Game of Silence Series Finale Recap: Was Vengeance Theirs?

NBC’s Game of Silence made some noise with what would be its series finale. Did the Quitman boys exact justice for the warden’s past crimes?

Though Jackson & Co. seemed to have handed Detective Winters and her FBI pal a closed case — having found Petey’s grave on land purchased by Carroll after the youth’s suspicious death — Carroll deflected the charges by throwing Red (vanished) and Bobby (dead) under the bus. Still, Carroll is spooked by the close call, so he drives to the ranch to prepare for his big speech. There, Bolo Tie shares his suspicions about Jessie, saying she’s possibly a mole for the opposition — but Ray isn’t buying it.

After making peace with Marina — who in turns reveals that she is pregnant (with a boy, she later learns) — Jackson and the others realize they need Terry and/or Dennis to come clean about their role in Petey’s murder, and implicate Carroll to boot. Alas, though they are able to compel clergyman Dennis to confess to the DA, it turns out he doesn’t rat on Carroll.

Marina meanwhile gets a visit (and a pregnancy gift) from Diana Stockman. Jackson’s fiancée presses Diana about her ties to Ray Carroll, seeing as he is about to get slapped with a murder rap (or so she believes). Diana plays it cool (but is obviously rattled), saying that Marina’s savviness is precisely why she hired her.

With Dennis suddenly lawyered up, Jackson turns to Terry to tell the truth, pointing out that the warden went out of his way to ensure that duress was not a defense for the one who put down Petey. Terry suspects, rightly, that Jackson is wearing a wire, and a shootout with the feds ensues, but he escapes after being shot. Later, Terry calls Winters to fetch him his go bag, lest her brother get killed. Jackson though assures Liz that he’s made arrangements for her brother to be protected, so she should go ahead and use the meet-up to collar Terry.

Shawn attends Amy’s funeral with Boots’ widow, where the deceased’s nephew hands him an envelope from her car with his name on it. It’s a list of other Quitman kids who apparently were killed.

At his big fundraiser, Carroll reconsiders Bolo Tie’s warning about Jessie when he sees her chatting with the donor whose file she is suspected of stealing. In private, Carroll reveals that he now remembers “little Jessie West” from her scared visit to Quitman back in the day. So what is she up to? Their tense convo is interrupted by a text from Gil — one of the stolen blackmail photos! — which sends Carroll racing to his emptied safe, where he faces the business end of Gil’s gun. Gil almost allows Carroll to distract him with psychobabble and what not, but he snaps out of it and juts the gun against Carroll’s forehead. “I’m not gonna shoot you. It’s much worse than that,” Gil says, steering Carroll back to the fundraiser… where Jessie is leading a damning, disturbing slideshow of Carroll’s predatorial, Quitman-era crimes. Carroll flips out and tries to fame Jessie as a liar, but the crowd doesn’t buy it and flees away from the rubber chicken dinner.

Jackson Game of Silence - Season 1has less luck, though, when it comes to tracking down Marina, who has been abducted from their home — and prime suspect Terry legitimately has no idea where she is. Liz arrives to keep Jackson from crossing any lines, then goes to arrest Terry for Petey’s murder. Terry tries to saunter away, but Liz puts a bullet in him.

As the finale draws to a close, Diana welcomes to the fold her new go-to man — Dennis?! — assuring him that she has the Jackson Brooks situation under control. How so? You’ll be sorry you asked. Because as Jackson and the others gather at the Louisiana field where the FBI is searching for the other graves, Agent Sugg spies blood dripping from Jackson’s trunk. And, sigh, sure enough, inside Jackson finds his pregnant fiance, brutally murdered.

As showrunner David Hudgins (who adapted Game of Silence from the Turkish series Suskunlar) previously said of the finale, “You get a result and you get a payoff — but it’s also an ending that people will find shocking… open[ing] up the world to a whole other level.” If there had been a Season 2, that is.

What did you think of that tragic ending, and what Game of Silence Season 2 might have looked like?

