Cams are on TV representing gay men, but they aren’t. We shouldn’t just get rid of all effeminate male characters on television just because those were the first depictions we saw in the media of gay men. That does absolutely nothing to advance diversity.

          • David4 says:

            To me it isn’t that Cam is feminine or flamboyant, it’s just a badly written character on an over hyped show that itself isn’t that well written.

          • Trista says:

            I have friends that is Cam. It’s like they based Cam on my friend. His husband is even a lawyer and my friend is a teacher. There is not a damn thing wrong with the Cam character.

          • David4 says:

            There is nothing wrong with the Cam character in real life. There is something seriously wrong with the Cam character on what is supposed to be a comedy.

            Cam isn’t funny 95% of the time.

      • Lucifer says:

        Yeah, Cam is definitely a stereotype but so are all the characters on the show. Actually, they’re caricatures if anything. I have no clue how stereotypes of gay men hurts anyone aside from gay men, though. Anyways his character on The Real O’Neals is also a stereotype as well so glass houses and all that.

      • Temperance says:

        I agree that Stonestreet’s character isn’t great. I watched MF about two times, and couldn’t stand to watch a minute more (for many reasons including that).

      • jenna says:

        I think he has a point when he mentioned that most gay/lesbian characters on tv are portrayed by straight actors but the tone of his letter was all wrong. Plus the colton bashing (especially when he’s let it be known that he has had issues with mental health) just seemed mean

      • Jeri says:

        Cam is a character on a TV show. Sure it is overdone but that is Cam, to change him now would be doing him and the show a dis-service, I don’t think anyone takes Cam more seriously than any other comedic character. I certainly don’t think all gays are like that, I don’t think all Latinos are like Gloria or all Asians like Lily either.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Absolutely. #TeamColton

      • Max says:

        That was what caused Twitter to explode. He criticized someone with major social media Fandom.. I honestly have no idea who Colton is

  3. All Might says:

    He’s not a great acto. He has one facial expression and that’s it.

  4. SHONDA LAUREL says:

    He seemed sincere.

  5. Rob Dobolina says:

    Sure, Jan.

  6. Dom says:

    Why apologize. He was right about all of it. Especially Colton.

    • NM says:

      Well I didn’t necessarily agree with him being “right”. I do agree with him on the stereotypes of Cam’s “gay” character on Modern Family. I am gay and so portray Cameron as someone extremely stereotypical for the gay community. However, that should have no bearing on the actor that plays him. He’s given a script and a character and he does it well.
      And I wasn’t a fan of Colton much and I think the interview he did was a career stunt. However, to call him out on his sexuality and further public humiliate someone with anxiety issues doesn’t just offend people of their sexuality, but mental health issues as well.

      • Michelle says:

        Colton coming out was a career stunt? Maybe since it seemed to be an open secret.

        I don’t know why this kid was this insulting though. Seems so bitter about so many things

      • lechatnoir says:

        Cam is to gay people what zoe saldana’s nina is to black people.

      • The Beach says:

        I think a lot of the negative feelings about Colton was because of the way it unfolded. Yes, he was an open secret gay actor. Then when he started getting high profile work in Teen Wolf and Arrow his PR people told him to jump back in the already overcrowded gay actor closet, which he did. After months of denials and question-dodging he has now come out again. A lot of the gay community felt a bit insulted by the way it all unfolded.

        • Z says:

          Here here! It was a calculated move for the purpose of getting a female teen base, very cinical and hipocritical.

    • The kid's spot on! says:

      I totally agree with you, Dom. I’m especially offended by Modern Family and how they’ve portray gay men/families. Weak, effeminate, indecisive, overpowering parents, insecure, devious, oh – did I say effeminate??

      I’m a lesbian. A fem who’s attracted to fems. Hah, that will never be seen on broadcast tv unless it’s in a forum meant to turn on hetero guys. It seems that when gay or lesbian characters are portrayed on tv they are meant to not ‘offend’ heteros. By ‘offend’ I mean to offend the hetero sense of what being a gay or lesbian person is all about. As long as gay men are effeminate, and lesbians are truck driving lumberjacks, then all’s good with the world.

