Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Owen's Taking a 'Huge Step'

If you were looking for something a little lighter from Grey’s Anatomy in the wake of Calzona’s heartbreaking courtroom showdown last week, Thursday’s episode (8/7c, ABC) might be just the ticket. As Kevin McKidd told TVLine recently, his alter ego, Owen, and Amelia are now enjoying a post-reunion honeymoon period. And it’s about to get even more romantic.

In “At Last,” “Owen decides he’s going to take a huge step,” the actor reveals. And, since that huge step involves his newly recommitted girlfriend, naturally, that “kind of leads them into a conversation about, ‘What is the future for us?'”

What do they decide? Neither McKidd nor we wanna give it away. (The show would have our heads.) But he does describe the hour for Owen and Amelia as “really beautiful and romantic” and this scene in particular as “a really fun thing to have played.” He adds that the lovers “are in a better place than they have been in a long time.” So it’s probably a pretty safe to say that at least the on-again/off-again couple aren’t breaking up again.

What do you think Owen’s big decision is? Or, rather, what do you hope it is? Hit the comments!