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  1. ron stone says:

    Can’t believe NBC would allow this to end like this. All the networks are the same, their news is entertainment and reality shows, Anything with any substance, any thinking show, hits the graveyard. The dumbing down of America. trump completes it. CBS threw rather under the bus years ago. These corporate heads belong in a glug, in a place they can not affect real people.

    • Vanessa says:

      Actually in a way the Turkish show ended their finale like this, except that the person dying was the turkish version of Jackson. So in a way they ended the show the same why the original one had their series finale, this is a show about real life and sometimes in real life there are no happy endings and people die and bad people arent caught, si sad, but i actually thought the end would be way worst.

      • Craig Thomas says:

        I am SO DISAPPOINTED. Where was second hr., promised, along with a finish. I always thought it was planned as a mini- series. Never knew another season even on the table. So u leave us w worst possible scenario, leave off rest, & cancel? At least end it with Carroll & rest, esp. the bitch that killed what they have coming. Never been so mad!

        • Judy Paxton says:

          Totally agree with you. I can’t believe they would leave part of the story hanging. NBC had time to readjust the ending with a “2” hour finale ..which was supposed to happen, but didn’t!!

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            There was never a “2-hour finale,” that was a rumor born of a ghastly game of “Internet Telephone.”

    • Dysturbed says:

      It sucks when shows are cancelled, even moreso when they end on cliffhangers. The reality though is that if ratings are poor in the key demo, then the advertisers won’t usually pay much to the networks to air their ads when that show is on. Since that money is a big part of what compensates networks to air the shows in the first place, (unless they do well enough to last a few seasons and then get syndication money), there is little reason to keep spending more without compensation.

    • Luis Alvarez says:

      I’m “PISSED” when read that NBC canceled Game of Silence. I can’t believe that this series does not have hi ratings. What can I do to bring this series back?

    • Andrea stovall says:

      I thought the ending was very much like Seven. “What’s in the trunk? WHAT’S IN THE TRUNK!?!”

  2. Dave says:

    I hate tv cancellations as much as Gil’s barber hates him.

  3. Pamela Dutton says:

    Please don’t cancel this show. What would it take to keep this show on?

  4. Emily says:

    I hope if there is a season 2 then they go after Stockman and see what else happens to Carroll. Maybe he saved himself and the boys are back to business.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      At least give the fans a novel series to wrap things up, suits! There is no excuse for that lack in current tv series. It is beyond callus indifference.

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m so mad this was canceled. NBC never gave it a shot. At least TRY it on a new night. Tonight was insanely good. I wish another network would pick it up because its fantastic…truly.

    • Laura says:

      NBC really never gave this amazing show a chance and made their decision by episode six. Just wrong because while I thought the entire show was awesome I believe that the show picked up steam and only got better! The fans are passionate about this show and it’s incredible actors who live tweeted every show with the fans who supported this show. Loved it and very much hope another network or Netflix will pick up this show. It is just too good to end after just ten episodes. There is so much more to explore about the characters!

      • Terri says:

        Game of Silence is /was a great TV show. If this show had been a cliffhanger it would be great ( minus Marina being dead) BUT for whatever unbelievable reason one of the best summer shows was cancelled.
        I think it should continue buto on Netflix or Hulu Being off of network TV would allow them to really talk about Quitman

      • Love this show please keep it on T V!

        • Craig Thomas says:

          The promised 2hr. finale, supposed to have given an answer, was only 1hr, very bad place to end, especially if it’s to be cancelled. I was irate! All that with no ending Sux! Where was other hr.? RENEW! FINISH WHAT U STARTED! AT LEAST ADD ENOUGH episodes to give Carroll what he has coming

          • Vanessa says:

            There was never 2 hours, was always 1 hour, the only day that was 2 hours was thursday june 2.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Correct; the finale was never advertised as two hours. That was the Thursday prior.

    • Dysturbed says:

      I enjoyed the show too, and am not a fan of cancellations, but the new night approach that disgruntled viewers tend to suggest, isn’t a feasible one in today’s tv world.

      Say that a show moves to another night to try to save it. The same number of estimated people who currently watched would need to follow the show to the new night and time and prioritize watching it live regardless of whatever else is on at that same time. That would help maintain current ratings. Then, millions of estimated viewers who didn’t previously care to watch the show would have to start watching it and prioritize it as well in order to give it a big enough bump to keep on going.

