Days of Our Lives Bo Hope Reunion

Days of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso Previews Hope and Bo's Reunion

In Kristian Alfonso’s 30-plus years on Days of Our Lives, she’s seen Hope through everything from amnesia to resurrection. So you’d think that no twist of plot would be challenging enough to rattle her. Yet the soap legend tells TVLine that she was “scared to death” by the prospect of taping this Wednesday’s show (NBC, 1/12c), in which her character reunites with people from her past as she attempts to decide the course of her future.

“I called it the Scrooge episode, because Hope goes to the Horton cabin to think without any distractions and just breathe,” the actress previews, “and, of course, as soon as she exhales, she’s visited by many people.”

Foremost among them is the Salem P.D. detective’s late husband, Bo, played by Alfonso’s longtime leading man, Peter Reckell. “Just imagine that you were given the opportunity to feel like you could hold someone that you loved so deeply and so purely one more time — there are no words to express” that enormity of emotion, says Alfonso, adding, “There are certain moments in this episode that I felt were so Bo and Hope.”

Also reconnecting with the heroine during her reverie will be her former tormentors, Stefano and Larry, as well as Zack, the son she and Bo lost to a hit-and-run accident in 2009.

As for whether these reunions help Hope resolve her dilemma — should she start over with back-from-the-dead husband Aiden or take a chance on a relationship with her enamored partner, Rafe? — Alfonso says, “I don’t know if [she leaves with] a clearer picture of what her game plan is, but something within her steadies her being. She comes away with some strength to stand up, travel the distance and not be afraid.”

What would you like to see happen, Days fans? Hit the comments.

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  1. mollytanner says:

    I’ve been enjoying the DAYS standalone episodes (well, Jennifer’s and Chad/Abby’s lol). I wanted Hope to be with Rafe, and then find herself drawn more to his father Eduardo. That would be a classic soapy triangle. It’s weird DAYS has all the elements/characters/talent there, but it’s like they aren’t connecting everything correctly.

  2. Kevin K says:

    The episode is destined to be a daytime Emmy worthy performance by Kristian Alfonso.

  3. John Madison says:

    Bring back Bo Brady (Peter Reckell)

  4. I have been a faithful “DOOL” fan since the first episode. I have loved every minute and am always touched by the comings and goings of the stars. I would really love to see Hope and her SPD partner to gether and I feel that Aiden should go bye bye. Thanks for all the hours of fun and a special thanks to all the players,

  5. Linda says:

    Love Bo & Hope. Been watching Days for many years. Do not like Aiden! Should not have been brought back. Rafe is the one for her.

  6. J says:

    I do Hope will not take sniveling Aiden back. His son raped her daughter. She needs to divorce him for good.

  7. johns wife says:

    I want Hope to chose Rafe. He is the better man for her and he deserves to finally have a love that will last.

    • Linda says:

      Nope. Hope and Aiden truly belong together! You can see chemistry in their every scene together

      • CocoBrown says:

        Yeaaah a conman lawyer who was brought into town romance and potentially kill his wife for her money! Hope would be foolish to take him back because her history with previous men like Larry, Franco and Patrick don’t support it! She would never take back a scumbag like Aiden and it would be completely OOC if the writers try to force them to be an “it couple”.

  8. jame says:

    would like to see BO and Hope reunited to go after new villain resurrect BO BRING Back peter RECKELL IN A SCIENCEE FICTION LIKE YOU DO STEPHANO AT TIMES

  9. JKoAnn Chiuldress says:

    I have watched Days since the first episode. Love it. Aiden out and Rafe in, unless you can figure out a way to bring back Bo.

  10. Hilda S. Colon says:

    I have been watching DOOL for about 42 years. My favorite Soap. I do miss EJ and Samantha. I do want the story to move on from the Joey commune thing. Not interesting.

  11. WANDA BREWER says:

    i would like to see abigail return hope choose rafe, victor and maggie get their wealth back kate get killed and gone for good

  12. Fay Kelley says:

    I had to chuckle at the gallery of “Best Soap Opera Couples” featuring EJ and Sami, LOL!
    OMG! Have times changed ! That romance made for a lot of controversy and hatred when they first became a couple. Mainly from the fact that most viewers, at the time, thought EJ had raped Sami, and the others thought he had not. Lordy that particular “fact” went on for years and I’m really not sure what the turning point was that the audience accepted and loved this couple.

    I stopped watching, not for that reason, but when I again picked up this Soap, all of a sudden they were the “IT” couple, LOL!

