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Baby Daddy EP Breaks Down Danny's Mistrial, Warns of New 'Temptation'

In case you’re wondering, what you just saw on Baby Daddy‘s summer premiere was a miscarriage of justice.

Danny agreeing to go on trial for his “crimes” was supposed to result in a dramatic reunion with Riley, complete with cheesy music and lots of audience applause. But the show’s it couple didn’t reunite at the close of the premiere; Riley, who doubled as her own attorney, left the courtroom in tears. Alone.

It was also a swing and a miss for Ben, who ultimately conceded that Zoey’s baby daddy deserves a second chance. He turned his attention back to Sam, but after what went down — or didn’t go down — between them in the Hamptons, I wouldn’t expect her to give in anytime soon.

TVLine spoke with Baby Daddy executive producer Dan Berendsen for the inside story on Danny’s failed trial, as well as how its outcome will affect his relationship with Riley:

TVLINE | First of all, thank you for bringing back Jackée.
[Laughs] She’s so funny! You could literally give her anything. For my next show, I want to do Here Comes the Judge with Jackée. I would watch that every week.

TVLINE | As would I. … As for the trial, I was surprised to see it end with Danny and Riley apart. How long will you torture us?
It’ll be 100 percent resolved before the end of the season, and you’ll see a great new adventure for them. That I can promise you. The thought was to bring a little more reality to the relationship; this isn’t something that would be cleared up in a day. And there are two schools of thought: Some people are mad at Danny for lying, and others think Riley is overreacting. We allow that to play out for a little while. … And it will ultimately make them a stronger couple. I think all of the fans will be happy with the outcome.

TVLINE | And is it safe to say that Ben has shifted his focus full-time to Sam?
Yeah, but the nice thing about Season 5 is that we have a very mature Ben. He’s not just thinking, “Oh, she’s pretty. I’ll go for her now.” He made a choice with Zoey that didn’t work out, so I think Sam is going to make him work for it.

TVLINE | Ben has gotten weirdly mature. When he gave that speech in the jail cell this week, I almost didn’t recognize him.
Right? Emma’s clearly older now, so he’s been doing this for a while. You’d hope he gained some perspective on things over the years.

TVLINE | Now that Bonnie and Brad have reunited — in the airport bathroom — will Brad be around more, or still in Peru?
He’s still in Peru, but he’ll be back and forth a little more. The back half of this season is Bonnie figuring out how this is going to work for her. How much longer can this work out? It’s a season of temptation for her.

TVLINE | Speaking of temptation, you mentioned a Bonnie/Tucker moment was coming when last we spoke. Care to elaborate?
Well, you will definitely have a Bonnie/Tucker moment. I’m not saying they’ll sleep together, but there’s a kiss or two coming up — and I won’t tell you in what context.

TVLINE | Loni Anderson is coming to the show soon. What can you say about her character?
She’s playing Grandma Wheeler, who we finally get to meet. It has a nice little twist to it; you get a big explanation for who Bonnie is and why we ultimately love her so much. She’s a horrible person, but she’s also oddly the world’s best mom. She would do anything for those kids.

What’s your take on Danny’s future with Riley? (Did Berendsen’s mention of a “great new adventure” make anyone else think Baby Mama?) Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. This is such a stupid storyline/horrible writing. Riley *is* overreacting – they’re making her act like Danny cheated on her instead of having sex with someone (when they weren’t even together!) seven years ago.

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      • Margaret says:

        Tell me more about that job..

        BY THE WAY,

        BEN. AND. RILEY. ARE. THE. BEST!!!

        A best friend love cannever out weigh a lover’s love..pls being them beck together… I actually cried when they broke up the second time…


    • sarah t says:

      I agree. it was 7 years ago when they weren’t even together (it’s not as if they were “on a break”). It does make Riley seem like she’s completely overreacting and all just to keep them apart on the show.
      I used to love Baby Daddy and Young & Hungry but the story lines are just getting too contrived to keep the main couples apart. It’s getting ridiculous and not that funny anymore (on either show).
      I am glad they finally let Emma grow up a little on this show though. Seriously. She technically should be like 5 but at least she’s finally not a baby, baby anymore.

      • Anna says:

        Honestly, creating stupid drama to keep the main couples apart is one of the most overused tropes in television, and I am so very sick of it. 99% of the time it’s caused by miscommunication that doesn’t even make sense – like do we really believe that sincerely honest and open Danny would have lied to Riley about this knowing that this woman was still in their lives? Same with Young and Hungry – this past season was so stupid with the Gabi/Josh back and forth.