      Oh, I’m sure that someone will mention Grey’s Ananomy. First, that was a bi/lesbian relationship. And, it ended as most do – in tear jerking, pathetic, tragedy. I was surprised that Shonda would create such a bi/lesbian relationship stereotype, but, she did.

      The Modern Family gay ‘boys’ are just that – stereotypical gay boys. It appears that producers don’t want the flack from – sponsors or evangelicals – by portraying gay ‘men’ as actual, red blooded men.

      • Tori says:

        Agree with the examples you mentioned (Modern Family, Grey’s), but may I mention a couple characters that- while still imperfect- are not quite so stereotypical? Sara Lance/Canary in the Arrow-verse is a complex character not solely defined by her bisexuality, who has had meaningful relationships with both men and women (no bi erasure!) and who is a “feminine” woman who is attracted to other feminine women. Also, I tentatively would suggest Nashville’s Will Lexington. Granted, he had a WAY too dragged-out closet storyline, but I would argue he’s an “actual, red-blooded man”, a country-star-cowboy type in every way except that he is gay.

        • The kid's spot on! says:

          You’re right about Will on Nashville. I guess what has bothered me is the drama surrounding his character. He is a ‘manly man’, and that’s good. Now, if he would have just not been a ‘manly man’ who was filled with emotional drama it would have been great. ** I’ve heard that Nashville may be picked up by CMT, so I guess we’ll see what they do with him. My bet is he’ll committ suicide. That’s always an uplifting ending to the crazy drama filled crap with gay and lesbian characters.

          I’ll have to watch Arrow-verse. I’ve never seen, or even heard of it. It would be wonderful to see gay/lesbian/bi characters who are just ‘people’. People who aren’t defined by who they love, but how they live.

          Thanks for the tv tip! I’ll check it out.

      • ana says:

        And who was the truck driving lumberjack in Glee? Santana or Brittany?

        • They are a perfect example of televisions confused ‘girls’ who don’t know what the hell they want. That’s what tv does with lesbians. Bi one day, lesbian the next. Then of course – hetero. At least male gay characters are – gay. Women are, generally, portrayed as ‘fluid’, ‘flexible’, ‘bi identifying’, and of course the all inclusive and non-committed ‘queer’.

          Oh trust me, if the show was still on – in 5 more seasons with Brittany as her gf, Santana would be sporting plaid, and carrying a shotgun to keep the guys away. After all, Brittany doesn’t know what the hell she is. Their characters were simply cartoonish homo-friendly bafoons. They were a pathetic joke, just another insult to lesbian represntation in broascast tv. Aside from that, I loved Glee. :)

          • Olivia says:

            I want to thumb up the hell out of your comments, especially re lesbian/bi couples. I’m trying to think of a show with two girly lesbians and I’m coming empty. Surely that has happened somewhere? Can’t think of one.
            Lesbian/bi couples (when the writers don’t destroy/torture/kill them/throw a dude in the middle) are cool, but geez, I’d like to see women like me and my wife to be represented sometimes… You know, two unapologetic girly lesbians being a couple. No stereotypes, no males, no questioning/drunken “plot twist!” with a guy.
            I have to (mostly) disagree about Santana. She had a real arc with heavy stuff. I hate, however, that they felt the need to still add male-centered jokes and plots and whatnot (eh, it’s a Ryan Murphy show, after all) after that her being a lesbian has been clearly established, because Naya Rivera obviously put her best efforts into portraying the seriousness/struggle. Spot-on re Brittany though. And the fluidity trope tv uses every. Friggin. Time.

      • Kia says:

        But all the families on Modern Family have their stereotypes about them. Besides, are you telling me there are no gay men like Cam? Not everything is about fighting against stereotypes, this is a comedy show, all the families there are are flawed and characters are exaggerated for comic relief. All p of them. in no way am I saying it’s all perfect, just that it shouldn’t be taken that seriously, there are lots of ways they do right with Mitch and Cam IMO.

