The Originals Finale: Can Rebekah Stop Marcel's War With the Mikaelsons?

The Originals Spoilers

For fans of The Originals, the only thing more painful than watching Marcel rise up against the Mikaelsons on Friday’s season finale (The CW, 9/8c) will be this question gnawing at them throughout the episode: Could Marcel be… right?

“He definitely has a good point,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine of the vengeful Mr. Gerard. “He’s arguing from a place of being of correct, and I’m interested to see the fans’ responses. Even within the Mikaelson family, there’s a sense that they might have gone too far this time. They’re looking at each other and saying, ‘Maybe we had this coming.'”

As revealed in the promos, Rebekah is brought back to stop Marcel — a decision which won’t come easily, considering Bex’s rabid state at the time of her daggering.

“What the promos don’t reveal is who brings her back, or the circumstances in which she’s brought back,” Narducci says. “She’s still not in her right state of mind. She’s been hexed, she has this thing growing on her arm, and the more it gets a hold on her, the more ripper-like she’ll become. … The hope is that she’ll be able to turn the tide, but she’s not going to be herself for very long, so there’s a danger in bringing her back.”

But while Rebekah isn’t quite herself this week, Claire Holt (the actress) will prove every bit the heartbreaker we’ve come to expect.

“Claire is on fire in this episode,” Narducci gushes. “She has such a range of things to play, from grief to hope to reuniting with Marcel; the dying embers of her relationship with Marcel are so clearly displayed in the looks that she gives him.”

Speaking of complicated relationships, Narducci has some not-so-wonderful news about Elijah and Hayley’s romantic future, following last week’s (long overdue) kiss.

“They probably need to have that conversation [about what’s going on with them], and it’s one I’d like for our fans to experience,” he says. “Unfortunately, the events of the finale are going to force that conversation onto that back burner for a long period of time.”

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