Penny Dreadful Photos: Vanessa and Ethan's Reunion, a Wild Party and More

Penny Dreadful Season 3 Photos

If, like Penny Dreadful’s Vanessa, you’d been abandoned by the werewolf who once swore to protect you, the first words out of your mouth upon his return would likely be, “Bad dog!”

But Miss Ives is apparently a more forgiving soul than either you or I, because in this photo from “Ebb Tide,” the June 12 episode of Showtime’s glorious monster mash-up, she seems to be welcoming Ethan back with (literally) open arms.

In other newly released images from next week’s installment, Renfield — clearly oblivious to the fate of the last of Dracula’s familiars to get too close to Vanessa — looks eager to have a bite with of his master’s lover, the vampire’s prey gazes at her new paramour with something other than adoration (suspicion, dare we hope?), the Creature reconnects with perhaps his dearest old friend, and Lily…

Honestly, God knows what Lily is up to in that picture. (There are easier ways to polish a table.) Does it really matter, though? Whatever she’s doing, it’s sure to be bats— crazy and thrilling to watch.

Click on the gallery below to take a peek, then hit the comments with your predictions (and hopes) for the end of Season 3.

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