        • Rich says:

          I can appreciate your point of view. However, when there are so few gay or lesbian characters of substance on broadcast TV, it’s insulting to the millions of gays and lesbians in this country when they’re portrayed as negative stereotypes. To many who have suffered the indignity of being considered second class citizens in America, yes, we DO take our portrayals seriously. To some, the gay an lesbian characters on TV are the only exposure they have to ‘gays’. To a young gay or lesbian child growing up in middle America, what they see needs to be a true and honest representation of who they are — not a cartoon character.

          TV tells stories. We just want our stories to be real. We have so few opportunities to see ourselves and our lives portrayed as they truly are. We’re not jokes to be laughed at, or drama queens. We’re just people. Who we love doesn’t make us different.

          • Dakota says:

            There are feminine gay men put there. While that may not be you or me (or your type), they exist in reality and also deserve to be represented without mockery. I thought we were trying to get to a point to be your authentic self. There are gay men who lift weights and are into sports and they’re men with limp wrists who obsess about Streisand & Garland. We should be able to embrace all without judgement

          • Rich says:

            Hi Dakota ~ I think the relevant point is that there is a lack of representation. So when the little representation that exists is a traditional “stereotype”, it serves to reinforce the negative perception that gays and lesbians are ‘gender’ confused. Being gay or lesbian isn’t about gender identity, it about who we love. BTW, the majority of gay and lesbian people in this country are ‘unidentifiable’ — neither fem nor macho. Just regular folks.

          • Anna says:

            “Who we love doesn’t make us different” – but you expect the gay characters to be treated differently on Modern Family? Literally all of the characters are different stereotypes – everyone from Haley to Gloria to Cam. That doesn’t mean they aren’t based in some truths though.
            And there are a good number of gay characters on TV right now across genres, networks, and viewer demographics who are absolutely nothing like this stereotype on television – just look at Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Shameless, HTGAWM, Teen Wolf, Scandal, Nashville, The Night Shift, etc. There is no need to get up in arms about this one character when people in middle America can turn to these shows as well. Especially since there are “Cams” that exist – making this story just as real as the rest of them.

      • Anna says:

        It is so insanely reductive that even members of the LGBTQ community feel like they need to insult effeminacy in men. Really? Is it not 2016? Why are we so caught up in men being masculine and women being effeminate? I’m sorry, but that’s just a small-minded way of thinking.
        I would also like to point out that Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is one of the “Modern Family gay boys” has said on many many occasions that his character is just like him, including his mannerisms. But I guess real people can’t be emulated on television unless they fit into your mold of what’s appropriate for a community.

        • Jat says:

          I don’t know if you’re a gay man but thats an issue the gay community still hasn’t worked out about masc v fem… What does it mean to be a man. And a large part of the community putting down fem men.

          • Anna says:

            Not a gay man, but a queer woman who has a lot of gay male friends (some of them very effeminate). I know it’s still an issue, but that doesn’t make it any less reductive or small-minded. I really wish people would grow up and realize that not everyone needs to fit into their neat little boxes of how they think people should look/act. THAT is what’s hurting the LGBTQ community – judging each other and putting each other down instead of working together to continue the fight for equality.

          • Rich says:

            Anna ~ The majority of gays and lesbians in America are neither extremely masculine nor feminine. Not everyone lives in West Hollywood or San Francisco. If you’re a 17 year old gay boy living in Iowa, your life on the farm doesn’t revolve around gay bars and maniPeds. And, if you’re a 17 year old girl growing up in rural Alabama, you don’t cut your hair like your daddy’s and tattoo your gf’s name on your arm. It’s about survival and not gender bending. Not everyone is ‘out’, and marriage equality means very little in a small town where rightwing evangelicals run the towns. ‘Stereotypes’ harken back to the days of non-acceptance. It’s a sense of comfort for those who’ve seen hetero-normative relationships as the only relationship example. That being said, most writers of the programming that we’re exposed to write in terms that people can relate to. Very few people are exposed to two gay or lesbian individuals who don’t gender bend. And when they are, they don’t know it be use we’re not obvious and don’t stop traffic with our flamboyant behavior – because we’re not flamboyant. We’re just regular people, paying our taxes, raising our children, living middle class lives who want to be portrayed as such. Those gay guys in the bar? Their effeminate behavior isn’t ‘natural’ to them, it’s learned behavior. That lesbian with the shaved head and the masculine swagger, she’s imitating what she believes signifies strength and power. It’s a very sad mind game for many.

