Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 11

Person of Interest Recap: The B-Team

This week on the antepenultimate episode of CBS’ Person of Interest, Team Machine tended to their most VIPOI ever, in POTUS — before discovering some very interesting information about the depth of their own troops.

In the wake of Episode 100’s pivotal events, Shaw is repressed and stoic (but in a different way?), while Finch has made tracks for Texas, with The Machine-as-Root in his ear. It’s a voice that takes some adjusting to, but after a brief attempted segue into his sixth-grade teacher, he allows Her to channel Ms. Groves.

Reese, Shaw and Fusco meanwhile get a new number, and it’s a biggie — the president of the United States. Arriving in D.C., Shaw and Reese infiltrate a fundraiser, where they 1) bump into Season 2 POI/tech titan Logan Pierce, and 2) discover a bomb on the premises. After diverting the blast, they catch up to a suspicious, fleeing waiter, who — following a bit of quasi-torture — leads them the next day to a Dupont Circle brownstone. There, Shaw discovers a surveillance room pointing to a planned attack on POTUS at a plaza speech. With Reese on the ground, Shaw in a sniper’s perch and Fusco running the comms, the team comes to realize that the attack will be made via a drone they cannot reroute. Instead, Shaw detours the president — by firing several shots in his general direction.

The prez is saved, but then the Secret Service comes charging after our guys. Luckily, Season 1 POI/army vet Joey Durban, whom Reese bumped into earlier, arrives on the scene to exfiltrate Shaw and Reese (by way of some cammies), while onetime POI Harper plays “Homeland honcho” to whisk Fusco to freedom. Meanwhile, we learn that Harold has ducked into a top-secret facility housed inside a Texas air force base to commandeer Ice9, a computer virus that, The Machine affirms, could bring Samaritan to its knees… but with potentially “devastating consequences” for the rest of the world. Harold attests he has “no other choice,” and then leverages his way past a guard with information about a donor heart the guy’s little girl desperately needs.

Back in D.C., Reese and Fusco learn that The Machine sent Logan, Joey and Harper to secure their extraction after they saved POTUS — because they received John’s “number.” Yes, there is another “team” that does what our guys do — and perhaps others exist. After Logan leaves Reese with a tip on Finch’s whereabouts, Reese and Fusco forego basking in their big, presidential win to instead brace for “one helluva fight.”

What did you think about the episode “Synecdoche” and the other Team Machine?

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  1. Steve says:

    There were rumblings of ending the show in such a a way that it could continue on in another iteration later one. Tonight’s ending had the feel of a planted pilot.

  2. Jack Russell says:

    Ice 9. Very Kurt Vonnegut.

    • Jake says:

      Yep, liked that reference too. I guess like Ice 9 everything electronic linked to it gets killed, meaning the shutdown of everything electronic, not just Samaritan.

      • Tamar says:

        My thoughts exactly

        What raised the hairs on the back of my neck was the small part of conversation between the Machine and Finch where she asked to be able to reach her full potential. How she would then be able to change the world for all people, for the better good. Now the Machine is just as convinced of her idea of the “better good” as Samaritan is, and both are willing to act upon their conviction.

        Root often told Finch that he had created a God, Greer has not in so many words defined Samaritan, but considers it to be an almighty being, one that will rise above humanity.

        So why is Finch not revealing the full details of his plan to the Machine, the more she knows the better she’ll be able to assist him right?

        He has written a virus that can take down Samaritan, the “evil AI god”
        Or has he come to the final conclusion that all the new gods must be taken down? For if either of them were to reach their full potential…
        …it would robb humanity of the one thing the “old” god has given us…
        Freedom of choice, freedom of will.

        Boy am I glad this is just a TV show, sad that its going to… but as the cards are stacked right now….it will be a pleasure to watch till the very end.

  3. Bored now says:

    The past few episodes have been them “Bracing for one helluva fight”…. Like get on with it. So many filler episodes, besides the virus that’s never been mentioned before this, did this episode move the story at all? No.

    • I think it did, follow ups on everyone except Control, now we know why the machine was gathering people- she has little machine operations running everywhere, Possible spin off- and Finch has gone off seeking vengeance.

