Blindspot Video: Is Weller's Dad Really a Murderer? — Plus: Jaimie Alexander Teases 'Explosive' Season Finale

Blindspot Season 1 Finale

Coping with the death of a loved one is difficult enough on its own. Mourning your father after learning he might have killed your childhood friend? That’s an entirely different burden, which Kurt Weller will shoulder in tonight’s Blindspot season finale (NBC, 10/9c).

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, in which Weller — still reeling from the revelation that his dad may have murdered Taylor Shaw — decides to investigate his father’s confession. (And even though Sarah tries her best to talk Weller off the ledge, it’s clear she isn’t entirely convinced of her dad’s innocence, either.)

Of course, Weller’s search for the truth isn’t the only plot thread left dangling ahead of tonight’s finale. Jane will struggle with fallout of her own, after Oscar shot Mayfair and left her to bleed out in Jane’s arms last Monday — which, according to star Jaimie Alexander, was an incident that should break Jane and Oscar’s bond, but doesn’t.

“[The possibility for romance] is always going to exist, even though a monkey wrench was definitely thrown into it,” Alexander tells TVLine. “Oscar is a piece of Jane’s past that she’s really trying to hold on to, because she has nothing else to hold on to. It’s devastating.”

That said, you may want to have a fresh packet of Kleenex nearby while watching tonight’s climactic hour, which Alexander calls “explosive,” adding, “At our table read, nobody moved when we got done, and half of us were bawling our eyes out. You’ll go through every single emotion — there’s relief, there’s happiness, there’s devastation, sadness and despair.”

Press PLAY below for a sneak peek at tonight’s finale, then hit the comments and tell us how you predict the episode will shake out!