      Even if network execs for some reason believe that an unlikely thing like that would happen, they’d have to convince advertisers of that fact. Otherwise they’d have to willingly spend millions to keep things going, and not get anything in return, which is a poor business move.

      • KLS says:

        ABC moved The Catch so much it was hard to tell when it was on. CBS uses it’s NCIS lead-in for a number of new shows, but I can’t say this philosophy works too well.

    • Maddy says:

      Dont put this show off the air it is one of the best i have seen. Please put it back on.I was looking for a better ending. Two many questions not answered.

    • Dorothy Brown says:

      I want GOS to survive. We now have several avenues to follow since Marina is dead. That was quite sad. Please, somebody put it back on a network channel.

  6. KLS says:

    Didn’t like the fact that they killed Marina. Diana was set up to be a good “Big Bad” for Season 2. Too bad it was cancelled. I started watching at the beginning, but it got too convoluted in the middle. Came back to watch the final burn-off eps.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Was sad but at the same time was not so bad, we got lots of answers, most of the things from the pilot were sort of done, also at least MRJ character didnt died, went to jail and for my surprise got the girl.

  8. I enjoyed this series as a whole. Truly sad about what happen with Marina. I think game of silence was a suspenseful and thrilling emotional ride and the finale had me at the edge of my seat. I think all the performance were well done however Michael Raymond James portrayal as Gil Harris was just stellar and jaw dropping. Gil is going down as one of my favorite characters by MRJ. Sad to see this show not be renewed for season 2.

  9. Andreia says:

    Im sad that they dont have a S2, but that is how you make a finale that will be talked and in a way at least for me, worked well as a season and as a series finale, yes they maybe should have filmed 2 finales one if they were not renewed and one if they had a S2.
    But yeah this finale was sad for Marina, she didnt deserved it, but could have been way worst, like no one finding out about the Warden and Terry, so almost all the main stories from the season 1 were sort of closed.
    Think if they had a S2, Jackson somehow would be blamed for Marina death and arrested, his Dea friend would become his new love interest, Shawn and Annie would get together, Jessie and Gil would still have this weird relation, they all would have more secrets and i dont even know about Diana and Dennis, that was a huge twist, i knew she was bad, but i had a crazy theory that she was Gil´s bio mom, but not expected the Dennis thing.
    But amazing job from all the cast and since my fav was Gil, great job of MRJ with the warden and who knew Gil`s plans always work, LOL and he didn`t died or had some crazy acident, he didnt went to jail and he actually got the girl in the end.

  10. Golfer girl says:

    Wish Marina had not been murdered. Would have been great to watch her use her legal expertise to spar with her evil new client.

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to watch the show but could you please bring it back and I approve this message.

  12. Sue Barr says:

    It astonishes me that networks cancel the good shows that viewers like time and time again. People making these network decisions are out of touch with their viewership and clearly motivated by something other than satisfying those folks generating revenue for them. Hulu, Netflix and others are gaining in popularity because of powers that be who refuse to listen. How can people become invested in shows that aren’t given more than a minute? What’s the matter with tv execs and there horrendous decision making abilities?????

  13. Barbara Paine says:

    I loved this show. But once again, a new show that has promise gets cancelled because it does not beat a favourite standby. No wonder we have so many boring shows (inane comedies with overbearing laugh tracks. Will they never go away??) Thank goodness there is Netflix & other options.

  14. Donna says:

    Wish it would if continued The creativity could of gone on. Oh well. Another good show bites the dust. The cast was great. All were terrific

  15. Elizabeth Rey says:

    The death of Marina was shocking but it still leaves All the villains out there…Terry is not dead, but in the hospital, Carroll is disgraced but not imprisoned and Diana is the worse of them all and did she kill Marina?? The cast is great….I would have loved a season two!

  16. Laurie says:

    Really wanted to see all the bad guys and woman get taken down.

  17. Chris says:

    We really enjoyed the show but are very disappointed in NBC, etc who cancel the shows without allowing proper closure to the series. They have little respect for their viewers!!!