  13. Sherry D says:

    Hope should be with Rafe.

  14. Bev Elder says:

    She needs to be with Rafe so they both can have a happy everafter.

  15. Rachel M. says:

    I will always wish for Bo & Hope to be together after all these years. Their love for each other was so intense! Always has, and always will be. She deserves that much!
    Please bring him back from the dead.

  16. McKenzie Schroeder says:

    That Rafe and Hope get married

  17. DAG says:

    Bo chose Rafe to watch after Hope before he died….did the writers just forget that….Rafe and Hope need to be together

  18. chad says:

    Hope should stay single for while, after everything she has been through. I like her better with Aiden though, Rafe is so boring his whole family is. Gabi and JJ are awful.

  19. Mary Grieb says:

    she needes to go with Rafe

  20. melissa Anderson says:

    I want to see hope with Rafe, He is good for hope.

  21. Lori Yerdon says:

    I wish Peter Reckell would come back for good!!!!! LOVE THEM BOTH

  22. Judith Martin says:

    Would love to see Bo and Hope back for good. Always will say they needed to be the next Tom and Alice. his death a dream

  23. Sharon says:

    I would like to see a lot of the people who are on Days now… go away ! and give the old ones good storylines . Stop bringing in new people.. just use the ones you already have.Also, I HATE that Nadia is coming back. I never did, and NEVER will , like her.

  24. Sharon says:

    I would like to see a lot of the people who are on Days now… “go away ! ” and… give the old ones good storylines . Stop bringing in new people.. just use the ones you already have.Also, I HATE that Nadia is coming back. I never did, and NEVER will , like her.

  25. MB Scott says:

    Get rid of Aiden. They do not now nor have they ever had ANY chemistry together. It has always been an awkward, to say the least, pairing.

  26. Robin says:

    tired of kate wish they wouldn’t of killed off bo. get rid of alden,get Rafe with hope and kayla back with patch

  27. Please write Hope and Rage together for happy ever have true love ever lasting

  28. Peter Hauck says:

    Brig Back Bo, ratings will go through the roof. Bo and Hope made the show go.

  29. Elaine says:

    If Bo can not come back from the dead then I want to see her with Rafe. Get rid of Aiden and his son!

  30. Sandy Gum says:

    Bring back BO.I have watched Days since I was 16 and love the show ,but not the same with out Bo & Hope.

  31. Carole Price says:

    I would LOVE to see Sami and EJ and Bo’s return from the dead……I would also love to see Nicole and Rafe together. Lose Ciara and Claire…UGH! I want to see Chad back with Abby, eventhough you hired a new Abby…..try to woo the old Abby back…give her more money, SOMETHING, get her back! I love her with Chad!

  32. i would like to see hope and rafe together, both deserve to be happy

  33. Rosemarie Doughty says:

    I don’t want to see her back with Aiden he’s a slime, I guess Rafe is okay but he’s a little weak. She needs someone stronger and sexier. I do wish they would not turn Ceria into a slut, but that’s what they seem to be doing. Abagail has serious problems and this teenage bimbo is making her to be the bad one. She’s another teenage Samy.

  34. Darlene E. says:

    I have watched DOOL from day 1 Bo & hope need to be together !!
    Aiden & Chase along with the other teens needs to go

  35. mo says:

    Ejami please!!!! That’s all I ask for.

  36. Angie says:

    Would love to see Peter back as Bo, Just not the same seeing Hope with someone else, she should stay single awhile , don’t like Aiden at all, Hope shouldn’t even be considering going back with him after what his son did, don’t make since, Rafe seems more like just a good friend , no chemistry together, I’ve watched Days for 30 years now and Bo and Hope have always been the favorite, No one compares to Bo Brady’s character, it was fantastic, and Steve and Kayla should be back together also, their one of those couples also that can’t be put with anyone else , just doesn’t work , bring back the older characters please, especially Peter Reckell, if he will.

  37. Judy Coleman says:

    Hopefully Hope will pick Rafe. They make a better couple. Love Rafe. I have also watched Days since it came on and wish Bo would be back. They made the best couple. If not Rafe.

  38. Donna Natali says:

    Been watching Days for decades and I am so done with Hope and her eye brow. Fancy Face is over. Bring back Sammie and EJ and the show might be a success again. The young actors are such bad actors that I have to fast forward through the parts where they are trying to act. Who ever the new writers are should be fired and then fired again!!! What a shame that such a great soap has turned into a sad excuse for a story line. Come on with Kate already. How many times do we have to watch her do the deed and then blame some one else. Shame on the producers for allowing this to happen to Days. Sorry but one lost customer here.

