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Good Wife EPs Reveal Alternate Alicia-Jason Ending, Insist Final Scene Was 'Supposed to be Unsettling'

The Good Wife Finale

Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King admit they contemplated tying Alicia’s seven-year journey up in a neat little Jason-adorned bow. Ultimately, however, they erred on the side of ambiguity and discomfort, and the result was the ugly Diane-Alicia altercation that closed out Sunday’s series finale (a conclusion that earned an average “D” grade from TVLine readers).

“The ending is supposed to be unsettling,” the pair wrote in an open letter to the show’s fans. “But we don’t think characters need to avoid tragedy to be embraced. We were tempted to have Alicia chase after a man in the end — stop him from getting on a train or an airplane at the last minute, hold him, kiss him. We like those endings. But there was something false about it here. It isn’t who Alicia is. In the end, the story of Alicia isn’t about who she’ll be with; it’s about who she’ll be.

The Kings went on to echo their previous defense of the infamous slap, insisting that over the course of the series Alicia had become “more desensitized” to the impact of her actions. “She was becoming more and more like her husband,” the added, “and, ultimately, Diane was the collateral damage. That we found interesting. Over seven years could you completely remake your character? Could a victim become a victimizer?

“On one level this is empowering,” they continued. “It allowed Alicia to control her fate. But it also changed her. Ironically, at the exact moment she found the power to leave Peter, she realized she had become Peter. And that’s tragic. Yes, Alicia’s story contains tragedy.”

To read the complete open letter, head over to CBS.com. In the meantime, re-watch the infamous final scene below, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Do you feel any differently about the ending after a good night’s sleep?


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