      • Thanh says:

        I would love it if there was follow up with Control. Cool character, and one tough broad. It’d be great if Control made it into the series finale and maybe continuing the Relevant numbers team by the end of the series. Especially since this B-team episode already shows another Irrrelevant Numbers team.

  4. Linda Garza says:

    I am sad about Person of Interest I want it to continue it is an awesome show.There are so many shows that make no sense at all even the new ones for the fall and some of these summer shows oh my God. Person of Interest is a series that had it all,come on CBS don’t let go.and you cable channels pick it up.Don’t let a fantastic series go!!!!

  5. Elena says:

    It really pains me how terrible Person of Interest had become in Season 5.

    The writing is so incredible bad, the plot even worse. They waste time with such complete irrelevant episodes like this one here. What has gotten into Nolan and Co. for giving us fans this crap(sorry).

    Thank god for only 2 more episodes. And man the series finale better be good, oh i just remembered what i read about episode 13. Person of Interest (and its fans) deserved better than this.

    It so makes me wish they had it cancelled with the ending of Season 3. That’s what i call an ending.

    • Linda Garza says:

      Well I still feel sad about Person of Interest.Like I said awhile back come one cable pick up this awesome show with the same actors.Somebody out there listen.CBS you letting go of an awesome series.And to the cable channels pick up this awesome show.

    • Normandy says:

      You can tell a lot about someone who presumes to speak on behalf of all the fans.

    • Preacher Book says:

      Were you watching the same episodes I was? Because they are going out with a bang. I am loving the action, but I also realize they couldn’t have kept up this pace for five years. (Otherwise they would be Scorpion) Characters have been developed. Big issues confronted. A really interesting take on AIs presented. It took a while to get interesting but man, did it. I will miss the show. Like “Firefly” and “The Ben Stiller Show” it was too good to not be cancelled.

  6. M3rc_Nate says:

    Just came here to say I loved the potential backdoor pilot that was introduced. Obviously the series must end in a way that they could continue to get numbers and help people and what not, so that might clue us into what the end game will be (do the AI’s survive? etc). I’d love the cast of the new show. However I wonder, if POI has gotten cancelled, in what way could the new show survive? I HIGHLY doubt CBS would cancel POI then turn around and green light a POI spin off. So who would buy it and put it on their channel/website?

    • Cat says:

      As I understand it, POI is owned by Warner Bros…so they could shop a spin-off anywhere they pleased. Also heard that is why CBS is cancelling it…they don’t have the extended rights to it. I hope they do a spin-off.

  7. texmike says:

    I’m loving these last episodes. I feel that the show is going out on a high note. I would also love a possible spinoff.

  8. Coal says:

    What has always puzzled me is what about the other irrelevant numbers in other states, who helps them ? That was some how answered by Logan,Joey and Harper showing up and alluding to the possible existence of other teams.

    • Trisa says:

      I have ALWAYS wondered about that! I thought that the people who lived in New York were JUST THAT LUCK to have the POI team doing their thing in that little corner of the world. The rest of us could go scratch

    • Fido says:

      I can imagine the final scene of the final ep revealing a multitude of teams all over the USA and possible in other countries too. :) – be kinda cool to see a Person of Interest UK series. The ptb could franchise the show all over the world so other countries could make their own versions, just like I’d like to see other countries versions of The Walking Dead, CSI and (thinking way WAY back) Buffy (there was a big bunch of chosen ones awakened at the end of s6, right ?!)

      • Jake says:

        “I can imagine the final scene of the final ep revealing a multitude of teams all over the USA and possible in other countries too. :)”

        You’re hired!

        • Karen says:

          I’m afraid the virus Harlod has created will destroy Samaritan … and the Machine. That’s why he doesn’t want to reveal much of his plans to her.

    • Thanh says:

      Yeah, I’ve always wondered about the irrelevant numbers in the rest of the States, if not the world. I don’t know what the other poster is smoking, but I thought this episode was great. It was entertaining, and gave us follow-ups on some past POIs. Maybe more of those past POIs are now helping others like them. I’d be all for a spinoff.

  9. Imzadi says:

    I didn’t know this until I read it on the IMDb message board for POI, but Joey Durban is played by Amy Acker’s real life husband, James Carpinello.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Jadzia says:

      They basically got rid of Amy’s character to get her husband on the show. JK They killed her off only to reduce her role and make her the voice of the machine. And she still supports this show. Amy Acker is just too nice.