          • Anna says:

            I’m not saying that majority of gay people are extremely masculine or feminine. I, for sure, am not either. What I was saying is that criticizing those who are because you think people should act differently is reductive. Who cares if it’s innate or learned behavior? If that person is doing what feels right for them and not hurting anybody, why on earth does it matter if they are extremely masculine, extremely feminine, or somewhere in between?
            If all gay men on television were represented like Mitch and Cam on Modern Family, then yeah, we would have a problem. But they aren’t. There are masculine and somewhere in between presenting gay men on television across genres and networks. Just from the past few years, we had Max on Happy Endings, Connor and Oliver on How to Get Away with Murder, Jesus from True Blood, Mickey and Ian on Shameless, Kevin from Brothers and Sisters, Calvin on Greek, Richie/Dom/Kevin/etc. from Looking, Captain Holt on Brooklyn 99, Cyrus on Scandal…the list goes on.
            Finding issue with effeminate gay men on television is silly – just because you find it stereotypical doesn’t mean those people don’t exist and and deserve representation as well. I definitely know men who are closer to Cam than Captain Holt, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t see people like them on TV just like everyone else.

      • Max says:

        I’m not a fan of Cam either as it dates back to flamboyant Queens that were joke punchlines. Luckily our society has progressed and a variety of LGBT characters are being portrayed. Shondas other shows HTGAWM & Scandal have portrayed gay characters on par with everyone else. They haven’t been Nelly Queens… From Connor to the chief of staff on Scandal… And she’s also portrayed real gay sexuality unlike the neutered MF couple. Yes, there’s a long way to go but it’s changing.

      • Pedro says:

        So much hate and prejudice against effeminate gays. Which do exist and in spades. We are not all bear lumberjacks.

  7. CTK says:

    I think that what he said was mean-spirited and off color. Nothing that he said was a lie though. It’s honesty and brutally was refreshing, albeit maybe something not to put in print.

  8. Stinky Feet Lover says:

    Who is he? And why should anyone care what he says?

  9. Suso says:

    Did any of you read the article? He’s disgusting in general — the depressed closeted gay teens who reach out to him? He says “I’m not your (censored) soothsayer.”


    • aria808 says:

      Yeah, that’s so sad that he couldn’t care less about these kids who look up to him.

      • James says:

        I didn’t read it as he didn’t care vs he didnt know how to handle it. He’s a kid himself. He’s an actor not a therapist. He said he screenshot and asked Dan Savage what to do. I’d be terrified.. You don’t want to say the wrong thing, you’re not trained, you don’t want someone committing suicide because you said the wrong thing. He signed up to be an actor on a sitcom. Not to save the world. It’s one thing to advocate for equality if he chooses to but another to suddenly be bombarded with social media for struggling kids desperate for assistance you’re not able to provide

    • DM says:

      He’s one of those obnoxious “since I was born too flamboyant to ever have the chance to decide when to come out, no one else should get to do it on their own terms either” types. Guess what…we aren’t all like you, and it’s up to each of us individually to decide who to tell and when. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

      That being said…nothing he said about Singer is news. He’s probably spot on there.

    • H says:

      He said he is not prepared to give life advices to teens and he asked Dan Savage for help because he has more experience with that.

  10. grass says:

    Wow. This kid sounds like a real gem. Shut up and sit down.

  11. David4 says:

    Colton (Pussy) Haynes reply was beautiful.

  12. Geo says:

    The stuff he says about about Eric Stonestreet’s Cam isn’t unique; it’s been a fairly common criticism of that character by numerous gay critics. If that’s all Galvin said, I’d pretty much shrug. The stuff against Colton Haynes, though, is way out-of-bounds. Criticizing anybody’s coming out process (particularly somebody who seem to be a nice guy and has not exactly hidden his orientation) is a real jerk move.

    • H says:

      He did hide. He was out when he was internet famous, than he went back into the closet when he got into tv because $$$ & fame from female teen fanbase.

