The Blacklist Recap: The Enemy of My Enemy — Plus: See Finale Photos

The Blacklist Season 3

And just like that, Red and Liz can only claim bragging rights to the second-most dysfunctional relationship on The Blacklist.

In Thursday’s episode of the NBC drama, which served as a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff starring Famke Janssen and Ryan Eggold, we were given a rare piece of the complicated puzzle that is Tom Keen’s childhood — and boy, was it a doozy.

See, not only is Janssen’s Scottie Hargrave indirectly responsible for the death of Tom’s wife… but she’s also his mother. (You know that scene in this week’s episode where it looked like Tom and Scottie were about to kiss? Yeah, that seems super-creepy now.)

But let’s back up: Thursday’s installment — the first half of a season-ending two-parter — finds Scottie, Tom, Red and their respective minions joining forces in order to hunt down Alexander Kirk, Red’s longtime nemesis who hired Scottie to derail Liz’s wedding day. Of course, backing Kirk into a corner is no easy task, and drastic measures are taken to do so, including (but not limited to) robbing a bank, getting a 7-year-old girl shot and drugging a sleazy rich guy in order to scan his retina. Long story!

The Blacklist Season 3By the end of the hour, Scottie & Co. have successfully gotten their hands on Kirk’s hidden funds and put the necessary pressure on him in order for Red to score some face time next week. But after Kirk’s money has been procured, Tom decides he is done playing nice with the people responsible for Liz’s death. First, he puts a bullet in Mr. Solomon’s side — which, presumably, won’t kill the man (considering he’s already signed on to the potential spinoff), but will still do some damage.

Then, after asking the FBI task force members to be Agnes’ godparents and baptizing his newborn daughter, Tom heads back to Scottie’s office with a gun in his waistband, his sights set on killing her now that she is no longer useful to him. He’s stopped, though, by a phone call from Red, who assures Tom that if he kills Scottie, “the answers you’ve been looking for your entire life will die with her.”

Suddenly, a whole lot of information about Scottie clicks into place for Tom, most notably the fact that she lost a child many years ago. “My mother?” Tom asks Red, who informs the man that his real name is Christopher Hargrave, and indeed, Scottie is his long-lost mom. Tom (er, Christopher) went missing when he was a young boy, and Scottie is under the impression that her son is dead. Should Tom reveal who he really is, all hell would break loose, so he needs to keep this dizzying information on the DL.

Just then, Scottie comes into her office to find Tom looking shell-shocked (uh, yeah), and when she spies Tom looking at a family photo on her desk, she shares the tragic story of how Christopher disappeared from her life. “I walk into every room hoping he’ll be there,” Scottie tells Tom. Little does she know…

What did you think of the penultimate Season 3 episode? Scroll down to view three exclusive photos from next week’s finale (Tom + Agnes = melted hearts everywhere), then hit the comments with your thoughts on the latest hour!

The Blacklist Season 3 Finale

The Blacklist Season 3 Finale

The Blacklist Season 3 Finale

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