    • gerri plumeri says:

      All the teen actors really have GOT to go. Especially Ciera. Her voice is always the same. She can’t act. I just saw today’s episode with Bo and it had me crying. He’s so awesome……………the show is just not the same without him. If possible, please get him back on Days. Also please get rid of Diemos……………he is NOT the new villian in town. We need Stefano back. The show is really very boring and dull lately. I think today’s show was the best EVER. That’s cause Bo and Hope were together again. And PLEASE no more Hernandez people.

      • Catherine Madley says:

        Stefano is very ill. Didn’t you notice last scenes with him he was never standing or walking, always sitting in the wheelchair and there was never an explanation as to why. I think he is retired and like it or not Deimos is the new younger villain in town! They even got rid of Andre (for a while) by putting him in jail. No more DiMeras. Victor lost his edge when he married Maggie.

  39. Lorraine says:

    Would love to see Bo come back but if that can’t happen I would love to see Hope with Rafe. Aidan needs to go away with Kate forever. Kayla and Steve also should NOT be apart. I have watched for over thirty years and I have never been so disappointed in the show as I am now.

  40. Pam M says:

    I am a Bo and Hope fan, always have been always will be. Their love story is unlike any other. I wish something could be done to woo Peter Reckell back as the love of her life. Everything that is done in her scenes always refer back to him. Find a way to get them back together. Everyone else rises from the daed, why not Bo. She will never have chemistry with anyone else like she has with Peter. They belong together. Nothing compares to Bo and Hope. Even in this article she references her feelings about the two of them. I am sure it was magical playing this scene and her seeing their son in his teen years. I am glad they did this for her. I will always love Bo and Hope and Days will see in the coming months what a mistake it was to loose Peter Reckell as her partner.

    • johns wife says:

      Me too, however it was Peter’s decision not to stay with the show so he could spend time with his family. You can’t fault him for that, but I do agree they had the greatest love story.

  41. Carole says:

    I want to see Bp come back!

  42. sheila says:

    I have a hard time picturing Hope with anyone but Bo. Bring back Peter Reckell.

  43. CAROL HARRISON says:

    I would love to see Hope and Bo back together again, but if that’s not possible Rafe would be my second choice. Sammy and EJ are my favorite couple. I would love to see those two return to DOOL. Aiden should be behind bars along with his son.

  44. Theresa Dauge says:

    Maybe this episode was a tease and Stefano is alive as well as Bo and Zack. But that is wishful thinking! It was great just to reunite Bo and Hope even for a little while.

  45. Debbie Null says:

    Sammy is the best but I don’t care for EJ you need to bring Sami and her children back to Days

  46. Bonita Chapman Porter says:

    I hope, Rafe is the writers choice for Hope

  47. Andrea Green says:

    I would love for Sammie and Ej to come back. I have been watching this soap since I was young and Sammie is the main reason why I have watched it all these years. Allison Sweeney has always been my favorite actress on the show. If Ej doesn’t return I would love for Sammie and Lucas(Bryan Dattilo) to become a couple. They have had the worst luck at relationships and it’s time for them to have a positive relationship on the show.

  48. Josie says:

    Oh enough with the Bo already! If Reckell wanted to stay he should not have whined about “more family time.” I suspect he found out the industry was not interested in an aging leading man from a now boring soap. Too bad, you ate dead Bo.

    • CocoBrown says:

      This is a complete troll comment and it’s not to be remotely be taken seriously. Bo is forever an iconic character on Days more than Aiden will ever be! Aiden and Chase sucks.

      • Josie says:

        No, it is not. I have watched Days from almost the beginning. I am sick,of being jerked around by pretty boys like Reckel who got rich on this show then left. I am glad I found out about today’s show because I deleted it without watching. What I said was true, it was his choice to leave!!

  49. Jim Rickett says:

    I’ve been a longtime fan of Days and watching the chemistry again with Bo and Hope made me realize how much I miss the two of them together. I know Peter Reckell wanted time with his family but there has to be a way they could work out a contract to suit both parties and work a storyline in again. For me it’s just not the same.

  50. Sue says:

    After watching Days since Bo rode in on his motorcycle I stopped watching when they killed off Bo. My mom called me and told me to turn it on today because Bo was on. I have missed watching them. Their chemistry is amazing. I really can’t see hope with anyone else and just watching them dance to their song today tells you why. Days really made a mistake when they didn’t do everything in their power to keep Peter Reckell. The show just is not the same without him.