Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Everybody Hates Chris

“Are you mad at me?” was Chris’ favorite question in this week’s Fear the Walking Dead. And, even if your answer wasn’t yes before you watched “Sicut Cervus,” it almost had to be after. Read on, and we’ll review the many and varied ways that Travis’ son screwed up and freaked out.

ADIOS, LUIS | After the episode began with the parishioners of a church near Thomas’ estate keeling over, bloody-eyed — and the priest telling Strand’s lover that it was Celia’s doing — we cut to the Abigail, where Travis admitted to Chris that Madison wasn’t sure that Reed had actually been infected when the teen shot him. Before Chris could finish insisting that Connor’s brother really, truly had been sick, Luis’ plan to buy entry into Mexico was set in motion. It did not go well. In fact, it went so disastrously that he wound up being killed by his contacts.

When the smoke cleared, the Abigail headed for shore, which seemed like exactly the kind of thing that Luis’ contacts should have wanted to prevent, right? But Strand theorized that they didn’t even bother giving chase because they figured that whatever was on land would do in the yacht’s passengers. (Mmkay.) Eventually making their way to the church at which we began the hour, the group was attacked by the zombified parishioners, giving Daniel a flashback to his time with the Junta and giving Alicia a chance to spot Chris standing back and doing nothing as a walker nearly got Madison. (See, Chris, that’s the kinda thing that gets people pissed off at you.)

HOGAR DULCE HOGAR | Arriving at Thomas’ place — which would have been a heaven on earth even if there hadn’t been a zombie apocalypse going on — Strand informed Celia that her son had been killed. Strangely, this didn’t bother her at all. As long as Luis wasn’t shot in the head, she told Daniel later, he’d “find his way back.” Meanwhile, Strand at last reunited with Thomas, who, sadly, had been bitten. Knowing that his days — hours, even — were numbered, Abigail asked Madison to “look after [Victor] when I’m gone.”

Elsewhere in the hacienda, Chris was shocked to learn that Alicia was angry that he’d almost let her mom get bitten. “I froze,” he swore. “That’s it.” However, if she didn’t believe him and was determined to spread around “this lie” about him not stepping in to save Madison… What? He’d what? “I don’t want to hurt anyone,” he replied, officially crossing the line from troubled to creepy. Natch, Alicia informed her mom of Chris’ threat, and Madison ran right to Travis. “I think he’s sick,” she said. So “help me help him,” her fiancé begged — just like he had helped her with Nick. Trouble was, Chris’ illness and Nick’s addiction weren’t the same to Maddie. As a result, the couple bunked with their kids that night instead of with each other.

A KISS BEFORE DYING | “The world was never good enough for you,” Strand whispered to Thomas as the Grim Reaper neared. “Let it go.” And Abigail might have, were it not for one thing: “I don’t want to leave you.” (Sniffle.) Maybe, Strand suggested, he could go with his lover. Thomas scoffed that that was a “very Shakespearean” notion, but Victor was dead serious. After all, Celia would watch over them. What?!? Before we could ask the question twice, we found out what he meant when Daniel spied a child dropping a dog down a chute into the cellar. Turned out, the youngster’s zombified mom was down there, along with a bunch of other undead “family” members waiting for their dinner. Celia was running a walker B&B!

When Daniel confronted Luis’ mom, who thought the zombies weren’t so much dead as “what comes next,” he deduced that she’d poisoned the parishioners herself. Given her unique perspective, she was understandably proud of Strand for deciding to cross over with Thomas. But would Victor really commit suicide? As the hour drew to a close, Thomas was dead, and Strand had a gun in his hand. At the same time, Chris stole into Maddie and Alicia’s room and picked up a knife. (Again, Chris, not a great idea if you don’t want to anger folks.) We were just about to see what the teen was going to do with the weapon when a shot rang out, alerting Maddie and Alicia to his presence. Had Strand shot himself? No. He’d put a bullet in Thomas’ brain.

So, on a scale of 1 (“Shoot me next”) to 10 (“Wow! Just wow!”), what would you rate the episode? Hit the comments!

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