General Hospital EP Promises a Big Nurses Ball Wedding, a Nasty Catfight and a Surprising Jason/Elizabeth Twist

General Hospital 2016 Nurses Ball

At General Hospital‘s annual Nurses Ball, “there’s always lots of little surprises,” executive producer Frank Valentini tells TVLine. And, since this year’s variety show is kicking off tomorrow (ABC, 3/2c), he’s revealing what a few of them are. For instance…

The volatile combination of “Elizabeth’s burgeoning feelings for Franco” and the enmity between the formerly-psychotic artist and Liz’s ex, Jason, has an unexpected side effect that Liason fans will love (and JaSam fans will hate). “That conflict,” says the showrunner, “pulls Liz back into Jason’s life and his world.”

Meanwhile, the custody battle between Mafia don Sonny and his latest babymama, Ava, finally pushes the Mafioso’s moll, Carly, over the edge. Yep, “Carly will get into it with Ava in a big way,” Valentini previews. Might we get a good, old-fashioned catfight? “You just might. The tension’s been boiling, so it’ll be fun to watch them square off.”

In other developments, “there’s lots of shenanigans” in store for prince Nikolas and Hayden, the bride he once tried to have rubbed out. “There’s also a reversal in the War of the Roses [battle] between them,” Valentini says.

Brad and Lucas may or may not get married, but if they don’t, it won’t be because another surprise wife throws a monkey wrench into the proceedings. Brad’s ex, “Rosalie, was just an impediment,” the boss explains. “Everybody really wants to see these two guys get married.”

As for the acts on top, Valentini hates to play favorites, but… “Little Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) delivers a powerhouse performance,” he teases. “She has a duet with an established fan favorite that’s pretty phenomenal.”

Who do you think she’ll be singing with? Are you excited that Liz will be back in Jason’s orbit, or are you strictly Team JaSam? Hit the comments!