The Good Wife: How Do You Want Alicia's Story to End?

good wife finale

She’s cried, she’s seethed, she’s done the deed.

The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick has had an eventful seventh season, but Sunday night (9/8c on CBS) her story will go the way of Florrick-Agos investigator Robyn Burdine — living on only in our imaginations. Happy or sad, vague or definitive, satisfying or infuriating, the end is upon us.

Series star Julianna Margulies told Variety last week that “The fans are either gonna love this or hate this, but there’s not going to be a ‘meh.’ There [are] no tied-up bows. And I hope that the fans can understand the trajectory it puts Alicia on.”

That’s not surprising, considering Alicia has more loose threads in her life than Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors. Still, as someone who’s faithfully taken the ride mapped out by showrunners Robert and Michelle King, I’d argue there are a few arcs where closure is non-negotiable.

JASON, PETER OR NONE OF THE ABOVE | One of the most satisfying (and longest-overdue) moments of Season 7 found Alicia storming into Peter’s office and telling him she wanted a divorce. (I swear I heard Etta James’ “At Last” coming down from the heavens as the scene played out). Now, though, despite Alicia mulling a kinda-sorta offer from sexy beau Jason Crouse to run away together, she’s publicly standing by her Illinois governor hunny while he’s on trial for allegedly helping a wealthy donor’s son avoid murder charges. Whether Alicia chooses to proceed with ending her marriage (she should), continue exploring her feelings for Jason (debatable), here’s hoping our heroine isn’t left in her current limbo state as the final credits roll.

FIRM THINGS UP | The game of thrones musical chairs at the show’s central law firm has been pretty dizzying the last few years. It wouldn’t feel like a finale, though, without some one good Alicia-Cary conversation (even/especially if it’s testy), a few solid Lucca Quinn quips and a final power suit/chunky necklace combo from Diane Lockhart. Oh, did I mention my burning desire to see David Lee go down in spectacular flames? (Just because it’d be obvious doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be delectable.) In other words, here’s hoping the finale isn’t simply The Alicia and Peter Show!

AN EXPLORATION OF GUILT | I know we can’t have it all — see “There [are] no tied-up bows” quote above — but I’d be delighted if the Kings let us know definitively if Peter is, in fact, actually guilty of letting a murderer go free. And while we’re at it, could Alicia please please please find out about how the father of her children was behind the election-rigging mess that got her bumped from her State’s Attorney seat?

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