      • HAP says:

        I actually thought that Amy’s voice got more screen time last night than she ever got in prior episodes.

        • HAP says:

          And, as an interesting bit of trivia, James Carpinello was in season one, episode three, before Amy Acker joined the POI cast.

        • Jadzia says:

          “Amy’s voice got more screen time last night than she ever got in prior episodes”
          Because they care about the machine more than they ever did about Root and/or Amy herself. /sad lol

    • Thanh says:

      Woah, Interesting tidbit. And I’m totally geeking about about your username. Loved TNG, and enjoyed the book. ;)

  10. Cheryl says:

    I think POI has been excellent so far and am very sad to see it coming to an end. Keeping fingers crossed that some kind of reincarnation is possible for it.

  11. Eurydice says:

    As soon as I saw how Joey was made up to look like Reese’s little brother, I thought “Hmmm, we’ve got Logan the Computer Guy and Joey the Square Jawed Military Guy, now we just need a Kick-ass Female Cop to complete the team.” And there she was – it made me so happy. And after last week’s episode I commented that Root was now the Machine – so, I was only 98.5% right (or whatever percentage the Machine quoted). I will miss POI because the Finch/Reese duo is epic, but I would happily watch “The B-Team”.

  12. Jadzia says:

    I want to see Amy Acker again. When we’ll get to see tm’s projection of her or an alternative version or a twin or… I want Root back :(

  13. Liam says:

    I’m tired of this constant simulation. What year is now in POI universe? 2012? Tell the machine to choose a simulation already and get on with this. Hit rewind button for pete’s sake. Preferably the version where Root is alive and well and not sacrificing herself for Harold’s man pain.

    • Eric H says:

      Huh? Based on the invitation that Shaw had, the show is currently in November 2015, which makes sense since that was when they were filming the episodes. They are very much in the real world, not some simulation.

      • Liam says:

        Nah it’s some dumb simulation and Root is actually alive in real world and nothing will ever convince me otherwise. If I want to watch a show about transcendence I’ll watch Serial Experiments Lain. Root is alive. Yep that’s how it is. A-L-I-V-E.

  14. Linda Garza says:

    i agree with what he said.What I want is for Person of Interest to continue it is a awesome series.Reese,Shaw and Fusco make a fantastic team,keep the series going and with the same
    actors those three are a great team.CBS I don’t understand as too why you have that awful thought of allowing this series to go down.Step in cable channels this is an awesome series to pick up.Not like the CW picking up Super Girl I mean really

  15. k. e. parcell says:

    What spinoff? POI will never end even after it gets canceled it’ll transcend into Blu Ray or something and will go on there forever for like another 5313 episodes as symphony of pixels or whatever. What cancellation? Who ever needs a spin off? It’s just shapes we are all shapes and nothing really dies in the machine. According to their own theory POI doesn’t need any spinoffs or more episodes.

    • Jadzia says:

      *with 99,6% accuracy
      **they’ll live through reruns***
      ***because rerun is just the same as a new episode © person of interest writers

  16. Broots says:

    what’s a person of interest

  17. Linda Garza says:

    CBS do you know what you are doing why would you consider droping such an awesome series like Person of Interest.From one episode to another it has a great deal of excitement great plots and fantastic actors.Reese,Shaw,Root and Fusco make a great team don’t let go of it,I and a great deal of other fans look foward on watching this series every week.Cable channels you would be victorious to pick up Person of Interest it is a number 1 series.Even The CW would do great by taking over,I mean you picked up Super Girl really a no plot show.Person of Interest you are the best

  18. / says:

    For a moment you think that life doesn’t suck that much and then Jonah Nolan remembers that you always have been disposable to him kills you off (c) Root

    • Data says:

      JNolan: And uh most of all I love my favorite character of all time I like to write the most… uh… Salandra… um.. Poof.. Grooves played by… err Emily Ack. I even already planned her death without any honor or humanity. I love Frood so munch