  18. Jessie says:

    I’m so bitter about this being canceled. NBC took so long to actually air this show. Even once they FINALLY started advertising a premiere date, they ended up changing it practically last minute again. After doing that, you should at least have the decency to give the show more than a handful of episodes before canceling it.

    That said, I am thankful they at least aired the rest of the episodes. I’m really glad Gil was able to take down Carroll, and do it in a way that didn’t involve him dying/going to jail/etc.

    Really would love to see this show find a new home, be it Netflix/Hulu or another network willing to give it a shot. Not sure how likely that is that it happens, but if it doesn’t I guess I’ll just be delusional and pretend it simply went on a reaaaally long hiatus!

    PS Please stop canceling every single show David Lyons is on. He’s such an incredible actor and deserves to have a series that lasts more than 1-2 seasons tops. Also David, please stay away from NBC.

  19. Carol says:


  20. Donna says:

    Game of Silence is a good show and I am very upset it wasn’t renewed and the finale was very Sad!! I don’t understand how all these stupid reality shows stay on TV and good shows get cancelled!!

  21. Elaine says:

    Last night show was awesome and very intense. Please do not cancel. I am really getting into these characters. Leaving with a cliffhanger is not a good thing. Please bring back a Season 2.

  22. Love this show please keep it on T V!

  23. Connie Maschera says:

    Whoever made this decision at NBC is an idiot. Game of Silence was the best new show they’ve had in ages..

  24. Melissa says:

    If so many people thought it was awesome why was it cancelled!!! Keep trash on TV and get rid of good shows… I may consider not watching nbc anymore you cancelled a lot of good shows 👎🏻

  25. Ruth Rollins says:

    If that is the end of the program I am totally disappointed Viewers are left with the total heartbreak as Jackson finds his soon to be bride dead and everything they did to get even with Carrol is in vain

  26. Sylvia McCreight says:

    Loved the series! Each one ending I couldnt wait for the next one. So upset series cancelled. I mean more than any I have watched. I have never even done one of these reviews before. Last one left us kinda hanging. Was hoping some how Marina saved. Excellent series.

  27. Pauline Mariano says:

    This is an excellent show with a great cast. NBC never gives good shows a chance. Why put it on Thursday against so many already established shows? Why not try another night that’s not so full. And try promoting it a bit more. The plot was great and it left a lot to be answered in another season.

  28. Mary Matthews says:

    Awesome series, characters, actors. Did not like the ending, but perfect for a was a bit convoluted in the middle due to the involvement of so many characters, and flashbacks and subplots. The network put it on the wrong night, and didn’t give it a chance.

  29. Lowe says:

    I am getting tired of good series getting cancelled before they ate given a chance. The producers should be forced to watch their garbage they leave on.

  30. Thomas hill says:

    U got to bring season 2 its not over…..also seems like it’s a spin off from the movie sleepers thomas

  31. Morisot says:

    Made me think of the British series “MI-5” (as aired in the US on PBS.) SPOILER ALERT ——– everyone dies

  32. Laura Bowers says:

    Please don’t cancel this show. Very good, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love the characters too. Please, we need a season 2.

    Concerned viewer

  33. Sophia says:

    I Love the game of silence they should bring it back I think the acting was great and it was thrilling hopefully they bring it back , not much good on TV these days.

  34. Gary Stern says:

    Bring it back for Season 2.
    We need to bring Diana Stockman down.

  35. Jim Todd says:

    Cancelling “Game Of Silence”, easily the best TV series to come down the pike in a decade was nothing less than corporate insanity on the part of NBC. Hopefully, another network, one with some semblance of common sense, will pick it up and carry it forward. Seriously, NBC?! UNBELIEVABLE!

