Galavant Cancelled at ABC

“Season 2 Finale” was apparently Galavant‘s swan song: ABC has taken the “happy” out of the fairy-tale musical’s happy ending and cancelled it.

Although critics loved the two-year-old series’ self-referential humor and dazzlingly diverse soundtrack of witty-as-hell Alan Menken/Glenn Slater tunes, the ratings could have used an assist from a fairy godmother. Or at least a little shot of D’DEW. Not even guest appearances by celebs ranging from Ricky Gervais to John Stamos could turn the numbers around.

And, while the show represented a big, admirable gamble on the part of the Alphabet network — and its two-for-one episodes served as a bridge between half-seasons of Once Upon a Time — its grim fate was probably sealed when its champion, Paul Lee, stepped down as entertainment president this February. As early as March, leading man Joshua Sasse had already booked a new gig, starring in The CW’s No Tomorrow pilot.

So, are you mad enough to sic Tad Cooper on the powers that be? Or are you satisfied with the way Galavant and Isabella’s story concluded? Hit the comments!

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