  13. Et al. says:

    Wow. They forgot to send him to Hollywood 101 class. He was throwing shade like he was at a bar with friends. It’s like he didn’t realize it would be published. Well, when he’s doing cruise ship dinner theater in a few years he’ll have that interview to remind him of his crazy Hollywood adventure.

  14. Jill says:

    Career ending interview…

    • The kid's a punk. says:

      That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Or at least have the people who write his apologies for him teach him how to talk with a little class and respect.

  15. Tom says:

    Cam is kind of caricatureish/stereotypical though

    • Jamie says:

      But all of the characters are caricatures/stereotypical (Claire is the hypercritical overachieving trying to be “perfect” suburban white mom, Gloria is the hot-headed sexy Latina who isn’t always understandable, Jay is the old man trying to stay young by marrying a hot younger immigrant, Phil is the clueless dad who lame jokes horrify his kids, Haley is the dumb pretty girl, Alex is the insane overachiever who forgets that there are things to do outside of schoolwork, etc.).
      Singling one out and bringing it out of context doesn’t make much sense…

      • Tom says:

        True enough. And all of that adds up to why the show never truly was “The best comedy on tv” nor worthy to win what was it, 5 best comedy emmys in a row?

        • Jamie says:

          Yeah, but everyone knows the Emmys are a sham. Most award shows are (*cough*Grammys*cough). I mean how many Emmys has the Big Bang Theory garnered? Yet Parks and Rec has none?

          • Rich says:

            @Jamie —— To many gays and lesbians, the “caricature” status that we’re constantly compared to is harmful. Example: It’s taken decades for black actors to achieve equality with white actors. For decades black actors were relegated to maids, servants, janitors, and nannies to white families – and of course, criminals. Full equality came when stereotypes were cast aside, and roles for actors of color have represented their true, authentic lives. Well, gays and lesbians have stood in the shadows and accepted being treated in Hollywood as if we’re nothing more than a big joke. The idea that “Hollywood” is a bastion of “liberal” ideals is certainly not true. “Hollywood” is driven by money, not ethics. If the money is threatened, i.e., sponsors, investors, donors, extreme right wing fanatics, money from China, etc., then .”Hollywood” won’t portray characters in their authentic form. It’s nothing new, Hollywood has always been driven by greed and phoniness.

          • Jamie says:

            Rich, are you really comparing portraying gay men as effeminate to black men being portrayed as criminals? You actually believe that’s just as harmful? Really?

            But past that, there are still black characters that are maids, servants, janitors, nannies, and criminals. The problems is when that is all they are.

            There are tons of other gay and bisexual men on TV and in movies that aren’t effeminate at all – you gotta get out and watch different shows and movies, dude! It sounds like your selection is pretty narrow if you can’t find them, because more masculine gay men are all over my screen. I was just dying watching an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine like 20 minutes ago.

  16. Spence says:

    As a gay guy around his age, I sincerely apologize for anyone offended on his behalf. Stuck-up, arrogant people like him give a truly bad name to the LGBTQIA+ community and millennials as a whole. His article was disrespectful and ignorant, and no half-a**ed apology is going to change people’s perception of him now.

  17. Hurley says:

    Every character on Modern Family is a bit caricatureish, though.

  18. MeJ says:

    Things have changed extremely quickly in certain areas of the country for young gay men, and I think it can be easy for some of them to forget how crazy hard it was to be gay, in the industry and otherwise, even a few years ago. (Remember how people were blown away by NPR coming out in the second year of How I Met Your Mother?) I get the sense that his bravado is a bit of a cloak for his own insecurity, but a lesson in empathy would be well-earned.

    • dan says:

      I remember being surprised that people were surprised he was gay when he came out. Zachary Quinto didn’t shock me either but Matt Bomer did because he played such a smooth and genuine ladies man on White Collar. As for this Jackass, he really deserves a good elbow to the mouth from Colton and I don’t think Cam is harmful either. I like his character.

  19. aria808 says:

    I think I’m done watching his show now…

    • Lala says:

      wow…talk about overreacting!

      • herman1959 says:

        Not really. Since his face is in almost every scene of the show, it could be hard to watch without thinking about what the actor is really like. I sort of felt like he was too old for the role, but I watched because the show was so warm and funny…not now. Maybe I’m too sensitive?

