Wrecked Cast, EPs on Lost Parallels: 'There's No Smoke Monster'

Wrecked on TBS

There’s a good reason why TBS’ new comedy Wrecked (premiering Tuesday at 10/9c) has been likened to ABC’s Lost: The former was born out of the latter.

“It was the touchstone for Wrecked,” confirms Justin Shipley, who co-created series (which was shot entirely on location in Puerto Rico) with his younger brother Jordan Shipley. “We’re huge fans of Lost. I will still defend all six seasons.”

As the elder Shipley explains, Wrecked takes Lost‘s central conceit — a plane crashes on a deserted island, leaving a group of strangers stranded — and puts a Below Average Joe and Jane spin on it. “On Lost, there were, like, 40 people who survived on the island, but you really only followed the 10 most attractive and most equipped [to get by],” notes Justin. “But what about the other 30? Most flights are filled with people who have no [survival] skills whatsoever — how do they grapple with this larger-than-life scenario? And then we unpacked it from there.”

Asif Ali, who plays well-heeled sports agent Pack, points out that one of the biggest differences between the two shows is “there’s no crazy supernatural stuff” on Wrecked. “There’s no Smoke Monster. There are no ‘Others.'”

Fellow co-star Ally Maki (aka the sweet-natured Jess) reveals that she was the lone Wrecked cast member who had not seen a single episode of Lost. “So I watched the pilot the first day I got to Puerto Rico,” shares the actress, who, despite being “immediately hooked,” declares with a somewhat biased smile, “I think Wrecked is 10 times better. We’ve got action, adventure and comedy. It has something for everyone.”

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