  19. GonnaMissPOI says:

    Still sad about Root. It’s bittersweet to hear her voice coming out of the Machine but I wouldn’t have it as any other voice. It was touching to hear Finch say he misses Root. Loved the addition of the surprise 3! I didn’t see that coming at all. I would definitely watch a spinoff with those three characters. Smart idea to have at least one other (and likely many more) team members out there. Makes sense the Machine, as it became more emotionally developed, would want to save more numbers and I love the idea of having people who were previously “saved” become a new team. That opens up a whole world of possibilities. It’s a blast seeing “the saved” from earlier episodes. Great idea. Sad there’s only two episodes left :-(

    • Data says:

      But… but this show it’s going to transcend into the machine like Root and we all eventually and live there forever through simulations and reruns. It doesn’t need a spin off or a renewal! It’ll transcend which means it’s immortal! Jonathan Nolan taught me that. Isn’t it great!!! Maybe we are all a simulation!!!!

    • Linda Garza says:


  20. bw says:

    Sender: Jonah Nolan to The Machine
    cc: Root
    Re: Is there a plan? Root wants to know
    ♯ Now Playing: Autoclav1.1 – Do you feel disposable?

    • Jane says:

      Jonah: Amy I want to tell you something.
      Amy: Okay…
      Jonah: Your character is disposable and destined to die and I’m not going to change this no matter what. This is my design!1
      Amy: ???
      Jonah: Erm. In other words, Root’s only destiny is to become The Machine’s voice. And it’s going to be you. Because it’s your character’s only destiny!!1
      Amy: …
      Amy: So, uh, I’m still going to stay on POI?
      Jonah: Yeah! You will become…
      Amy: Let me guess. A God?
      Jonah: WHO TOLD YOU?
      Amy: ….
      Amy: Did Joss bite you?

      • Lesbian sourfruit says:

        No it was like this:
        GREG AND JONAH: Hey, Amy we need to talk to you.
        AMY: Sure.
        GREG AND JONAH: It’s about Root’s fate and your future on the show.
        AMY: Let me guess. Root is going to die but I’ll to stay on POI?
        AMY: Sigh.
        JONAH: I’ve been planning this since season 2! It’s like the best idea I’ve ever…
        GREG: Shut up, Jonah.
        AMY: Did… did Joss Whedon bite you?

  21. Cynthia says:

    I loved the idea there are more people working with the machine. There are so many people that could benefit and there are more numbers than helpers to be sure.
    I would totally watch a spin off if POI cannot find another station. Which looks like what’s happening :/

  22. Linda Garza says:

    Come on other stations even cable stations get Person of Interest it is fantastic series it is a #one hit.Please don’t let it go under

    • GL says:

      POI’ll transcend to TV after it’s over. Let it go it will never die there always be reruns. It’ll live forever as shapes on your screen. Even I understand this you should too.

      • GL says:

        Mkay now where’s Jadzia with their % accuracy? Jadzia!

        • Jadzia says:

          *with 99.6% accuracy
          here ya go
          sorry i forgot to check this thread. why bother with a poi anymore? lol

          • GL says:

            Come on only 2 episodes left and it’s over! I can’t believe I used to love this thing and now I can’t wait until it’s gone. It’s worse than when I was waiting until my high school nightmare is over

  23. Linda Garza says:

    I understand about the re runs but I just dont want it to go under.Root,Shaw,Reese and Fusco make an awesome team.Even with others appearing as another team that would be fantastic as well just keep those guys in also, Root,Shaw,Reese and Fusco they are awesome

    • GL says:

      Root is dead. I don’t care about POI w/o her. The Machine’s voice and maybe hologram isn’t good enough for me. POI died for me with Root.

      • Linda Garza says:

        I loved Root’s character,I do like that her voice is used for the machine.I love Person of Interest and I don’t want it to go down.I don’t know about Finchs character but I do know that Shaw,Reese,Fusco and Root are absolutely awesome

  24. Claire says:

    My entire existence was constructed by a sociopath in a sweater west. What do you suggest I do? — Root (at some point before her death quoting Dr. Claire Saunders from Dollhouse)

  25. hawkgirl says:

    We’re just a series of excuses. — Person Of Interest creators/writers in every interview

  26. GL says:

    “Please, Jonah, why can’t Root stay?”
    — Amy Acker, probably, after she got the script for 5×10