    • I am just watching Season 5 and I can’t stand this storyline either. Doesn’t Riley see her pathetic self in the mirror? First, she has slept and dated BOTH brothers, she knew that Danny was in love with her for over a year and she proceeded to sleep with every other man that crossed her path while loving Ben at the same time, and she has not apologized enough. I get that these storylines are supposed to empower women, but let’s be real here. Would I end a soulmate relationship because my man didn’t even remember that he slept with a girl while in high school when I was NOT even interested in him? It’s not realistic. I have been watching Season 5 and it’s just dull. I don’t know why shows turn dull after their 3rd season.

  2. Annie says:

    Ben & Riley are so much better together. They are trying too hard with Danny and Riley.

    • Angela says:

      Uh no Ben and Riley sucked and it was obvious when they were together there was major awkwardness and that Riley was just holding onto her crush from years ago. I never bought her as in love with Ben.

      How are they trying too hard? Danny and Riley just fit and they’re so natural together

    • Anna says:

      Ben and Riley never made sense – she was so into him, and he was so wishy washy about his feelings for her until the end of their relationship last season. It was awkward to watch.

      • skimpole says:

        I don’t think Ben was wishy washy at all. Indeed he was clearly quite the contrary in seasons three and four. Nor do I think that Danny and Riley fit together very well. It is odd that the show thinks the best way to put them together is to have a long drawn out argument which makes even their supporters wonder whether they’re a good couple. I think much of the appeal is wish fulfillment. Danny is the unbelievably handsome hunk who offers complete and unconditional love. The problem is that much of this doesn’t stand close scrutiny. Danny’s key line is that someday somebody will look into Riley’s heart and know exactly how she feels. But his proposal (not incidentally just a couple of minutes after he was audibly sniping at her at his mother’s wedding) completely forgot that Riley has been attracted to him for only a few months. And that he needs his mother to spoon feed him an apology which he botches because of his stupidity isn’t a good example either. Throughout the series Danny takes no initiative, runs no risks and makes no sacrifices, which means his love has three very large conditions to begin with. And there”s a larger problem of psychological credibility. Why would Danny, otherwise a confident and charismatic person decide that the best way to win Riley in the decade he was sexually active was do absolutely nothing, keep his feelings hidden, sleep with lots of other women and simply wait for Riley to recognize his awesomeness? Why would Riley an unpopular and physically unattractive child whose one bright spot in her adolescent life is that her best friend is the most popular boy in school fall in love with his brother? And why when Ben was falling in love with her and genuinely trying to be a better person, who she drop him in a rather deceitful manner? Three explanations present themselves: (1) The Ben/Riley pairing is the endgame. Riley is tempted because she fears Ben may not really love her, because her sexual desires are stronger than she admits, and because she is insecure and nervous and Danny provides her with the popularity and social standing she wants. But ultimately Danny is just an amiable nitwit which is why she didn’t fall in love with him in the first place. What is problematic about the somewhat contrived incident isn’t that Danny told a white lie or that he had a fling with Sam. It’s that it was easier for him to sleep with other women than tell Riley he loved her. (2) I prefer option one. But it’s probably wrong. Option two is that Option One was the endgame but the Danny/Riley pairing was so popular that they changed it. But it was done incompetently and was poorly thought out. (3) When Berendsen said that Danny/Riley was always the endgame he was right and not lying. As such it was always the plan that the two people closest to Ben would break his heart and he would give up his best chance for happiness and his daughter’s best chance for a mother so that Danny could have something he could have gotten a decade earlier with a little effort. But then he wouldn’t have spent the intervening time sleeping with women hotter than Riley, and we couldn’t have that. This was always the plan and Berendsen didn’t realize how morally crass it was, and we’re in this awkward situation because he’s also incompetent

        • Caroline says:

          That sure was a long read. Are you a Ben/Riley fan by any chance? The scrutiny you put the Danny/Riley relationship feels a bit much and if we turn it on the Ben/Riley relationship instead I’m certain we could find even more flaws. But this is a light-hearted comedy and I’m not down to analyze it to absurdum. Danny didn’t tell her because he knew how in love she was with Ben. He didn’t have to tell her to know she didn’t feel the same. As for the rest? It just feels like you’re trying really hard to find faults. None of the things you mentioned is some sort of dealbreaker or would make me think that Ben and Riley are in any way better together.

          This isn’t making supporters wondering if they’re a good couple. It’s making us wonder what the hell is wrong with Riley. The way she is acting she wouldn’t make a good couple with anyone.

