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Baby Daddy EP Breaks Down Danny's Mistrial, Warns of New 'Temptation'

Baby Daddy Recap Spoilers

In case you’re wondering, what you just saw on Baby Daddy‘s summer premiere was a miscarriage of justice.

Danny agreeing to go on trial for his “crimes” was supposed to result in a dramatic reunion with Riley, complete with cheesy music and lots of audience applause. But the show’s it couple didn’t reunite at the close of the premiere; Riley, who doubled as her own attorney, left the courtroom in tears. Alone.

It was also a swing and a miss for Ben, who ultimately conceded that Zoey’s baby daddy deserves a second chance. He turned his attention back to Sam, but after what went down — or didn’t go down — between them in the Hamptons, I wouldn’t expect her to give in anytime soon.

TVLine spoke with Baby Daddy executive producer Dan Berendsen for the inside story on Danny’s failed trial, as well as how its outcome will affect his relationship with Riley:

TVLINE | First of all, thank you for bringing back Jackée.
[Laughs] She’s so funny! You could literally give her anything. For my next show, I want to do Here Comes the Judge with Jackée. I would watch that every week.

TVLINE | As would I. … As for the trial, I was surprised to see it end with Danny and Riley apart. How long will you torture us?
It’ll be 100 percent resolved before the end of the season, and you’ll see a great new adventure for them. That I can promise you. The thought was to bring a little more reality to the relationship; this isn’t something that would be cleared up in a day. And there are two schools of thought: Some people are mad at Danny for lying, and others think Riley is overreacting. We allow that to play out for a little while. … And it will ultimately make them a stronger couple. I think all of the fans will be happy with the outcome.

TVLINE | And is it safe to say that Ben has shifted his focus full-time to Sam?
Yeah, but the nice thing about Season 5 is that we have a very mature Ben. He’s not just thinking, “Oh, she’s pretty. I’ll go for her now.” He made a choice with Zoey that didn’t work out, so I think Sam is going to make him work for it.

TVLINE | Ben has gotten weirdly mature. When he gave that speech in the jail cell this week, I almost didn’t recognize him.
Right? Emma’s clearly older now, so he’s been doing this for a while. You’d hope he gained some perspective on things over the years.

TVLINE | Now that Bonnie and Brad have reunited — in the airport bathroom — will Brad be around more, or still in Peru?
He’s still in Peru, but he’ll be back and forth a little more. The back half of this season is Bonnie figuring out how this is going to work for her. How much longer can this work out? It’s a season of temptation for her.

TVLINE | Speaking of temptation, you mentioned a Bonnie/Tucker moment was coming when last we spoke. Care to elaborate?
Well, you will definitely have a Bonnie/Tucker moment. I’m not saying they’ll sleep together, but there’s a kiss or two coming up — and I won’t tell you in what context.

TVLINE | Loni Anderson is coming to the show soon. What can you say about her character?
She’s playing Grandma Wheeler, who we finally get to meet. It has a nice little twist to it; you get a big explanation for who Bonnie is and why we ultimately love her so much. She’s a horrible person, but she’s also oddly the world’s best mom. She would do anything for those kids.

What’s your take on Danny’s future with Riley? (Did Berendsen’s mention of a “great new adventure” make anyone else think Baby Mama?) Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.