NCIS Recap: Is [Spoiler] Dead...?!

NCIS Recap Ziva Dies

In the penultimate episode of NCIS Season 13/series vet Michael Weatherly’s run, the manhunt for rogue spy Jacob Scott took some twists and turns — none bigger, though, than the one that put former team member Ziva David in the cross hairs.

In the wake of Fornell being put in the ICU by the latest attack, Gibbs vowed to the team, “We’re going to find Jacob Scott and we’re going to kill him” — a game plan wholeheartedly supported by Fornell’s daughter Emily. Or at the very least, Gibbs assures the vengeful young woman, “[Scott] is not going to have a good week.”

As the manhunt forges on, Gibbs’ team is assisted by FBI agent Tess Monroe (who can be very intense, a bit flirty) and MI-6 agent Clayton Reeves (equal parts swagger and sass). Next on Scott’s hit list are two off-grid former spies, Dresser and Kane. Dresser is found dead in his home, where Reeves and CIA vet Trent Kort (now sporting two eyes) have just had a clash. (Kort found Reeves standing over Dresser’s dead body and feared the worst, unaware that Scott had escaped prison.)

Monroe and McGee stake out Kane’s home, and soon enough the former is chugging after and tackling the dirty agent, who apparently helped Scott sell secrets back in the day. Kane claims to not know where Scott now is, but points the team to the Brit’s longtime safe house in a motel — which is now a “spa.” There, security cam video shows Scott accessing a secret stash, then calling up a computer file on… Ziva David.

As more and more evidence surfaces suggesting that Scott is next targeting Ziva, as a means to hit those close to the NCIS family, the “most wanted” spy shows up at the Navy Yard to surrender, avowing that he has been framed and has had no role in any of the killings. And Gibbs’ gut believes the guy. Scott says that Mossad director Eli David had private files that could prove his innocence in the “selling secrets to Russians” imbroglio, and he assumed Ziva inherited them. Scott came to Gibbs knowing that he’s a guy who won’t stop until he gets at the truth — which in this case will prove Scott innocent.

In quick succession, Abby reports that Scott’s fingerprints from the kill scenes were too perfect, having been cribbed from his official file, while the blood at Dresser’s murder scene matches… Trent Kort. And now Kort has gone AWOL, ditching his cell at the zoo. Then, just as Gibbs & Co. put a BOLO out on the recently canned spook, a news report comes over the television, about a terror attack on a farmhouse in Israel, now engulfed in flames — also known as the place where Ziva is (was?) suspected of living.

Do you think NCIS just killed Ziva? And whatever the case, how will this chain of events factor into Michael Weatherly’s final episode, airing next week?