The Originals' Charles Michael Davis on Davina's Goodbye, [Spoiler]'s Return

The Originals Spoilers

Friday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 9/8c) kicks off the third and final leg of the Davina Claire Farewell Tour, where you can bet Marcel Gerard will be standing in the front row, bawling his eyes out.

“At first, it was like any other scene,” Charles Michael Davis tells TVLine. “But then the director said something that reminded me of Danielle’s 21st birthday. We had a party here in Atlanta, and as I was leaving, she was like, ‘Charles, I love you. You don’t know how much you mean to me.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, Danielle, don’t you get all sentimental on me right now.’ But it was a touching moment, and it was kind of like that. … We started to use what was going on in our lives in the scene. I felt like I had to use everything. I was like, ‘You want me to cry in this scene, too? It’s the opening scene! By the time we filmed the last scene of the episode, I was so stressed out that I ended up getting shingles.”

Below, Davis expands on the loss of Davina, previews Marcel’s (alleged) “spiral” and drops a hint about a certain blonde who may or may not be reappearing in next week’s season finale.

TVLINE | I feel like I know the answer already, but why is Davina’s death hitting Marcel particularly hard?
He saw her grow into a woman, and he tried to keep her safe, even going so far as to locking her up in an attic. He felt a strong connection to her, so this is going to be really tough for him.

TVLINE | Marcel is once again finding himself at odds with the Mikaelsons. Do you prefer when he’s working with them or against them?
Personally, I like working against them. I like the scenes we have together, but I’d rather be against them. I’m competitive; I played a lot of sports growing up, and even on the team, we’d push our teammates to be better. … Joseph [Morgan] is a competitive guy as well, and I think we rise to the occasion when we’re both trying to sort of win the scene. I’d rather live dangerously as a character than be safe.

TVLINE | Will he also resume his quest to gain control of the city as part of his revenge?
It’s more about making [the Mikaelsons] answer for what they’ve done. Right now, he’s kind of in the dark about who he is in relation to the Mikaelsons, which really messes with his own perception. I don’t think he’s ready to lead if he doesn’t know who he is, so he’ll need to get some answers first.

TVLINE | Both the descriptions for this week’s episode and the season finale use the term “spiral” when describing Marcel. Will we see a dangerous new side of him?
[Laughs] Well, if I was choosing it, I wouldn’t use the word “spiraling.” That has a negative connotation, like someone’s spiraling out of control. … I would say he’s taking more risks and being more daring. Maybe reckless? But I feel like when you spiral, you become a danger to yourself. He’s going to be dangerous, but not to himself.

TVLINE | There’s also talk of someone from Marcel’s past returning for the finale, which I’m assuming means Rebekah. What can you say about that?
Sometimes in chemical reactions, an element is added, and it’s either an inhibitor or an accelerator, meaning it’ll either slow the process down or speed it up. And it can alternate, where an accelerator can become an inhibitor, because it wants to hold onto its state. So whoever this person is, they will be both of those things — they’ll accelerate the plot at times, but they’ll also inhibit certain things. The exciting thing is to see how and when that happens and what the effect is. It’s a really exciting episode. A lot of the characters go through a lot of changes.

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