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General Hospital's Jason Is on 'Different Path' With His Memories Returned

More than two years after General Hospital resurrected Jason Morgan in the form of Billy Miller, the amnesiac hitman has at last regained his memory — all of it. And co-headwriters Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman promise to prove that your long wait was worth it. How?

First, by solidifying Jason’s love for his “widow,” Sam (Kelly Monaco). “Although they’re already together as a couple, the memories of how they came together and what they’ve been through, both good and bad, give him a deeper sense of their relationship,” Passanante tells TVLine. “Remembering everything gives him the history he felt but couldn’t fully understand until now.”

Next on the scribes’ agenda is a renewed connection between the former Mob enforcer and his old boss/BFF. “That’s the one deep relationship he had yet to recover — his bond with Sonny,” notes Altman. “So Jason will want to reach out to him in a way he hasn’t been able to since his return.

“He also [now] knows that he can call on Sonny for help if he should need it in the future,” she continues. “And rest assured, he will one day need it.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the erstwhile Stone Cold is about to become a remade man. “Jason will have to come to terms with that [violent] past,” says Passanante. “But remembering doesn’t mean he will suddenly revert to the man he was before he was presumed dead.”

Adds Altman: “He’s had many potent experiences since then which he’ll need to merge with his memories from his past [as Sonny’s go-to muscle]. Recovering those memories allows him to become a more complete human being who will need to follow a different path from the one he once followed.”

Where do you hope that path takes Jason? Could you see him tapping into his Quartermaine side more and becoming a doctor like dad Alan? Hit the comments!

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