UnREAL Spoilers

UnREAL's Shiri Appleby Talks Rachel's Power Trip, the New Suitor, New Love

UnREAL‘s Rachel has a fancy new job title in Season 2 — one that she’ll have to fight to keep.

Tonight’s premiere (Lifetime, 10/9c) finds the producer channeling her inner Quinn as Everlasting‘s newly christened showrunner. “But that quickly falls apart,” star Shiri Appleby says with a laugh.

On the bright side, there’s a new man (played by Jane the Virgin‘s Michael Rady) in Rachel’s life who may be just what she needs. But between trying to keep her sanity, dealing with her mean-spirited ex Jeremy and extricating herself from Quinn’s control, the upstart has her hands full, the actress details below.

TVLINE | What does it mean for Rachel to be the showrunner?
It means that Quinn (played by Constance Zimmer) trusts her. They have moved past some of the problems that she’s had in the past. They are giving her respect and acknowledging that she is a vital part of making Everlasting the successful show that it is, so it really feels incredible to Rachel. And the fact that having a black suitor (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s B.J Britt) is her idea, that something she’s been advocating for years [is] actually happening, really makes her feel like she’s growing and doing something worthwhile with her life.

UnReal Season 2TVLINE | Coming off last season, how has the dynamic between Rachel and Quinn changed?
Now that Rachel has more power, it’s like she’s trying to become more independent of Quinn. She’s really fighting for that, to be on her own. They have to almost be pulled apart to realize that maybe they do need each other.

TVLINE | Is Rachel looking to Quinn as the ideal of what she wants to be like as a showrunner?
There are a lot of things that Quinn does that Rachel would like to emulate, but Rachel wants her opportunity to do it in her way. She’s not really commanding the show in the same way that Quinn does. It would be hard to.

TVLINE | There were some hints last season that Rachel may have mental issues – or at least her mother thinks so. Do you think there’s something wrong with her?
I just think she’s been in a really bad situation for a long time, with her mother prescribing her pills and being her shrink since she was a young girl. Then, she’s in another unhealthy environment. She’s, obviously, a workaholic, because it gives her something to do and not think about what’s going on in her life. But at the same time, Quinn is also trying to control her. She seems to be in these very unhealthy relationships with very strong women, and it makes her question whether or not she’s actually healthy.

TVLINE | Where is she at mentally and emotionally in Season 2?
She goes on a roller coaster ride, for sure. But Rachel really is a survivor, so it’s almost like every episode, she’s asking herself how much more can she take. “Is this as bad as it gets? Is this rock bottom?”

TVLINE | The professional lines got blurred between Rachel and Adam (Freddie Stroma). What is her relationship like with the new suitor, Darius?
The lines are definitely more defined than they were with Adam; it’s more of a professional relationship. She has respect for him in the sense that he’s accomplished [as a star football QB], he’s successful in his own right. He seems to be a very strong man. She does get him to trust her, but they’re not nearly as close as Rachel and Adam were.

TVLINE | The men in Rachel’s life in Season 1 sparked a lot of fan passion – and some dislike, as well. How did you feel about her relationships with Adam and Jeremy (Josh Kelly)?
They were both really wonderful actors, and structurally, really interesting characters in that Adam really represented a fairy tale life that Rachel could have, and Jeremy really represented this normal, easy life. It was interesting that she was exploring both of those options at the same time. Unfortunately, she burnt down one, and the other one really blew up in her face. It’s not surprising that she’s back to square one.

TVLINE | Jeremy did something really deceptive by going behind her back to her mother. Where do he and Rachel stand after that?
UnREAL SpoilersThey do not start off [Season 2] as friends, by any stretch of the imagination.

TVLINE | We’ve seen Rachel mix work and pleasure before with Adam and Jeremy. What’s different about her new love interest (Michael Rady)?
He seems like he could be the perfect fit. He comes from a nice family. He works in documentary films. He’s had success making things that have been well-received. He seems like somebody that could stand up to Quinn for Rachel and be a viable option for a partner in life.

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  1. Sarah96 says:

    Rachel really has awful luck and all the people in here are life are trying to manipulate her or control her life..I hope she gets her independence and stays strong. She doesn’t need any man in her life for that, Jeremy is an idiot and a backstabbing bastard and Adam was just to easy to manipulate against her so I prefer if she stays away from guys in general.

  2. Elle says:

    I’d love to see Jason Behr play Rachel’s love interest

  3. Sabrina says:

    Great interview. I can’t wait to see this season and I’m so glad it’s been renewed for another season.

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Good interview with Shiri. So excited to watch new season tonight! Happy the show is back!

  5. Dennis says:

    Nice interview with Shiri! Love her.

  6. tvwatcher says:

    We have no idea if Rachel and Adam would have worked out or not. They were never given a chance outside of Everlasting.The writers pulled the rug out from under us. Quinn and Jeremy need to pay for what they did. I want to Rachel focus more on her self. I want less soap opera and more focus on Everlasting.

  7. tvwatcher says:

    We have no idea if Rachel and Adam would have worked out or not. They were never given a chance outside of Everlasting. The writers pulled the rug out from under us. Quinn and Jeremy need to pay for what they did. I want Rachel to focus more on her self. I want less love tangle soap opera and more focus on Everlasting. They probably would have gone with the fed ex sex scene had this show been on HBO. However the one they used was still risque for Lifetime.

  8. michellemichell says:

    If I was writing this show I would have not killed Mary. It just did not work for me. For starters nobody with her mental health issues would be on a show like this. Switching out her meds should be against the law. I saw the jump coming from a mile away. The jump felt like just an attempt to shock the viewers. I wasn’t shocked. It was one of the weakest episodes of the series. Then fast forward and its business as usual. If that happened on the real show they would have pulled it from the air. Instead I would have had Mary attack the ex in the trailer or something like that.They killed off Mary so they can get more people talking baout the show. If she beats up the EX in the trailor nobody would talk about the show. They totally jumped the shark. In my option anyway. I was rooting for Rachel all season long. She was my favorite character. Don’t know if I was rooting alone or not. I guess the shows creators have not heard of the show Damages? Quinns one liners get old pretty fast. They werre great the 1st few times then it became one too many. We get it. As for Adam and Rachel we don’t truly know if it wouldn’t have worked. They were never given a chance outside of Everlasting. What we do know is that they had electric chemistry. Viewers fell for them hook line and sinker. Quinn needs to pay for what she did. Hopefully the writers learn from there mistakes and season 2 is even better. Fingers crossed we don’t get a sophomore slump.I would not mind if Rachel spent the entire second season being single and working on UnREAL. I want more Everlasting and less love trangle soap opera. Despite all of that UnREAL was still one of my favorite shows of 2015. It just wasn’t perfect

  9. Jewels says:

    I like her…she just always looks so ill. Even when she’s off screen.

  10. Cas says:

    Man all these comments are about Rachel and whats his name. I like the new guy better.