      • Jamie says:

        That’s not overreacting at all – if you don’t like something that an actor does/if you think they’re being a jerk, why would you spend your time staring at their face if it’s just going to annoy you?

  20. Ronnie says:

    I would not be surprised if he gets recast. There is no way he can make such a 180 degree turn with his apology based on how awful his comments were and expect people to think he was sincere. I’m sure Dan Savage is royally pissed.

    • David4 says:

      Will never in a million years will he be recast. The show might get canceled (because the ratings aren’t that great) but he is the main character.

    • Savagelove says:

      Have you heard the stuff that’s cone out if Dan’s mouth?

  21. Max says:

    Now I’ve lost respect for him. You know he was “forced” by PR people to take back his opinions. He should be a man and stand by his previous statements (which are generally true).

  22. Dennis says:

    He’s gay in real life.

    • David4 says:

      Yes, and that doesn’t mean he can’t be an idiot.

      • Dennis says:

        I just find it so bizzare because Colton supported him in the past. Like, kid, you’re gay and play a gay character on TV…why would you ever bash other gay people? Hollywood is a small town especially when you’re gay, you have to support one another.

        • David4 says:

          Yeah it’s insane. And to make fun of someone for how they ‘came out”? Really what the hell is wrong with someone? No matter the age or how you do it coming out is awesome and horrifying at the same time.

  23. “He’s ‘playing a caricature … of a stereotype'” What!? And what are you playing? I saw your show…

  24. RachelC says:

    I’m just glad he’s realized there’s a difference between “honest” and “being a douche”. Far too many people confuse the two, as he did in that interview, and for him to issue this kind of apology – a thorough one that acknowledges and owns that he did damage – is a great start. Hopefully he’ll change his tone in the future.

  25. The only credit I’ll give him is that is nice to actually hear an actor’s legitimate thoughts rather than what they think is PC or what their PR firm / network tells them to say. I also do get that he’s only 22 and still figuring himself out so he doesn’t know how to advise people on twitter on their own situations. That being said…what a douche. I agree with Cam being a terrible stereotype on MF, but as others have pointed out that is the character, not the actor. As for Colton, his EW interview was still slightly ambiguous, however, no one has the right to tell another person how to come out (or live their private life in general). The Bryan Singer portion was removed already by the time I read the article, but I’m assuming that he made jokes about the accusations brought against Singer years ago that were recanted. No one should ever made light of sexual accusations, regardless of whether they are true or not.

    The most ironic part of all, is that he was worried playing a gay character would ruin his career, when it looks like he’s own big mouth is what will ending it. He’s lucky that his show is in re-runs and won’t air until the fall as it’d be interesting to see how this would have impacted the show’s ratings if they were airing a new ep this week.

  26. Lala says:

    He is right about Cam though…he should not have apologized for that. Cam’s character is doing more harm that anything else, portraying gay characters in that stereotypical fashion is so outdated!

    • PeopleArePeople says:

      I think that the people here saying that Cam is wrong and harmful to the community are the real bigots! So what, some gay men are effeminate? Who cares? The point of our community is to be inclusive and I’ve heard many men bitching about the “Queens” and seriously being so divisive and rude to anyone that doesn’t fit their ideals…try going to a gay dating site and seeing some of the awful and dehumanizing language used on there. Let people live for God sake…not everyone needs to conform to fit in…that’s the whole point of having a diverse community! You should be celebrating with, not speaking against!!! LOVE WINS!

      • Jamie says:

        Sing it!

      • Max says:

        Yet everyone these days wants to be a drag queen. Ironic. The stars in the gay community are drag queen & porn stars. As Kim Chi told the world on drag race, NO Fat, NO Fem, NO Asian. The LGBT community could be more accepting & loving of its own, but that’s a whole other column.

