Person of Interest Recap: The B-Team

Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 11

This week on the antepenultimate episode of CBS’ Person of Interest, Team Machine tended to their most VIPOI ever, in POTUS — before discovering some very interesting information about the depth of their own troops.

In the wake of Episode 100’s pivotal events, Shaw is repressed and stoic (but in a different way?), while Finch has made tracks for Texas, with The Machine-as-Root in his ear. It’s a voice that takes some adjusting to, but after a brief attempted segue into his sixth-grade teacher, he allows Her to channel Ms. Groves.

Reese, Shaw and Fusco meanwhile get a new number, and it’s a biggie — the president of the United States. Arriving in D.C., Shaw and Reese infiltrate a fundraiser, where they 1) bump into Season 2 POI/tech titan Logan Pierce, and 2) discover a bomb on the premises. After diverting the blast, they catch up to a suspicious, fleeing waiter, who — following a bit of quasi-torture — leads them the next day to a Dupont Circle brownstone. There, Shaw discovers a surveillance room pointing to a planned attack on POTUS at a plaza speech. With Reese on the ground, Shaw in a sniper’s perch and Fusco running the comms, the team comes to realize that the attack will be made via a drone they cannot reroute. Instead, Shaw detours the president — by firing several shots in his general direction.

The prez is saved, but then the Secret Service comes charging after our guys. Luckily, Season 1 POI/army vet Joey Durban, whom Reese bumped into earlier, arrives on the scene to exfiltrate Shaw and Reese (by way of some cammies), while onetime POI Harper plays “Homeland honcho” to whisk Fusco to freedom. Meanwhile, we learn that Harold has ducked into a top-secret facility housed inside a Texas air force base to commandeer Ice9, a computer virus that, The Machine affirms, could bring Samaritan to its knees… but with potentially “devastating consequences” for the rest of the world. Harold attests he has “no other choice,” and then leverages his way past a guard with information about a donor heart the guy’s little girl desperately needs.

Back in D.C., Reese and Fusco learn that The Machine sent Logan, Joey and Harper to secure their extraction after they saved POTUS — because they received John’s “number.” Yes, there is another “team” that does what our guys do — and perhaps others exist. After Logan leaves Reese with a tip on Finch’s whereabouts, Reese and Fusco forego basking in their big, presidential win to instead brace for “one helluva fight.”

What did you think about the episode “Synecdoche” and the other Team Machine?

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