Arrow Recap: Take Your Daughter to Hack Day

This week on The CW’s Arrow, it was a nuclear family affair when Felicity recruited her criminal father to help thwart Damien Darhk’s annihilation of (most of) mankind.

Having seized possession of the Rubicon algorithm (which as Felicity notes was a very bad idea to create in the first place), Darhk uses it to arm and initiate launch sequences for nuclear missiles from every NATO ally. Knowing that with every death, Darhk will become that much more powered/unstoppable, Felicity seeks out her super-hacker dad, Noah, while Oliver and Diggle sniff around for the nexus chamber/”magic lifeline” within Star City.

Thea meanwhile gets a visit in Tevat Noah (“Noah’s Ark”) aka “Your Home in the New Era” from Malcolm, who (as usual!) insists that everything he does is to protect her — even if it means abetting a plan to burn the world with nuclear fire, so that a few hundred brainwashed folks can restart mankind. (If Darhk’s plan succeeds, will Arrow dovetail with The 100 Season 1? Discuss.)

Tevat Noah, though, has bigger concerns than “pain in the ass” Thea, because Lonnie Machin aka Anarky is in “town” to detonate the air scrubbers, meaning the people inside the domed suburbia will suffocate. With Malcolm’s help, Thea stops Lonnie from setting off the bombs, though even after an extended bit of hand-to-hand, she cannot prevent him from offing Alex.

Darhk’s ghosts, led by Brickwell, find and apprehend Noah first, but Oliver and Diggle, with Felicity manning the getaway truck, liberate him for their own world-saving purposes. Next, when Felicity is unceremoniously terminated from Palmer Tech, Oliver and Diggle help her and Noah steal next-gen processor code needed to crack Rubicon. With use of a server farm, father and daughter detain all but one of the commandeered nukes, which Felicity is just barely able to detour away from Monument Point (population: millions) and instead obliterate Havenrock’s tens of thousands. Win…?

Oliver and Diggle meanwhile realize that the nexus chamber must be located beneath City Hall (ergo the need to have a puppet as mayor), and there they discover Darhk getting super-duper-charged by the tens of thousands of fresh deaths. “You’re gonna need much bigger arrows,” the glowy-eyed baddie warns.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* A snooping Donna discovered at Lance’s place an affidavit he planned to sign, lying about knowing Black Canary’s true identity in trade for getting him his badge back. After a disappointed Donna observes that there are no such things as small lies, Lance tweaks the language of the confession to acknowledge that he knew of and commended Laurel’s superhero endeavors.

* In flashbacks, Taina saved Oliver from a beat-down at the hands of glowy-eyed Reiter, only to seemingly get possessed by the idol herself when they scampered off with it.

What did you think of the episode “Monument Point”?