        For the record, he didn’t insult the actor Eric Stonestreet

      • Lala says:

        Oh calm TF down….shut up & sit down. The problem nowadays is that it’s straight millennials like you who try to make every labelled ‘minority’ group be seen as victims by getting offended at every single thing. The character of Cam plays into every stereotypical box labelled gay and that provides no progress to anyone..It’s the duty of TV shows to broaden people’s minds and smash those stereotypical boxes. The first thing you think of when you look at Cam is GAY!…but the first thing you think of when you look at Cyrus from Scandal is scoundrel! Clearly Scandal is doing something right Cyrus’ sexuality is a non-issue, which it should be for all people.

  27. MattySi says:

    I get that he’s now a celebrity and everything he said and does is put under a microscope but why does he have to retract or apologize?

    I am definitely more of a sorry-not-sorry-unapologetic-bitch-forget-regret person so I don’t understand it. To me people, including celebrities, lose credibility when they take things back when they mean what they said. I wish celebrities would worry less about their careers and more about being their true selves.

  28. Shaun says:

    He was pretty blunt,and there is no need to get rude to get your point across.Retracting stuff is even worse,just say you chose your words poorly but the sentiment remains.

  29. Dennis says:

    Okay I just read the article.

    … And…

    As a gay guy, I have to commend his brutal honestly.
    But as someone who is not in Hollywood, I gotta say, his words in that article make him sounds like a TOTAL douchebag.

  30. Daniel Ulibarri says:

    I actually agree with everything he said. Ho Hollywood speak, he just said what was on his mind. Stonestreet and Haynes are garbaje C-Listers.

  31. DJ says:

    It’s funny he thinks that his show and character is like revolutionary for gay people when as a whole it’s really not. It uses gay stereotypes to for comic relief. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with that but when you’re arguing Eric Stonestreet is a caricature when you kind of play one too is stupid.

    • herman1959 says:


    • Mike R. says:

      I think it comes from the distinction that Eric stonestreet is straight, like it doesn’t make caricatures any less wrong but at least it doesn’t come from him changing his voice like stonestreet does to play a stereotype which has always rubbed me the wrong, also see Darren Criss in glee. At least that is my problem with Cam. This kid was out of line.

  32. Mike R. says:

    I mean he said what he said, and a PR apology isn’t gonna fix things, but what he said about Bryan Singer was hardly false, people were too quick to just forget the gross things he’s done, but what he said about Colton was out of line. There is no right way to be gay.

  33. Diz says:

    Who? His show is now getting cancelled for Happy Endings? Good!

  34. Et al. says:

    I know I’ve already criticized him earlier in these comments but on the flip side it occurred to me: young gay man hurls hurtful, thoughtless, insults: is widely condemned, forced to apologize, may sustain career damage. Old straight man hurls hurtful, thoughtless, insults: is nominated for president.

    It’s a point worth considering.

  35. CMH says:

    He may be repeating hearsay regarding Bryan Singer, but… phew! Such common, long-standing “hearsay.” I think in that case, the kid saw smoke and yelled “Fire.”

  36. mooshki says:

    The things he said were not great, but god it was refreshing to see someone give a candid interview without worrying about the p.r. ramifications.

  37. mollytanner says:

    I really haven’t picked a side, but wasn’t he retweeting support and the like after the interview was out? It’s not like he regretted it instantly. I guess he regrets that people were offended? Alan Cumming tweeted his support. I stopped reading celebrity interviews because they usually don’t say anything at all, so this was refreshing! I wish there were some sort of Purge-like 24 hours, where celebrities and athletes or whoever just say what they really want to say lol. I’d go to Archie Panjabi first.

  38. Gypsy says:

    Ok, I was on the fence about this show, and he just knocked me off. I feel sorry for his co-workers. I love Martha Plimpton…..But I am done with this show….

  39. Dean Brown says:

    ‘I’m new to this’… What, new to being a human??!!

    Regardless of what industry you work in, if you have a brain then you know what’s offensive and what isn’t!!

  40. JJ says:

    I’m with Galvin here, he said things probably a lot of people were thinking of but were too afraid to say. I admire his brutal honesty and him for being straightforward.

    I agree with him about Colton’s “coming out” (not in Noah’s words per se but the idea). Colton didn’t explicitly say “I’m gay” in his interview. He beats around the bush and lets the reader assume that he is. I respect Colton’s story and experience but why couldn’t he say he’s gay or queer or whatever he identifies as?? Yeah, they’re labels but labels aren’t necessarily always a bad thing.

