BattleBots Video: 'It's Robot-Fighting Time' in Season 2 Preview

If you ever start to feel like you might have lost touch with your inner child, just check out an episode of BattleBots, ABC’s eye-popping reality competition in which “sharp minds devise devious designs” to ensure that their team’s killer robot emerges victorious in the no-holds-barred BattleBox arena. Trust us — in no time, you’ll be bouncing off the sofa like you were 10 years old again!

On second thought, don’t trust us. Don’t trust us at all, because we have a way cooler idea.

In advance of the series’ upcoming second season premiere (Thursday, June 23, 8/7c), the show is airing a preview special called The Gears Awaken tonight (10/9c), and not only does it feature ESPN’s Samantha Ponder making her debut as host and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD star Clark Gregg taking a turn as a guest judge, it also concludes with a whizz-bang trailer that teases all the sparks-throwing, metal-crunching, teeth-baring action to come — a trailer that we just happen to have procured for you.

So just press PLAY on the video above, if you will, then hit the comments to let us know how very right we wound up being — it totally made you feel like a kid again, didn’t it?