  36. shannonsgems says:

    IDK but I’m FAKKIN’ pissed off and sick and FRAKKIN’ tired of NBC doing this to the viewers ….name me one show on NBC right now that can even come close to “Game of Silence” YOU CAN’T! With all the utter BS going on in this world today, it was nice to finally have a show to look forward to curling up with the family at the end of every show not wanting it to be over and laying in wait of the next one. What’d we do smile too much? God forbid you leave alone a show WE ALL actually like, screw happiness & satisfaction if even for a second huh? Seriously, if there is anything that can be done to stop this BS I am IN! There are many others that should be cancelled before this one and I know I’m not alone in feeling so …..for once NBC TRY LISTENING TO YOUR VIEWERS QUIT BEING GREEDY AND RIDICULOUS… TRY LISTENING TO US UNLESS YOUR FRAKKIN’ STUPID!!! ENOUGH ALREADY LEAVE THE GOOD SHOWS ALONE!

  37. So disappointed in the end and I think they should have had a 2nd season. The good shows go away and all this reality shows are still on and they are crap. This was one of the best shows on. Have no use for the reality shows. I don’t care what Kim and the rest of the crazies are up to. This is what our world is coming to. Such a pity.

  38. Kathleen Norcross says:

    Loved the show the actors and the storyline. Liked the character Jackson and also the actor in the show Revolution. All the characters were good they all fit well in the story. Liked it because they flashed back to the men as boys.

  39. Roxanne Litchholt says:

    Please please please do a season two of Game of Silence. This is a great show that just started to really take off. It looks like there are a lot of people that like this show.

  40. Francisco Vargas says:

    At the very least complete the story. This is one reason I find it hard to commit to any show on network television.

  41. marshahunt says:

    There has to be a seasn 2. Too mamy unopened endings and questions in the air! Maybe Marina wasn’r REALLY dead. Where was the Boots baby all the time the baby mamma was out with Shawn? What is to happen to Diana? She can’t just get away with all that stuff? Terry needs a trial. His brother needs to be caught. And the warden…we want to see a trial for him and him being cuffed and led away to jail for life so he can enjoy some of his own molestation or them giving him the lethal i jection for death. Jesse and Gil….what happens to them and that trailer trash mther of hers? Why didn’t Shawn have any love nterests…is he gay or is his love interest Boots’ wife? What is up wth the cancellation? That really sucks. This is like endng How to Commit Murder after the first season. Too many unresolved issues. Bring it back and finish it up. Jackson could become a prosecutor putting bad guys away as a result of Marina’s death. Maybe he and Jessee will end ip together. Come on! That was a cheap shot for the loyal viewers who tuned in every week to watch.

    • todd smith says:

      Dont cancel this show
      We r loving it!
      Close to Empire/24
      Stop reality tv nonsense and give us great shows like this.

  42. Clara & Wilson Vidrine says:

    My husband & I LOVE this show & we R in our 70’s

  43. bonnie says:

    I hate this show is ending. So different from other shows. Loved the characters and had lots of twists. So much more interesting than all the other reality shows and boring housewife shows. NBC you are wrong for leaving the viewers hanging like you did.

  44. Amy Peters says:

    Please return with season 2. Really liked the show.
    If it gets cancelled another reality show will most likely appear😡
    Have mercy an renew😊
    Thx u

  45. Gun shy says:

    Really enjoyed the series up to the last.
    Ending sucked ! Pure and simple. Like they couldn’t decide how to finish in time. A waste of our time when they do these types. Makes one gun shy of starting anouther.

  46. Barbara says:

    So disappointed how the Game of Silence ended. There are too many loose ends. This series deserves a season 2 at the very least. Good story good characters why can’t the writers keep this series going?

  47. Laura Cap says:

    I loved this series! Wish it didn’t end. Bring it back!!!!😞

  48. wayne bauer says:

    Why isn’t there a Season Two. This was a great story based on Sleepers movie.

  49. Sharon says:

    Why is it not coming back? I liked this story even though at first it was almost like Sleepers with Kevin Bacon and Brad Pitt. Please bring it back. I would like to know what would have happened in season 2.

  50. Stacey Kerek says:

    I’m disappointed they cancel a show with great potential of a story line and yet continue to air TRASH such as Grimm, Heroes Reborn, You Me and theApocypse,. NBC has great action and drama series with The Chicago trilogies, and Law and Order. It would have seemed a great fit. Unfortunately these days the public would rather watch crap unsubstantiated with any storyline or one that is so outlandish and stupid! Sad sad sad