    • why does he have to say he is gay, queer or Bi? What if he doesnt like labels. He has talked about coming out in his response so he has come out. There is no right or wrong way to do so. That is the issue here and Noah just proved how ignorant he is with his comments

  41. Sandrine says:

    This kid could learn a thing or two from another gay man, Harry Styles, on humility and how to be nice.

  42. Dustin says:

    He deserves any and every piece of bad press/publicity that comes his way! Regardless if he is now back peddling and retracting his previous statements…he needs to accept he has portrayed himself as a biggot and a small minded individual…it’s time to pay the piper you crass and self entitled child, you make choices and can’t blame anyone but yourself! This is a perfect example of how the blind are leading the blind and how stupidity breeds contempt…parents educate your kids; don’t let hollywood do it for you!

  43. Miranda says:

    He obviously meant what he said. Apologies that are for PR damage control are the worst, most inauthentic kind of communication. We can’t have it both ways, demand that people be who their true selves – but only in a censored way so that we can pretend that we all get along.
    He made his private feelings public and he should just deal with the consequences, rather than make as if an alien took over his mind during that interview.

  44. czarina says:

    What a d–k.

  45. readenreply says:

    Cam is a stereotype
    Singer is a sexual predator
    Hayes played games

  46. Ethel says:

    Kid needs to grow up. I started to watch The Real O’Neals but if he wants to talk about Eric Stonestreet acting over the top, apparently, he does not watch his own show. He is the reason I stopped watching after about 4 episodes. Sad, as the show has potential but he is nothing but annoying.

  47. gkkvnvnmcstfcdg says:

    You Americans & your damn sensitivity…get over it! He only had to apologize because his publicists told him so or perhaps he got scared because of the so called “backlash…Either way, he trully meant what he said & instead of sticking up to his opinion he had to sugarcoat it to all of you.

    Butthurt comment incoming in 3…2…1

    • Mary says:

      Has our Society come to this that people really find it impossible to think before they speak. I don’t think it is being over sensitive, I call it just plain rude. Has this generation never been taught on how to express themselves without degrading others. It is not about being PC it is about human decency which I guess many Parents never taught their children. Words do have consequences so maybe take a moment to process what you want to say and express it in an intelligent way.

      • fjkljbvcc says:

        Has our society become oversensitive? Absolutely yes & u are prime example of that. You’re calling me out because i expressed my own opinion & even caling it unintelligent because u don’t like it. Yeah whatever, i’m gonna stick by it because what i think i write & i hate sugarcoating & sucking up on the internet. The truth is sometimes harsh Bloody Mary & it hurts.

  48. Unfortunately Galvin used personal attacks to convey what are very true observations. I thought it was odd that he attacked Eric Stonestreet instead of the character of Cam, made a good observation into a personal attack. And the Colton Haynes thing…well…Colton obviously struggles in a very real way and the way the comments came across were horrible.

    I wonder if ABC/Disney still does media training with the ‘kids’ and the adults who play ‘kids’ on their shows. If not, I’m sure they will again now.

  49. Diego says:

    I’ve read his interview. It’s not just what he said about other people – even though that alone is ebough for not wanting nothing from him ever again – but it’s his attitude, like he owns the world. The Justin Bieber of tv, only 10 times worse and way less famous.

  50. Why are people defending this guy? And why is this all ending up as a dump on Modern Family… oh how quickly we forget, huh? When Modern Family premiered just how many portrayals of an entire family were on TV, it all of its crazy glory? And why are you dumping on a stable gay relationship, with no stereotypical signs of promiscuity. And THEY GOT MARRIED ON TV… but sure, let’s defend the “throw everyone under the bus” kid who felt the need to question how others choose to live their life. Sure – that makes sense.

    His Vulture interview was over the top. This was not off the cuff. He knew what he was saying. And he was dumb. He may play a 16 year old, but he is 22 and should have a manager… he should know better.

    I, for one, will not be checking in to his show…I don’t like that level of vile in my comedians…

    • Melody says:

      Pretty funny how people have forgotten how Modern Family was attacked by conservatives when it first started too