          It’s clear that Danny/Riley was always the intended endgame. They had the stronger connection from the beginning and there have been lots of hints that they are the OTP of the show.

          • skimpole says:

            Actually the pro-Danny posters on one forum were clearly upset with the relationship well before the mid-season finale. Nor do I think its clear at all that Danny/Riley were always the endgame. Yes, the writers were divided on the subject and there are pro-Danny and pro-Ben episodes. But the structure of the show was that Ben was criticized for not being mature enough to form a real relationship. I still argue it’s more rational for the show that Riley loves Ben because she recognizes that he is fundamentally good and decent person but doesn’t trust him so Ben has to earn her trust. This works better than that Danny’s relationship with Riley is the true one, which lacks psychological credibility and involves Danny, Riley and Ben acting like idiots. So as the show went on he clearly fell more in love with her and tried harder to win her, while Danny did nothing. Quite frankly the weight doesn’t balance. Ben loses Riley early in season three because Angela shows up at the worst moment, because when Angela badgers him he makes the right choice, because Ben is a few seconds late catching the elevator Riley was in, and because When Ben met Riley next, he incorrectly but not unreasonably assumed she had hooked up with Fitch, and then slept with Angela. These events are clearly a matter of luck, to be repeated again and again in the series, and it’s not clear why Ben should be punished for it, let alone why Danny should be rewarded for it. Nor is it clear how Ben can be a fully mature person if the whole point is that he will always be a lesser man than his brother. And what is the endgame for Ben? Does he get nothing? Or does he just get screwed around until the last few episodes, then the show introduces a character who makes half a dozen appearances and who abruptly is declared to be his soul mate? Why would that be remotely convincing?

          • Caroline says:

            I’ve seen people be mostly upset about the lack of screen time they had in the first part of the season, not wondering if they were a good couple. I think it was clear that Danny/Riley was the favored ship. Just all the times that Danny’s been there for her and them being best friends while never being completely platonic. That it is a love story 20 years in the making to paraphrase Ben. It’s usually the couple that has the longest build-up to getting together that the show will end with or else they wouldn’t bother with such a long build-up. I would have come to this conclusion even if I didn’t ship either of them. I don’t really see Ben as such a victim as you do nor does he seem to be suffering as much as you claim. You seem more bothered by this stuff than Ben honestly. What does Ben get? Well he has Emma and she is the real sun in his life. I happen to like Zoey and I think she would be great for Ben. Much more so than Riley and that is especially true now.

    • Tammy says:

      I totally agree

      • skimpole says:

        (1) How is Emma a romantic substitute for Ben? She’s a completely different category of loved one. (2) Zoey is a very bland character. She has no personality, she is simply generically kind and pretty. She’s more like someone Tucker could end up with, or if The Simpsons ended and Seymour Skinner or Moe Slyzlak ended up someone. If the show ends up with Ben getting someone with no attempt to develop a personality or a connection, it means it has just given him a few crumbs. And if the whole point is that Ben doesn’t deserve Riley because he doesn’t know her well enough, how can it be satisfactory for him to fall for someone he barely knows or hasn’t met yet? And it means that Ben’s reward for being ultimately mature and considerate of his friends is less than what Bonnie, Danny and Riley get for being irresponsible, deceitful, selfish and hypocritical. (3) It’s an odd 20 year love story where one partner’s feelings automatically trump the other’s, and whose defining qualities are superior hotness and a glib talking point to use against his own brother. The show punishes Ben for his sexuality, while Danny’s acts have no moral consequences and appear almost as a heroic sacrifice because Riley won’t recognize his awesomeness.

        • Caroline says:

          I didn’t say that Emma was a romantic substitute…You asked what does Ben get like he had nothing. I didn’t think that was true. I take offense to the notion that someone is bland just because they’re not a bitch or a drama queen. Zoey is laid-back, mature and sweet and I find that appealing. I don’t find Danny and Riley’s love story odd at all. You are just picking it apart because you are so attached to Ben. It’s like you just see Riley as some trophy and I don’t even get why because right now she is no prize.

