Arrow Recap: Boomtown

Arrow Recap Season 4

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver/Diggle and the Family Smoak fought a battle on two fronts, to put a final stop to Damien Darhk’s Genesis plan. Did they succeed?

Having plucked Rubicon from Darhk’s grasp once, albeit losing Havenrock in the process, Felicity against enlisted her father to lock Darhk out for good — which was no easy feat, given that Felicity’s incarcerated ex, Cooper Seldon, was hacking for the bad guys. While begrudgingly laying witness to the father/daughter bonding, Donna prompted her ex-husband to let slip that he “didn’t have much of a choice” in abandoning his family. Later, after being crestfallen to hear Felicity call Noah “Dad,” Donna ‘fesses up that it was they who left him all those years ago. But not to worry, the fib won’t cost Donna her daughter now, Felicity reassures.

Out on the actual battle lines, after getting an eyeful of Darhk’s new powers — arrows and bullets turn to dust before even hitting his flesh — Oliver and Diggle storm Tevat Noah to find Thea, only to 1) discover that Malcolm forced her to pop some of those yellow pills and 2) learn the sad lesson that some of the haven’s residents are there of their own free will, having been filled with more hope by Darhk than by anyone else, masked vigilantes included.

For a short spell there in Tevat Noah, it was Oliver trading punches and kicks with his sis, while Diggle tried to fend off Malcolm. Ultimately, Oliver was able to talk Thea out of her fugue state, and just in time for her to stop Malcolm from dispatching with Diggle.

The foursome then join forces to tackle the persistent Lonnie Machin problem, seeing as Darhk’s castoff is determined to at least kill Ruve and or her daughter, or worse, blow up the whole of Tevat Noah. When Oliver tries to stop Machine from killing Ruve, the deflected arrow hits a canister of somethingoranother and sets off a massive, improbable chain reaction of explosions, which begin crumbling the chamber around them. Already stabbed by Machin, Ruve gets pinned under some concrete, but when Oliver thinks to rescue her, she begs him to save her daughter instead, which he does. Once topside, Oliver, Diggle and Thea see an ash-filled crater where the Glades above Tevat Noah used to be.

Darhk, however, will not wave the white flag. Having learned of Ruve’s death, he arrives at the loft to force Felicity to hack back into Rubicon, so that he has control over all the world’s missiles again. But what does he plan to do, seeing as there is no underground city to safely retreat to? As he told Malcolm, “Let it all burn….”

Meanwhile in flashbacks: Oliver contended with a bullet-proof, power-hungry Taiana (who aims to use the idol to save her Russian home from an ominous man named Kovar).

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