Preacher Recap: There Will Be Blood

Preacher Season 1, Episode 2

Just as Jesse was beginning to get a handle on his newfound power in this week’s Preacher, the duo that had tracked the entity inside him all the way around the globe made their play to retrieve it (him? her?) — with a chainsaw. How did it go? As if the title of this recap doesn’t answer that question, keep reading!

MAKING A SPLASH | After an enigmatic, 1881-set opening in which a grizzled cowboy rode across the plains to the delightfully named Ratwater (presumably to retrieve medicine for the sick little girl he left behind), we joined Jesse in present-day Annville, where he was baptizing his flock. “Save me, Father,” teased Tulip, who, after being dunked in holy water, provocatively thanked her former lover for “getting [her] all wet.” Trying to contain her jealousy, Emily focused instead on complaining about the church’s new handyman, Cassidy, who seemed to be more interested in drinking all of the Communion wine than in actually fixing anything. After the baptisms, while a member of the congregation called Sheriff Root a — cough — murderer, Jesse counseled Linus, a school-bus driver fixated on one of his young passengers. Curiously, while the budding pedophile was speaking, Jesse heard dogs barking… just like the cowboy had during dinner with a wagon train centuries earlier. (WTF?)

REPO MEN | Following a brief introduction to Odin Quinncannon (Jackie Earle Haley) — Donny’s boss at Quinncannon Meat & Power and apparently the merciless Montgomery Burns of Annville — we cut to Jesse getting hammered at All Saints with Cassidy, who was as doubtful that God has a plan for the preacher as the preacher was doubtful that his new bestie is a 119-year-old vampire being stalked by religious vigilantes. After trying the blood-sucker’s moonshine, Jesse passed out for the night… which left him in the worst possible position to defend himself against the tag team that was hell-bent on capturing the entity within him. When the gents failed in their first attempt — singing “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” to lure the thing into a tin can — out came the chainsaw. Luckily, Cassidy — thinking the guys were vampire hunters — intervened on his pal’s behalf. What ensued was a knock-down drag-out fight so insane that even Tarantino would approve. In the end, Cassidy was victorious; the entity’s pursuers, buried in the trunk in which they’d hauled their gear.

WAKE-UP CALL | The following day, Jesse paid a visit to Mrs. Loach, whose daughter, Tracy, was languishing in a coma. (She still listened to The Bachelor, however.) Mrs. L appreciated the preacher’s words of comfort but noted, “Words won’t open her eyes.” That evening, Jesse was abducted by Tulip — just for sexy s—s and giggles — so that she could inform him that (a) she was going to trade her map with someone named Danny for information of an as-yet-undisclosed nature, and (b) she was certain that eventually, when her ex was his naughty old self again, “Mr. Bad Man” would agree to do another job with her. Later, Eugene dropped in on Jesse to confess that he hadn’t actually been changed by his baptism. “What if,” the teen asked, “this is the me that God wants?” Good question — especially for Jesse. What if Mr. Bad Man is the version of him that God wanted?

DIVINE INTERVENTION | Deciding that he could do good by being bad, Jesse made a beeline for Linus’ house, re-baptized him in scalding bathwater and told him to forget the little girl on whom he was fixated. And whad’ya know? When the preacher was done, Linus didn’t even remember what, much less who, they were talking about. The next morning, while the entity’s pursuers — right as rain and not in the slightest bit buried — introduced themselves to Sheriff Root as being “from the government,” Jesse headed for the Loaches’ and put his gift to the test. “Open. Your. Eyes,” he instructed Tracy. Alas, before we could find out if she did, the episode was over.

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