          • skimpole says:

            I could defend Riley and Bonnie, but that would take too much time. “laid back, mature” are simply euphemisms for not having a personality. Zoey isn’t bland because she’s not a drama queen. She’s bland because there are plenty of female sitcom characters who are soberer than Bonnie and more confident than Riley, and a comparison with Zoey shows that’s she just generically nice. I’m less a Ben fan than a Ben/Riley fan. At their best they complement each other and make each other better people. It’s also annoying for Danny, having beaten Ben in everything in his life to self-servingly says he shouldn’t view as a prize. The point isn’t that Ben shouldn’t view Riley as an object, as that he should never compete with his brother. Much as Riley should be pathetically grateful Danny honored her with his friendship. And when Danny says Ben doesn’t deserve Riley he’s the one who brings up the prize metaphor, since his victory is supposedly because he is morally superior Except it’s an odd sort of morality where Danny isn’t honest with his brother and is rewarded with true love and, after this road bump, life long happiness. Just as it’s an odd sort of romance where Danny spends much of the fourth season with other women despite knowing Riley’s feelings and ends up with her less because of his own actions than because his brother’s action ironically bring him and Riley closer together.

          • Caroline says:

            Why would you defend Bonnie? I didn’t even mention her. Could you not present your opinion as a fact? Seriously, step off that high horse. So anyone who is easy-going and mature doesn’t have a personality? I didn’t realize you were the high and mighty judge on what characteristics actually qualifies as a personality. I don’t find Zoey bland at all so stop forcing your opionion as a fact. I can’t bother with the rest. Like I said, it’s a light-hearted comedy and you are just analyzing it to absurdum. No relationship is perfect so of course you’re going to find some flaws if you scrutnise it that much. It is no big revelation you’re presenting if that’s what you believe. I thought Ben and Riley were really annoying to watch and I wasn’t feeling them at all. I didn’t think they were a good fit. That is my opinion and none of your nitpicking about Danny and Riley is going to change that. Just give it a rest.

  3. Eric7740 says:

    Love me some Baby Daddy!!! Give us our renewal FreeForm!!!

  4. m3rissa says:

    Ummmm I’m supposed to give up on Ben and Zoey just like that?? For real? NOOO

    • Daphne says:

      Don’t give up! They ain’t over, I refuse to believe that. Ben also tried to make it work with Emma’s mom and that failed miserably. Ben and Zoey’s story is not finished.

  5. Terri says:

    I don’t really watch it much(I stopped after Ben & Riley broke up the second time) but I’ll always pull for Ben & Riley to be together. Danny & Riley seems forced to me.

  6. veronica says:

    riley is 100% OVERreacting—he seemingly didn’t even remember it happening when they were watching that video. it was high school, he didn’t care for her, the end. i wish they would have picked a different “big fight” for them—this just makes her look stupid. also ben and zoey make a much better couple, i hope that’s the end game for them.

  7. Bwhit says:

    I still feel like Ben and Riley are better for each other. Those two have way more chemistry that her and Danny. It almost seems like this storyline is Riley looking for an out so it won’t look like its her fault, I doubt that’s their intent but that is how it’s coming off to me.

  8. Daphne says:

    Yeah I’m thinking a surprise pregnancy is probably what gets Riley back with Danny. I just hope they get back together soon, I love Danny & Riley! #TeamDanny4eva

  9. John NYC says:

    Bonnie/Tucker? No, just no. He’s not nearly crazy enough.

  10. Kelly says:

    I think this is a silly fight to have with Danny and Riley. I love them together and this is just dumb. I was NEVER a fan of Ben and Riley. He drives me up a wall.
    God forbid a couple be happy on the show…..then they’d have no show.

  11. I refuse to give up on Ben and Zoey. In my eyes they are perfect for each other. Please make it happen.

    • Cindy says:

      I agree I don’t like Sam at all …. I was always a Ben & Riley fan and I didn’t think I’d like anyone else for Ben but I think Zoey is perfect for him and I hope the show listens to fans because from what I’ve read not many people do care for Sam so I really hope she doesn’t stick around

  12. Angela says:

    Dan Berensden is an awesome guy! He tweets to fans and is a very nice guy! Mucho respect for him!

  13. Ashley says:

    I love Baby Daddy it’s the funnest t.v. show ever I hope to watch it again when it comes back on.

  14. Tammy says:

    I think you should give Ben and Riley another chance. They were better together.

  15. Beth says:

    I’m so happy they broke up! Can’t wait to see her realize Danny is not the one for her, it’s been Ben all along! Riley and Ben make such a better couple, her and Danny just don’t mix.

  16. Margaret says:

    please make BEN AND RILEY TO BE TOGETHER!!!! they’re perfect, for Ben is a bad boy And only Riley can tsje him…pleaseeeeeeeeeeee RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN RILEY & BEN….

  17. Marsha Mashtare says:

    I would rather see Ben and Riley together than her with Danny it is not right it looks in natural it looks better with her with Ben u messed it up when u put her with Danny sorry a d I love this show fix it please the baby even calls her mommy