Game of Thrones Photos: The Blackfish Reappears, Tyrells Reunite and More

Wow, that was one really long pee for Game of Thrones‘ Brynden “Blackfish” Tully.

Catelyn Stark’s uncle — who famously stepped outside to relieve himself just before the Red Wedding carnage began — hasn’t been seen on the HBO series since Season 3… that is, until this Sunday’s episode (9/8c).

In this new batch of photos from the hour, The Blackfish looks down from behind a parapet, and he doesn’t look pleased. Perhaps that’s because Jaime and his men — whose ranks include Bronn, as we see in another shot — have arrived to retake Riverrun from the Tully elder, as Tommen ordered in the most recent episode?

As you flip through the pictures, you’ll also see Margaery embracing her grandmother (talk some sense into that child, Lady Olenna!), Cersei also chatting with the Queen of Thorns (they’re all in this together now, eh?) and Sansa, Jon and Davos coming before Robett Glover.

Click on the gallery below to get started, then hit the comments with your predictions for “The Broken Man.”

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